Why Did I Start Blogging Animes?

Now, I own a blog. Let me join the APR, nano desu yo! Very Sealand-kun indeed.

I started watching animes religiously in 2013 and decided to make it a part of my lifestyle a year later. The fundamental building blocks for my taste in these Japanese shows were derived from ani-bloggers which helped me in developing my own preferences. I have zero confidence in picking shows that time as I was the guy who thought Sword Art Online is the best anime series which aired in 2012 since it was the very first show I finished seriously.

A lot of things happened since then, from the moment I mustered the courage to comment regularly in the acidic forums of Seventhstyle (RIP) to my exchanges with the super warm Caraniel (I seriously love her accommodating style!) and the Devil’s Advocate in the ani-blogging community, Flawfinder. I also tried to apply for a writing position in Random Curiosity but proved my talent in writing full episodes of anime not enough for me to gain the position.

Three years later, I made a bold decision to also do what they are doing – blog shows. I know for a fact that it will eat some of my time (my real life girlfriend is now jealous of my anime waifus!). Moreover, it is also not as grand as it seems yet I want to replicate the satisfaction they gave to my wide-eyed naivety when I read their opinions for the first time. It feels like I am opening a present whenever I read opinions, reviews, year end thoughts or essays in anime blogs and I also get some seriously good recommendations from them! I could have totally ignored Mushi-shi, Death Parade, Monte Cristo, Paradise Kiss and Garo if not for the FlawFinder, I probably dismissed Fate/Zero because of Deen’s Fate/Stay Night and OreGairu if not for Seventhstyle and I might have labelled Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Hunter X Hunter as overrated shounen shows if not for Caraniel.

I can still remember the awe I felt when I read the very first review I read (Guess what? It is SAO and from Anime News Network to boot!). Of course, being a newcomer that time made me disagree big time with the review despite a generous grade they gave. I also felt riveted when I saw that show in the list of one of the worst animes of 2012 because nothing hurts a fan more than seeing a show he loves being trampled. Well, things changed and I kind of now agree whatever the flaw they throw with the show with the exception of the admittedly good Mother’s Rosario Arc.

Back to the blogging thing, I am actually doing this thing since last Fall but that was only contained in my MAL Profile. I felt contented doing this sort of diary thing until one of my MAL friends created his blog. From there, I jumped right in the bandwagon.

From now on, it felt like I am now on my own, free to choose the shows I would like to watch and stand there with other ani-bloggers with equal footing when it comes in giving out comments. I do not know but having a blog gave me a boost (levelling up in RPGs) to speak more of my thoughts in the community and maybe blend or clash with them depending on the opinions we have. This is also kind of fun but I also felt compelled to promote my blog from time to time in the forums until I felt like I was spamming them. Thank God, I am still not banned up to this moment. Teehee.

Well, another part of why I started anime blogging is because of my desire to join in the Anime Power Rankings (APR). I applied there too because I am now blogging (lol) but…

… well, as the my photo implies, I am more like a Micronation at this very moment since I just started blogging and I cannot join immediately. Aw.. Maybe next year?

So, to my prospective readers, enjoy my thoughts! I cannot ensure that we will have the same opinions but feel free to share your comments.

UPDATE: Maybe the APR gods saw this and I am now a member of the community. Teehee.


3 thoughts on “Why Did I Start Blogging Animes?

  1. “Thought Sword Art Online was the best series from 2012.” For me, Attack on Titan was similar. I’d seen Dragon Ball and Fairy Tail before, but this had a level of intensity and craftsmanship that was so fresh to me that I didn’t care that much about its flaws. This led me to check out Fate/Zero, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Steins;Gate, and eventually things like Ergo Proxy and the Monogatari series. However, I’d always thought anime was greatly inferior to film and literature, and only recently have I been able to give it due respect for what it can do.


    1. Cue some easily satisfied puppy in me back then. I was like, why did these people ditch my beloved anime?! It’s the bestest. Lool. Then, yeah, with the spark gone, I see now its flaws. Nonetheless, it is popcorn entertainment so… it gets a pass.

      Same here, I thought these shows are just for the kids so I did not bother watching until I graduated from the university.


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