Winter 2016 – Week 5 in Anime Part 2

Ironically, tides turned and a lot of shows in this batch are quite enjoyable. Dimension W though…. Urgh.


This episode made me believe that Obi is really a main lead that went to the wrong show. #TeamObi

If Mobile Gundam Suit: Iron Blooded Orphans returned to its usual groove, then so with Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Season 2. It would have been my most favorite show this week if not for the presence of Rakugo. Finally, that confusing soundtrack matched with the scene it wants to work with. I am also quite relieved that she is now really a damsel this time as it humanized her more. Shirayuki is always portrayed as strong-willed because she is inspired by and is always with Zen. Notice how helpless she became when she realized her necklace given by Zen is now gone. Yeah. Every strong character has their weakness too. One major plot this season was also unveiled. Just who is Shirayuki? Additional points for a murderous Obi, a Raj with a spine and a Zen who acts like a real prince this time. Minor quip: these new characters are really archetypes, huh?

Ajin remains strong and captivating in its fourth episode while showing its strengths in showing multiple parties with interesting intentions. Errr.. While Nagai is not as prominently featured in this one, the side characters are strong enough to make the show just as good as it is before. In addition, I am getting to like him. He is actually a strong MC who uses his head when doing things! It is a really great episode in my opinion but I cannot still get the hang of the use of CGIs especially in the should have been awesome fight scene earlier in the episode. Hence, it is really a good thing that Ajin has the strongest plot this season as Erased can stumble anytime and Rakugo relies more on the character moments which others will find too slow. If only this was adapted by a more capable studio…. sigh.


Unfortunately, the first three minutes and the last five minutes of this episode are really great. The middle? Just above average.

Mobile Gundam Suit: Iron Blooded Orphans showed another consistent episode this week. Seems like Okada’s aim to pull some heartstrings this week worked as opposed to that hammy 16th episode. Atra is the highlight of this week acting like a good but doomed childhood friend while comforting the real heroine. Now that Kudelia has become a real character, I hope we can get the focus back to Orga and the Tekkadan people. They are the reasons why this reiteration of Gundam series existed after all. I am also nervous that new characters are piling against one another as they reach Earth. I appreciate its intent to give this a grandiose plot but we cannot memorize that many names you know. Hence, a problem similar to Norn 9 but I can see its vision so I am letting it pass. Major quip: these new characters are really archetypes, huh? Fun remark: for how long will McGillis wear that stupid looking mask?

Koyomimonogatari lives and dies with Araragi’s companion in each episode. Hanekawa and Kanbaru brought anemic offerings then Kaiki happened. This man is the best thing to happen in the Monogatari Universe and I am pleased that he returned this week. Poor Nadeko though. It was supposed to be her episode. Her moment was stolen by the con man! Story-wise, this Monogatari episode is one of the most real to date with delicately touching the topic as to how gossip spreads.

I finished a short a while ago entitled Tabi no Machi Late Show and man, that was a very endearing one. It only consisted of 4 short episodes but each one tells a complete story. It featured stories of a man looking up to his chef, people who should have become friends but did not, the dead coming back to life and a teacher retiring from her work. These are of varying ages but it revolved on a single theme: melancholy and losses. I’d be lying if I say I didn’t feel a massive lump on my throat as I am desperately stopping myself from crying. The animation is the only thing that kept me putting this in great but the music is spot on. It will take a lot for you not to be affected with these poignant stories.


I was also shocked too. This is the only show I think that is decent this week. Hats off for consistency, I guess.

Perhaps the only show this week on this group, Rainbow Days has pulled another comical episode with hints of male friendship fluff towards the end. I was actually laughing with Tsuyopon’s horrible misfit with games (I can feel him… Otakus are not normally sporty!) and his bet with Natchan. Also, that confession scene! I can certainly feel the trauma from Natchan for being an outlet of his senpai’s anger. LOL. Well, there is nothing much substantial here but it is well done. I am again critical with Rainbow Day’s format so it is here.


Basically my face after seeing Dimension W this week.

I am torn between the laziness of Divine Gate and its inability to make a compelling scene versus the overload of pretentious lines thrown this week. Nevermind, I was entertained by the likes of “Her smile never clouds” or “Sometimes you have to talk to convey your message” being delivered in the most serious manner. It may not have its intended effect but I was busy lolling with these lines. I am entertained so it is not the worst this week or this season.

Bubuki Buranki remains to be visually engrossing while tossing the narratives on the sidelines by mixing impossibly many plot points this week. Kinoa remains the second most fun character in this series but that her ex (?) is creepy as hell. The doormat MC remains as clueless and as dumb as ever with putting their goals aside for now as he decided his group will fight a Buranki which just fell from the ocean. Hiragi is actually correct but… you know, there is this thing called the MC silencer so all he could utter is “but”. Then that 1080 degrees plot twist at the end of the episode happened which does not only feel clunky but also too rushed. Ugh. Well, it remains quite fun to watch and still managed to be better than Dimension W this week. So, congratulations?

PS: Did you see Azuma being pulled by the rope then cushioned by Kogane’s Bubunki? I laughed some good time with that.

PPS: Now that I saw it, its episode title this week is Swords and Rings. Are the staff thinking something ecchi when they decided on the name? Oh well…

… Then we have Dimension W who has managed to make me offended and confused at the same time this week. This show is better than Active Raid but I was surprised that it is really clumsier when it stumbles. I get the gist of the mystery this week but man, I do not know if that is rushed or it does not make sense at all. Cue some coil which somehow made a parallel world of the antagonist of the week and a dumb version of Magata Shiki. I don’t even know if these two episodes will work even if it runs for three episodes because it is not a mystery series. The result will only be akin to good but meaningless filler episodes. Stick on what you know Dimension W. Make Kyouma move!

PS: My final decision came from Kyouma’s abusive stance on Mira. Man, WHAT THE HECK DID THIS LOLI ROBOT DID TO YOU? Are you even angry because she has more personality than you?


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