Winter 2016 – Week 6 in Anime Part 2

Again, it is better to be late than never. This batch of anime is not exactly great bar two series and the rest are just… there. Nonetheless, this week is much better than Week 5 (not that it is a big accomplishment actually). I’ll make this one as short as possible.


You know there’s something wrong with other shows when this scene made you laugh harder than their offerings. 

Ajin just cannot seem to stop from being superbly written, isn’t it? It managed to present the dark side of human nature nicely and to blur between the boundaries between good and bad even better by each episode. I am starting to wonder what’s with humans experimenting Ajins when they are just there, doing nothing but trying to live with them. Sure, there are those shinigami-like creatures but they are not plotting to destroy the world or something! I adore its direction as it was able to make everything (aside from visuals) on point this week. That old dude is one awesome character for giving us some slick actions (the CGIs work better with these scenes) and his elaborate plan that amazingly fizzled this time thanks to Kei’s naivety good nature. Again, the CGIs are the biggest flaw of this show as it cannot create the character’s intended facial expressions.

I am really amazed how Akagami no Shirayuki-hime borrows an old trope and makes it like the most innovative idea ever. It wears the princess in damsel story this time but given how strong their characters are (Mihaya and Raji included), the presentation is unmistakably from this show. The caricature villain is still the hole that prevents this arc from being perfect but I am really happy with how things happen this season. Is it better than the previous season? It is actually in terms of plot but the characters lost their luster to some extent. However, there’s Obi and his needed spotlight so… I guess, by not so much?

PS: This episode also featured bishie overload and that confirms my theory that Zen is the weakest link in the series.


The action is the only great thing in this Gundam episode. 

This should have been a great week of Mobile Gundam Suit: Iron Blooded Orphans but these caricature villains and flat character moment were too much this time for my tolerance level. Let me put what made this episode just above decent. The fight scenes are great and can be considered as one of the best (and smartest) this show has given. Mikazuki’s grand entrance to the Earth is probably the most awesome scene this season. Now, what made this episode bad aside from action? I think the character interaction at this point is really forced save for the Tekkadan guys. Ein’s death scene made me rolled my eyes and so with that white haired lady who screamed archetype villainous character who I didn’t even bother knowing her name. Kudelia is fine but the show’s effort to get her paired with Mikazuki is just… bizarre at best and cringe worthy at worst.


Natcchan, best girl!

Let me have a laundry list of shows which are just good enough for me not to hate. Rainbow Day‘s sixth episode remains more of the same but is more nondescript this time due to the cliched misunderstanding shoujo shows have. Yet it is too cute for me to hate and the characters are as endearing as ever so it gets a pass.

Koyomimonogatari‘s character pairing (Karen and Araragi) this week is kind of ho-hum and the mystery itself is beyond dumb but the epilogue makes this week a competent offering. Hanekawa might not be an engaging character but her advice rings a sinister bell to the episode as a whole.

Then there’s Dimension W which is still muddled in terms of writing in this episode.Yet at least I have an idea as two where it is going this time. Seriously, that amnesiac Kyouma is too plot convenient and his inconsistent treatment of robots. Last beef, I know that this show just employs the coil-of-the-week thing but I can’t just simply adjust my mind that another big boss exists which now plans to declare war to stop war! Did I just sound incredibly stupid?


Believe it or not, this was a decisive stance in their fight. One can win with a slap! LOL

No one’s sane with Bubuki Buranki that’s why it works as a show. Everyone’s neurotic to some extent which hits my sweet spot with this anime. Even if it is not as pretentious as Divine Gate, it makes me laugh with its unintentionally stupid ideas which look like they are pulled from a magical hat. I mean, I lolled with Hiiragi giving Horino a slap then the latter gave a hentai squee. The fight between the genius girl and her uncle was visually pleasing. Those were just gold. Do not ask me with the development of the main story at this point. I have no idea too given its clunky narrative. Hence, I wish this show would show some restraint in presenting scenes one after another. Lastly, I thought they are enemies at first then came this big Buranki and they were like – friends?

Lastly, Divine Gate‘s latest pretentious offering is just another lazy setup episode. Just bring them to the Gate please? At least it has some super serious lines which never cease to entertain me.

PS: That Loki’s voice actor is the same with Kikuhiko of Shouwa Rakugo. Darn, I must unhear it! I. Must. Unhear. It.


2 thoughts on “Winter 2016 – Week 6 in Anime Part 2

  1. I so agree with you on Ajin. It hasn’t been long since Kei was ajin confirmed and look how people are treating him. Not long ago he was just another human being doing whatever normal humans do – he didn’t show any signs of being a dangerous weapon or someone who could destroy all human kind and now he’s being treated like no more than a lab rat. It’s treatment like this which causes problems as exemplified by the hat man’s actions – if humans didn’t treat ajins like scum, the hat man wouldn’t even rise up against them since he wouldn’t have a reason to.

    It also shows that in desperate times you get four kinds of people – those who are openly against you (the majority of people), those who are confused about what to do (Kei’s mother and to an extent his sister), those who would honestly support you without any ulterior motives regardless of their own safety (Kai), and those who will support you but with ulterior motives (hat man).
    Great stuff here.
    Also, that old man most certainly is one hell of a monster.


    1. It really makes me want to side with Ajins at this point. I also love to add how emotionless these humans are when they performed laboratory experiments on Kei. Great. I irked with that scenario for all the good reasons.


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