Winter 2016 – Weeks in Anime 10 and 11 (Part 2)

Or more like, why do I hate most shows in this list? This is going to be toxic so please bear with my acid speech. I am glad Active Raid actually got better since episode six because I don’t have the energy to spew hateful comments on too many shows.

Wait, is this going to be a confession scene?

Let us start with the least offensive show in this list and has actually improved to something decent. Prince of Stride thankfully focused on our leads this time and capitalized on the pairing fujoshis are pining since the first episode. I mean, there are two dudes getting wet in the rain and being too dramatic about running with each other. Do you think my fujoshi meter won’t ping this time? That aside, Yagami went full emo on the 10th episode which I cannot say I appreciate since hints were thrown all along since episode 1 and Fujiwara’s encouragement is not exactly an uplifting manner of dragging the former out of the dark. The next one reminded me of the straightforward manner of storytelling brought by Tsuritama and friends and is actually the best Prince of Stride episode to date. I did not care that much about the race but the dramas on the sidelines (who would have thought these three are childhood friends?) are palpable enough to make me smile . That was honestly cute especially knowing that Yagami is the reason why Fujiwara decided to be a Stride freak. Well, you played your cards Madhouse this time in converting an otome VN to a by the numbers sports anime laced with fujoshi undertones.

Gurren Lagann wanna be?

Bubuki Buranki‘s a total mess right now because I don’t even know if their foray to Treasure Island is even worth it. Azuma’s mother has a personality of a dry paint and I sincerely question what did they even accomplish in reaching that place. Then the Russian Bubuki holders went there because the story says so as well as Reoko’s two other minions. Great. Even the action is poorly coordinated this week. On the positives, some motives were shown and some are actually quite good especially the reason why that dude wanted to defeat Kogane. Nonetheless, it is unintentionally funny especially the hammy dialogues so I managed to be awake even if I am watching something akin to a void.

PS: The pink haired genius was funny and Hiragi remains the only thinking character in this series.

PPS: I like Bubuki Buranki when it presented these cute girls being totally murderous. How is that, Higurashi? LOL.

I am keeping this kid Haruhiko with Mai as my waifu, seriously.

Kyoto Animations just cannot decide on what to do on Phantom World as its quality oscillated from meh to good. Ruru’s story is what would have happened if Clannad is told in 20 minutes and man, the result is not even good. However, the eleventh episode is quite touching as Haruhiko turned back to a kid whose cause is similar to Reina’s condition on the fourth episode. I quite like that one since it added some depth to Mai’s character and beauty (Haruhiko is just an eye candy, to be honest so any hopes of developing him as a good lead should be gone by now). The resolution was quite poignant but still makes me want to ask where the heck is the plot of this show. This show might be heading towards a downward trajectory but at least, Mai and Reina join the list of decent KyoAni girls.

My face while watching most of these shows.

Is there anyone who is still watching the sleep inducer called Haruchika? I cannot even remember its tenth episode aside from the fact that there was a big dog there and the penultimate offering does not even have a climax. Uhm, have we seen these kids playing their instruments for real like what Euphonium did or solve mundane mysteries like Hyouka (or heck, Sakurako-san)? No. They just sort of won – meaning, PA Works is not even invested in playing the other half of its main plot. At least Serizawa and Chika are cute? I want to know why Kusakabe-sensei left the international scene in exchange of being a teacher. I want to see Chika or Haruta’s character development but I guess those wishes are far too big of a burden for this show.

HAHAHAHAHA. No. Just no.

For my official worst show this Winter 2016, Dimension W went to nowhere just like the void they are trying to avoid. The show has some serious identity crisis because it cannot present itself whether it is a sci-fi, action or a mystery series. Episode 10 is sure passable thanks to the time tested plot device of going to the big bad guy but the next one reeks of stupidity and convenient plot tools thrown for the sake of completing the story. I sort of get that these filler episodes were shown to explore the possibilities of dimension W but the execution is just messy at best and it sacrificed the main plot of this show. Why the heck Kyouma hated coils and what is the reason he was the only one to survive the botched Easter Island mission? Why the hell the main antagonist appeared so late in the series? What is the essence of Loser in Dimension W aside from the fact that he is the sole survivor of the laboratory whuch created the Genesis? Seriously, how are you going to quantify possibilities in the equation that was presented in that series? My brain sort of exploded because of the impossibility but I will let it pass since nothing can disappoint me anymore in this show. I am pretty sure the manga is much better than this dud as I feel much of world building was cut off for the sake of presenting action but was unfortunately meh.

Now you see why Saisei lost against Honan.




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