Winter 2016 Season – Week 2 in Anime (Part 2)

Once upon a time, a Summer 2015 show dominated this batch for a good reason.


Ganbare, the best character in this show!

Meanwhile, Akagami no Shirayuki hime remains solid as ever with the focus of this episode given to our lovable Obi and his third wheeling in the relationship of Shirayuki and Zen (Team Obi!). That poor guy landed on the wrong show but is still insisting to be the main lead and he went as far as defeating Zen in a swordfight just to escort Shirayuki. Is he a decendant of Fate/Zero’s Lancer  or something?  Moreover, I am liking this season better than the last one for it has an actual plot! My only quip is the artwork took a dip as compared to the first season albeit the animation still remains lovely as ever. And THAT musical score! I cannot help but swoon at those average moments because of the excellent use of this.

PS: Raj one upped his level of adorableness from the last time we saw him. One more competition, Zen! I still stand by the fact that Zen is the weakest link in this already excellent character-driven show.


The plot moves evenly this week. Yay!

I was really relieved that Mobile Gundam Suit: Iron Blooded Orphans recovered and delivered a very good episode this week. I absolutely loved how everything turned into chaos literally in every plot point we have so far and I really adore how they developed Biscuit in this episode (Goodbye Orga as my favorite IBO character). Atra took some good characterization this week too with saving Kudelia against Gglarhorn or whatever the spelling is.  Moreover, I was really glad that the staff finally developed her and made her something other than a princess in damsel. I still thought the last episode is all over the place but I believe this patched whatever that one lacked and it verged on being chilling and emotional near the end of its run. My quips as to why I did not put it along Shouwa Rakugo, Shirayuki-hime and Erased are due to some questionable treatment to some of its main characters. That kinpatsu guy has this very weird manner in disguising that made him look like a rooster. Yuck. Also, why did you turn Orga to a reactionary character? Ugh.

Dimension W gains momentum thanks to the weird hybrid of a character from Concrete Revolutio and Magic Kaito 1413. Mabuchi remains cool but…is seriously lacking some personality. There is also a plot that can be substantial and dark (which borrows some note from Full Metal Alchemist), but as of the moment, I am going to fill this show under not-so-great but more-than-decent.


Long hair suits you better, Gahara.

Koyomimonogatari also bounced up this week and brought us back to Bakemonogatari days. This week’s not so mysterious event (but thankfully delivered well) involved Senjoughara whose screen time this episode is more than that of her all appearance in Owarimonogatari.  (Yay!) I am starting to think that Hanekawa is the weakest character in the show for NOT BEING ABLE TO DO anything despite knowing a lot of things.

It’s also maybe my personal preference but I am more amazed with Bubuki Buranki’s use of CGIs than with Ajin whose artwork looks like the weird hybrid of Sakurako-san and KagewaniWhile there’s clearly an intriguing premise in this episode, I shouted Tokyo Ghoul 2.0! only with better presentation. The exposition is just passable in this episode and the presentation just lacks oomph to be considered as one of the highlights this season. It might improve, so who knows?

Rainbow Days managed to be partly funny, partly endearing and a whole lot of cute this episode. It’s all about Valentines this time and our boys made chocolates to give to their love interests (lol for the guy who made a Gundam out of these). We also meet this girl who thinks that guys are all trash and got floored by one of our leads. Given its runtime, it is the funniest comedy show this week in my opinion with our genki lead as the biggest reason as to why it worked.

Active Raid’s second offering is an improvement from the listless first episode but it still needs to tone down its loudness. Well, the good part is it can never get boring but it is courting the side of being irritating. I also love the way on how our main lead is beginning to realize the gap between the reality and her ideals. The comedy remains flat and stupid though. Seriously, are you going to let someone to fight a criminal using a unit that has yet to be configured? Are you kidding me?!


It also feels like the jarring narrative is still here to stay with Bubuki Buranki. I sincerely would love any moment of that show as most are epic CGI action scenes only if…. we are given a narrative as to why on Earth that happened. It feels like listening to the story’s punchline without the build up… so it ends meh.

Well, hilarity from pretentiousness aside, the second episode of Divine Gate feels hammy and emotionally forced for my taste. I get it. You are going to develop Aoto by showing his past but.. Man! A subtlety or two might help. This not Comet Lucifer bad but… you can improve, you know.


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