Winter 2016 – My Favorite Anime Openings

1. Erased

This crowd darling just cannot stop from being technically polished all over, isn’t it? If there’s one aspect that I am convinced that Erased is better than Shouwa Rakugo, the opening is it!

2. Assassination Classroom Season 2

The last season’s both openings literally begged to be skipped because these lacked good melodies and visuals after all! Well, it seemed like the opposite happened this time. This is my favorite but Erased really notched it a lot with its cinematic art.

3. Dimension W

Unsee that dancing grumpy-looking guy. Unsee it! Death Parade wins harder last year due to Decim striking sexy poses.

4. Ajin

We might hate Ajin’s CGI artwork but this opening looks like the grandson of Death Note. That chorus!

5. Divine Gate

Similar to Hamatora, we can hate the anime all we want but this cool sounding pop rock song is not one of those we should loath. Also I love the cool artsy feel of this OP.

6. Norn 9

Or the obligatory Nagi Yanagi song in this list. It certainly felt weaker than her other songs (also the OPs) but this song successfully assimilated itself with Norn 9’s nature of showing these gorgeous background. Be wary of bishie overload though.


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