Why Do I Like Realistic Anime Characters?

This is what I am afraid to happen with Shouwa Rakugo. Just switch the genders of the characters and you got Miyokichi as the dude, the kinpatsu as Kikuhiko and the black haired lady as Sukeroku. So you get what I am trying to point at once you watch the video. Please don’t Shouwa Rakugo – onegai.

While I am working in my Top 40 Most Favorite Anime Series, one of my online friends in Discord sent a Youtube link containing the lovely Todokanai Koi from White Album 2. That anime won’t be in the list but it portrayed some realistic teenage kids doing stupid decisions. White Album 2’s ending might kicked the guts of those who wanted a straight laced romance yet violent reaction is sometimes an indication on how effective a show made you invested with the characters.

… and I was one of those who were emotionally attached with the three leads. What I am afraid right now is the same thing will happen with Shouwa Rakugo. Not that it will tarnish its greatness but I will never be able to trust mature anime romance again if it plays the cheated card too. Honey and Clover left me brokenhearted, Paradise Kiss left me depressed for days and so with 5 Centimeters Per Second. Hence, I am a pretty much a masochist for loving these melancholic shows.

Japanese Batman?

I know anime is a form of escapism from our busy lives but we need to see some shows that portray how fascinating and flawed humans are when they make decisions. Both of my most favorite animes last year (Death Parade and OreGairu – Noragami Aragoto to a lesser extent) featured a heck of great characters but are no means perfect. Hachiman torpedoes himself whenever he sees the optimal solution that should hurt one else but him. Decim and Chiyuki are interesting duo in a sense that the former is an arbiter with human emotion (that is a taboo in the afterlife) and the latter serves as his antithesis. The resolution worked wonders with these shows as the characters made a wrong decision and were human enough to face its consequence. The ending of Death Parade will be burned in the back of my mind for some time and so with OreGairu’s eighth episode where I was just as bawling as Hachiman. Humanized characters create the most interesting decisions in anime, whether be it wrong or right. They tried to approach the problem face on but their actions dictated them to solve them in the most turnaround way. They make mistakes and they are not even pompous about it. Realistic characters are also capable of making the boundary of right and wrong blurry – which is a good ingredient in making an excellent show

Call it weird but I find it even easier to immerse myself in the anime if the leads are humanized. It was as if I am transported to those shows as a passive observer and made me able to understand the reasons behind their actions more. In addition, it makes me think whether I will make that decision too if I am in their situation. Well, visual aesthetics is one thing but good characters (developed or not) will make the show more accessible in my opinion. On the other hand, there are series where characters are not that good but the plot is just, wow but that’s another topic to be discussed I guess.

At the end of the day, I am just rambling on how afraid I am to approach the next episode of my favorite Winter shows. To my consolation, I am pretty sure Erased will end happily since Higurashi Season 2 did.

Minor quips about next week in anime:

  • Last Fall, the respective ninth episodes of One Punch Man, Concrete Revolutio and Starmyu were really emotional. So, there is a pattern, I guess?
  • Summer 2015 reminded me of another character driven-show Gangsta., which just fizzled at the ninth episode. That was the biggest betrayal I felt so far in watching seasonal animes. At least, Charlotte became 4x better during that time.
  • I am going to listen to Rakugo’s OP again. I hope it won’t produce another rambling like this. Ugh.

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