Winter 2016 – Week 4 in Anime (Part 2)

My apologies for this super-late post. Apparently, there is this thing called real life and I have a new work which is really off-tangent to my profession. Hey, who says you can’t use your talent to earn? I am still getting the hang of it but I think I can manage blogging animes and working at the same time.

Back to the post, I take back what I said. It’s not even Lupin III (2015)! I want to welcome the glorious return to form of Mobile Gundam Suit: Iron Blooded Orphans this week. This post will be relatively shorter as I am just going to have my short responses in this batch of shows. You know what, that week in anime was not that bad at all! Shouwa Rakugo and Erased might have their respective not so epic episodes this week but all other shows improved in one way or another. Well, there’s Dagashi Kashi which just cannot make me laugh and Prince of Stride which does not leave any impression at all even after you just finished watching an episode.


Yeah. You got me this time Gundam. Now, bring more Kudelia and Orga to the screen.

If there’s one thing I commend last week was the presence of many good episodes but I was taken by surprise with Mobile Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans this week. Probably it’s my bias with this Fall carryover but I was reminded on how great it was during its early run. After stumbling between character development (which I sincerely question) and action, this episode balanced the two. THANK GOD FOR DEVELOPING KUDELIA. FINALLY! My beef? The corny Gundam names.

Then there’s Ajin which packs a genuinely chilling story but is also unfortunately overshadowed by Erased this season. The last five minutes of this episode were enough to put me this anime in the lines of Rakugo and Erased as the best shows this season. Again, the CGIs are the main detractors for this well paced and horrific anime.


You are at the wrong show Dr. Magata Shiki.

Or more like there are far worse shows which I cannot call duds because they are not bad enough and these three managed to be better than those. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime‘s fourth offering is still a mixed bag with these two anime archetypes (Raji’s imouto and otouto) destroying the dynamics of this show. It seems like a rabid fan was inserted in the series and started poking fun with these characters. The last part was great to be honest along with Zen’s moments but I am cringing how cliched things have gone with Shirayuki’s place.

A bit of seriousness actually made Rainbow Days more adorable this week. I am really laughing at the brown-haired dude who is a Sadist and tries to make poor Natchan the subject of his experiment. Also additional points given to the super awkward confession scene, I feel for the poor girl but I am grinning like an idiot when his switch snapped. The last minute of this show is the clincher why I put this in this group for the first time. Talk about how your male friends comfort you when you are down. That is it! It can run for 22 minutes per episode and I will not be bored.

Dimension W pulled off an Un-Go episode this week only to fizzle because Mira can only dream of becoming a shouta who can transform to a voluptuous woman and inserted a ghostly Magata Shiki cameo of The Perfect Insider as the main culprit. Well, I appreciate the mystery spin with these coils. It’s just that, with all the deaths and the bravados and the slick action scenes, Dimension W only managed to make me say “Ooh”. Underwhelming but still better than a bunch of shows this season.


Who wants some Araragi?

Do I hate Kanbaru? No, but I have fallen out of love with her dynamics with Araragi. It’s one note and predictable to be honest. I am not also sold with the mystery and how lame it was solved in this week’s Koyomimonogatari. On the other hand, I miss Senjougahara’s yandere/tsundere switch so I am fine with this episode in the end.



Active Raid recovered a bit after last week’s disgusting episode but… this feels like a very long setup which fizzled in the end because it failed to deliver. I mean, we all know what is going to happen and it happened the way we expected it if we are thinking the worst case scenario. Yeah, predictable and boring are the words I describe this week’s how-to-rescue-an-airplane-in-midair episode. At least we got some fujoshi-bait pairings? No.

Lastly, I was really entertained by Bubuki Buranki this week, if not for that stupid rule about not letting your Bubuki intercept that battle but MC-kun did it just because. Also do not forget how stupid you felt when someone did not even feel the ground shaking or the sounds coming from a distance due to a stealth train. He still came off in one piece and well after intercepting THAT HUGE TRAIN! Oh well, physics and narration are overrated in this show.


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