Winter 2016 – Week 7 in Anime (Part 2)

With no further ado, let’s start! I am mostly happy with this batch.


Then there’s a full grown man swooning to the moon with this scene. 

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Season 2‘s penultimate episode of this arc is probably the most action-packed in its entire offering. Looking back, it felt weird that this character-based show transformed into something that is normally associated with Akatsuki no Yona. Well, to Shirayuki-hime’s credit, that oomph which made this really beautiful remains here – packed with tons of character development while supplemented with relatively good fight scenes. Raj is the biggest benefactor in terms of personal growth in the expense of regressing some Shirayuki’s characterization (which is really understandable given that she was in a pirate ship, you know). I didn’t expect that this show can lean on being dark this time (as you can see, fairy tales normally whitewash these killing sprees) and still be as good as it is.

PS: This would have been my anime this week if not for that dramatic episode of Rakugo. I also explained as to why I am on #TeamObi with my real life otaku friends. What a dork.

Meanwhile, Ajin just became more complicated with this episode. The moment Kei shot Satou with the latter’s shotgun made me say ‘ooh’ and followed the rest of this episode like a pleased puppy. It seamlessly combined nice plot development with some cool scenes between two Ajins and Kei’s desperation to win this week’s cat and mouse chase. Kei is a particularly complex character and is hard to read. Is he kind? No. Is he logical to the extent of being heartless? Yes. My take is his debt of gratitude to Kai is the reason why he withstood the experiments conducted to his body and not that humans remain kind or something. I mean, notice when the researcher who helped him get into the rooftop was shot. He was about to escape from his own with no sense of empathy until he heard that guy was still alive – along with his dismal reaction. Imagine if the man didn’t help Kei that time, would he still help him? I don’t think so.

This is probably the best quiet Mobile Gundam Suit: Iron Blooded Orphans with the brand of Okada drama at its best. It is amusing to see these Tekkadan guys having some culture shock with Earth (fishes can be also quite terrifying lol) and those tiny vignettes which made their group a little more believable this time. However, the highlight of this episode is Orga finding his resolve and his conflict with Biscuit and what happened after that. It’s quite refreshing to see Orga going full emo to Merribit and Biscuit finally showing cracks in his all too nice personality. Hence, we got some really nice character development in this episode! You know, this should have happened two episodes ago if not for your shtick that fell apart on episodes 14 and 16.





Ball-kun does not approve your confession Natcchan.

Rainbow Days, or more like the show that is not quite there so I am putting this here in the meantime. It’s the obligatory beach episode and it packs some real potent comedy if cute-beings-doing-cute-things is your thing in this genre. I am happy that so much happened in this episode which ranged from sweet (Tsuyopon and Yukirin’s kiss and so with Natcchan’s moments) to flat-out lol (Natcchan’s botched confession, Keichi’s leaking sadistic tendencies and Tomoya’s rejection from Mari). It is not even fujoshi-filled so color me not feeling guilty if someone asked me whether I like this show.

Koyomimonogatari looks like it is following some sinister pattern here since the Kaiki episode.They tackled about the existence of a non-existent eighth person in the tea club that Tsukihi tried to dispel logically but fell on deaf ears. I am sensing that the foundation of this series (aside from its characters) is about deception and lies , just to make the character of that week happy. Quite a deep thought actually, but again, Tsukihi is not a compelling character so it remains here.


Anime waifu materials are inflicted with Clannad’s disease so they die as soon as we find them likable.

Dimension W just crammed another two episodes worth of content in this week. To be honest, the first and the last five minutes of this show are actually decent but is messy in between. It is kind of funny that we got to see Kyouma’s past and still have no idea who the heck is our main lead. Then things zoomed too fast and we got this African prince going to Easter Island accompanied with too many characters whose name I won’t bother to remember and will make Norn 9 blush. This time, the events are related to the main plot now but… isn’t that a bit too fast?

PS: If Kyouma’s former girlfriend’s head is actually Mira, then he is on the extreme end of being a tsundere. Gah.

Then as usual, nothing makes sense with Bubuki Buranki this week except with those glorious CGI visuals. Things suddenly appeared and happened on the screen that I ceased to care anymore with its story. When did they have this lofty control room when using Oubu? Why did their Burankis burn when Reoko’s remained intact? Grrr. I find it funny that our main leads gave in to their enemies’ goal in this episode in a flash! Weren’t they trying to kill off each other two episodes ago? Uhm… Isn’t Reoko’s goal collecting each of these kid’s Burankis that vehemently refused back then? Nevermind, I am entertained. Hiragi is the only character with a working brain in this show.

That aside, I guess it will be the turning point in Bubuki Buranki since the five of them FINALLY united with their mission to go to the Treasure Island. So it might be better, I guess?


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