Winter 2016 – Week 7 in Anime (Part 1)

Let’s keep this one short as I lost my energy describing 22 shows yesterday. I’ll watch Konosuba and Grimgar after this season but before Spring then include these two in my final Winter 2016 Overview.

This is the first week in Winter 2016 that I am torn if any of these episodes is worthy to be called great because their issues are more amplified this time. However, the shows in that group is either a glorious return to form (Erased) or pulling all its drama muscles (Shouwa Rakugo). Hence, I still placed the two there in the end. I remember last season that this is the moment where I finally adored Concrete Revolutio, Noragami and Starmyu so this week is kind of tame if I compare it to Fall 2015’s seventh week.


There you go, Rakugo – breaking the hearts of the viewers who adore your show.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu just knows how to break my heart in a span of 24 minutes. It’s so great that it is a real pain to watch because the characters are that well developed at this point and their doom is bound to happen soon. Kikuhiku is much more comfortable with Sukeroku and his rakugo career is finally blooming then Miyokichi fell for him. I feel pity for the poor woman as she has actually pure intentions for that guy and is as normal as a woman could be (Remember how she looks whenever she is not a geisha? That’s her real self). Now we see why things happened in Yotaro’s timeline. The direction is still genius in this episode as it gives vignettes in the rakugo career and the subtleties of body language that do not even need dialogues to express its powerful message. The last image of this episode burned in my mind. However, this is the most haphazard Shouwa Rakugo to date with scene transitions being too abrupt. To its defense, this episode is pure anime original – and I didn’t notice. Wow.

Meanwhile, Erased returned to its comfort zone after unsuccessfully going back to the present for the last two episodes. Kayo is the linchpin of this series and why it is a strong contender this season but man, Satoru’s characterization is one of the things that  bogs this show down. The overuse of cliffhangers also reduces Erased as one that needs constant tension for it to be engaging but I personally think it does not have to do it every episode since it is an already good show. Oh – the time jumps feel now plot convenient as opposed to Higurashi’s or Stein’s;Gate’s thrilling and desperate implementation.


Koro-sensei, you just add about 200 million people who will really kill you regardless of the bounty.

Lupin III (2015) makes a breather episode this week that feels organic and comedic at the same time. I just miss Leonardo the Vinci that is why I placed it here. Then it seems like the kamisamas heard my pleas to give focus to Karasuma-sensei and Irina-sensei this week in Assassination Classroom. Thankfully, it tossed all its comedies aside and borrowed Ajin’s monster then delved to the dark side. I am weak with female characters with broken past that’s why this show will be a staple here as long as it tackles Irina-sensei’s character.

PS: Karasuma is not as dense as we think but he is just as cold as Kikuhiko. Darn it.


This confirms my months of research that Saya is the best girl in this show.

Dagashi Kashi‘s lastest episode has full of Saya. Every episode should be full of Saya because I am seriously laughing with this one. Is it its best episode yet? Yes, with no reservation. It managed to be cute, funny and endearing at the same time with our best girl as the center of everything this time.

If Erased can do this film strips thing then so with Phantom World. It is the most visually stunning show this season but the story is written via mass production at KyoAni factory. It tried to be deep this episode with the paradoxical cat with touches of Evangelion as addition. Of course, it fell flat because kawaii and deep psychology do not mesh well to be honest. Yet for visuals alone, this worked.

Osomatsu-san‘s amazingly glorious previous episode was a fluke. This one is cute on its own but this what I’ve been seeing for the past weeks. I am not complaining but it gave me hope that it will sustain its wacky greatness. The same can be said with Sekkou Boys but I am not expecting that much with this show as it is happy to be lunatic so a chuckle or two is enough for a 7 minute run. Isshie’s reaction to Dandy men are the best moments this episode.

Kono Danshi‘s latest offering is now blooming in to the conflict stage and I am quite happy that they kept it simple. Kashima’s angst is actually palpable as love can actually make you oblivious of your other responsibilities and it showed its ugly head this episode. That guy is not doing his redemption right though.

For the love of Igirisu’s fairies and unicorn, move the plot now Norn 9! Yet… those character moments are really solid enough to give this a pass. I mean, who isn’t smiling when Kakeru and Koharu are doing kissu.. kissu… hugs… hugs… like Senri-kun is not around. Mikoto (thank God, I memorized her name now) and that white haired dude are also giving a good run for their story. Nonetheless, I am happy that the mystery component of this show is finally solved at this point. Poor Mikoto.


A loli as a semi-final boss? Yes, that was very creative of you Divine Gate

Haruchika‘s actually fun with Chika goofing around but the mystery this week as well as Haruta’s deadpan way of solving mysteries (Sensei is at fault too) is not engaging at all. Too bad because the subject is actually quite touching this time and Sakurako-san dealt with these much better. Can’t we just re-title this anime Chika alone? I will be more than glad if that is the case.

Active Raid went back to its shenanigans that is not funny nor entertaining this week. That’s all.

Prince of Stride‘s supposedly fujoshi centered episode also fizzled thanks to dry execution. You know, training arcs are the most enjoyable part of a fujoshi-bait show and this managed to make it really boring. To be honest, this should be at least two episodes to flesh our characters as well as their main rivals.

Lastly, what the heck happened this week Divine Gate? I know I wished for them to go at the Gate now but this episode seemed like to answer me “As you wish!” and bam! we are at the divine gate now without the thrill from their adventures! Woohooo! – is what should I say but this is a trainwreck of an offering this week. Things are happening too fast, flat dramas and the animation is also weird this time. Anyway, this is my guilty pleasure this season so do whatever you are doing Divine Gate!


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