Finding Online Friends Bound By Anime

I never thought the ani-blogging community can also be a desolated world. Samui… samui… 

Another Hachiman photo for you.

Probably it is just another post about me blabbering over something. Please forgive me as I feel blue regarding the coldness of ani-blogging community. Maybe I came in too late to the party that blogs are not actually a thing for animes anymore. I thought that my opinions are not strong enough to solicit mild interest from people. Nevertheless, nothing is extraordinary with this kind of experience. Oh, I have many real life friends so… whatever I am thinking right now only applies with the online world.

My interaction with the anime fandom began when I became a member of the (now dead) Seventh Style community. In case you have not heard that site, I guess it boasted one of the most honest reviews in the anime community from 2012 – 2015. Your Sword Art Online and Guilty Crown loving friends knew its existence and I am pretty sure they loathed it to death. Of course, I registered under this username since it was the only site I regularly follow back then.

I participated in the ruckus a few times but somehow avoided the lashes of commentators because I really go with the flow back then. Well, I was trying to look for some anime friends there. I cannot say I succeeded but at least I gathered enough confidence in dealing with different kinds of anime fans online. Then Seventh style just disappeared. Great. I am alone again.

“Maybe I should create a MAL account since Seventh style does not exist anymore.”

My face when I finished creating a MAL Account.

I kinda did but…

Overwhelmed would be the first word that came in my mind in describing the experience I have with MyAnimeList. There are too many users, too many forums and I feel all alone. How am I supposed to interact with these people?  Luckily, my Chalotte and Akagami no Shirayuki-hime reviews garnered substantive amount of views so I met some people who shared (and loathed) my interest with animes. Now that my MAL friend that I regularly chat with is about to go on hiatus for his exchange study somewhere in Japan and my efforts to gain some friends through the forums backfired, cue me singing OreGairu’s “Hello Alone”. Thankfully, the Nihon Review Forum is much less intimidating when it comes with commenting in its forums. Joining the Anime Power Rankings is a different matter though.

Luckily, a fellow Nihon Review user is also looking for some remnants of Seventh Style. Then he directed me to It turns out that the other former writers of Seventh Style are also there – and man, they are just goofballs but can be honest (as usual) when the conversation turns to animes. That is the best decision I made in interacting with people online. We are scattered in various parts of the world but bounded to meet by one interest – our love for these Japanese shows.

Outside the warm chatroom, everything else is cold. I mean, too cold. They have already formed groups. I was the latecomer so what else do I expect? I created a Twitter account but man, do I actually foresee that I will gain some anime buddies there? My blind hope says so yet the reality is not that kind unless I have an insane level of writing talent like Bobduh or Mr. Flawfinder. Or that ability to spew meme-like one liners. I am just as generic as a normal person would be.  On the other hand, I do not want to resort to lash out on every show I watch as I will get more hate than love in that case. In the end, maybe I will shrug the thought of joining some other community for now.

I guess I should be thankful that some of my comments garner replies from the site’s respective writers. Until then, I will write until someone else recognizes me or asks this lone wolf to join their group.


5 thoughts on “Finding Online Friends Bound By Anime

  1. ‘Now that my MAL friend that I regularly chat with is about to go on hiatus for his exchange study somewhere in Japan and my efforts to gain some friends through the forums backfired, cue me singing OreGairu’s “Hello Alone”. ‘ I think I know this guy you’re mentioning :).

    Can I listen to your cover of it? I bought the first volume of the LN, by the way, to see if the complaints about the adaptation were correct. Also, the cut off for my course is much higher than I thought, so I might have an easier time than I expected. I’m still going to keep my blog active, of course, though I’ll likely miss the entire Spring and Summer season.


  2. I am partly joking with the Hello Alone cover – I can sing but I cannot pronounce Japanese well. LOL – I think you already know who that dude is. :p

    Wow. Studying in Japan must be really hard. Ganbare. Well, Spring looks fine yet Winter is already good (with Rakugo having no competition) so…. I think you are off to a good departure in this case.


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