Spring 2016 – Week 2 in Anime

I hope those who are in Japan are okay. Darn, two earthquakes in a week. Let us start grouping these shows nonetheless and enjoy that anime incarnate of a pedobear as the cover image of this post.

Again, this is a pretty boilerplate week in Spring. Not to say that this is bad but I am mostly lukewarm to the majority of these shows despite the diversity in the themes these presented. Well, there’s the feelsy My Hero Academia which succeed to mix emotional honesty and awesome action sequence and ConRevo but.. the rest? I am still mixed aside from the guilty-pleasure that is called Mayoiga.


My Hero Academia is what One Punch Man should have been.

My Hero Academia‘s second episode is just excellent in every aspect if you ignore the well-worn underdog trope. Emotional sincerity is what this series is selling to us right now and it works, thanks to Bones excellent choice of aesthetics and background music. Realism hits dreams really hard in this episode but not without a satisfying redemption towards the end. The moment when Deku ran towards the slimy monster was also the moment I drop my jaws in sheer amusement. Bones also seemed to have flexed their directional muscles because they complimented everything that happens after with outstanding visuals and soundtrack. On the other hand, why a lot of superheroes in a hero show are kind of… scum? Come’on, you heroes could have not done anything if not for Deku’s actions which are far more heroic that what you did combined.Why praise that brat by merely struggling against that slime? Why admonish Deku for his recklessness without taking the merits of his actions? It is not as if they can defeat that monster in the absence of All Mighty. My only concern at this point is that it will be even slower in the third episode granted that we are entering the obligatory training arc which is by far the worst in these kinds of show.

It seems like Concrete Revolutio S2 learned from the past and delivered two straightforward episodes in a row. It is still really dense though but I can understand what’s happening (thankfully) by a single watch. If My Hero Academia showed what real fun is when watching superhero shows, ConRevo just keeps on spewing the dark side of it. We were explained how fumers got into Jiro’s arm and that’s another can of worms in terms of conflicting and convincing ideology. We were also presented that even superhumans can be a bit hypocrite in terms of what they are fighting for. Revelations pile one after another and ConRevo is really getting better. The animation this episode is beyond functional too despite the fact that it is a hipster show. However, my main quip this episode is it began to show manifestation of tropes normally not present with ConRevo. What’s with the harem-y feel I get with Kikko and Emi towards to Jiro?

Then Ajin ended spectacularly but I really wished it was handled by another studio (even A-1 will do) because the full-CGI doomed its overall success. It’s kind of sad we will never see the sequel of this show because it is really good. Did it tie the loose ends? Maybe on that arc but not with the show as a whole. Nonetheless, it was a fun ride Ajin.


You are just annoying, period.

Rainbow Days finally focused on Anna and Natcchan’s romance and it’s quite good. I’d be lying to say that I am not smirking like an idiot when the two hit some certain level of development with their relationship. Their talk about romance is quite realistic and pure innocent, which is sadly an aberrant these days. Well, it is a bit original this time since we got to see the point of view of the friend that is obviously afraid because she might be alone because romance got in their way (I don’t believe Mari is in love with Anna, just yet. She’s just a man hater). I am excited to see the development of their relationship and for the other characters as well.

The ending of Kiznaiver‘s second episode is a bit a downer for me granted that I was not expecting a melodrama blowing up in front of my screen. Nonetheless, it is still fun in a way that these revelations are quirky courtesy of Okada and the way these were revealed were just wacky. Trigger also seemed to follow her eccentricities by giving a colorful visuals and these aliens whose purpose of existence remains an enigma. I hope they explore Sonozaki and Kacchon a bit more as the former is starting to irritate me for her sadistic tendencies and the latter is just as interesting as watching paint dry.

On the other hand, Kabaneri no Kotetsu‘s getting eerily similar with Attack on Titan but only much faster. That alone qualifies it as a good popcorn entertainment show but it should never be taken seriously beyond that. The plot is a derivative of a derivative, the characters show zero development so far and the shock factor from the Kabaneri is gone. As long as it zings the pacing and delivers outstanding artwork and soundtrack (the animation is a hit and miss), I am fine with it while I wait for the second season of Attack on Titan.


Let’s pretend this show is pure lighthearted fun.

Joker Game continues to show interesting ideologies while still stumbling in terms of execution this episode. I sincerely think this works better as a live action show than in anime medium because of the pacing and the non-action of the leads. On the other hand, I am almost captivated by the smart resolution of the search for the evidence in that American spy’s house and Yuki giving a farce on his superior. I do not know what this show is trying to sell (I mean, what’s the story? Where’s the plot so far?) but it is not bad so I am sticking with this. This does not have to show a five minute recap on what happened last episode though.

I guess Flying Witch is becoming a standard version of Slice of Life series which is a relief given the rarity of these shows nowadays. The second episode offered a layer to Makoto’s world and her daily life as a young witch. Sure, the harbinger dude looks disturbing and it provided a much needed laugh for this series but the overall tone remains the same. Placid, non-offensive but nothing spectacular, I sort of wish we will explore this world more in the next episodes. The flipside? Nothing much happens in this episode if you discount that dog peeing in the post at the very last panel.


Insert some yaoi joke here.

Kuma Miko‘s second episode is listless. I do not know if it is trying to be comedic or endearing or both but I am just staring at it indifferently for the most of its run. This show needs more pedobear jokes as these are the only moments where I was awake. As for the rest? I cannot pinpoint the feeling I have despite a couple of yawns and some quips about unsuccessful fish out of water comedies and wanting to punch that annoying guy who keeps on talking.

I hope the lackluster humor of Bungou Stray Dogs will now be less (or be gone) because it starts to distract my watching experience. The test was also kind of dumb to be fair but I was mildly happy when the MC hugged the bomb. If only that exploded, it could have been a major turning point in this show. Other than that, I have nothing more to say about this messy Bones offering.

Kuromukuro‘s trying to incorporate the strength of PA Works’ drama bombs and their experiment with the mecha genre. The former remains passable but the CGI robots are just bland. It also does not help that everything else is by the numbers if you remove the weird circumstances of Yukina and that guy. I am seriously considering to drop this show in exchange of Tanaka-kun and is asking people over the internet about that but it seems like no one else watches this show aside from me and a heck of people who are bored.

Let us just say Mayoiga will be my best episode for the week if I am drunk and just goofing off when I watch anime shows. The second episode itself is too slow for its own good and the whole show would have been better if it was combined with the first episode as one. The pacing is too slow, the characters are too many that I am sure I will not care about them and they are dragging the mystery for so long. Other than that, the enjoyment comes after you watch it when you realize it was an episode of nothingness. You will make fun of the characters, will guess on how they meet their deaths and will realize that they can die any moment and you will not bat an eyebrow unless the manner they are killed is so stupid for normal logic. (I hoped Piitan and Manbe will die first but Yottsun took the spot so.. sigh.)

Uhmm.. Here’s my Hyoketsu no Judgement photo for you and his golden quotes that prove Okada is busy developing Kiznaiver as one of the season’s best and Mayoiga as a show for the lulz.



2 thoughts on “Spring 2016 – Week 2 in Anime

  1. Boku no Hero Academia strikes me as a pretty trope-y to be honest, although its merit lies in how well these tropes are used; it’s a good show, but I find, say, Joker Game (I haven’t watched ConRevo so I can’t speak for that) to be better. Kiznaiver is nice as well. Kabaneri is definitely a mixed bag and more worthy of being under “Decent” for me; I mean, sure, it’s EGOIST and Sawano making the music, and it looks #dramatic so people will enjoy it, but despite not being bad by any means, I don’t see it as really good. + there’s the worry it just becomes an AoT copycat. Bungou Stray Dogs isn’t spectacular yet but does have potential; it’s not funny, but otherwise the premise is solid, and the characters all seem fairly good. As for Mayoiga, well… I don’t know. It does have some good elements (characterization is strong though lack of development is an issue), but, erm, maybe it’d work better if it was twice as fast? I don’t know what it can achieve with this kind of pace, which is a shame because potential is there IMO.
    Out of what I’ve watched, Joker Game is definitely best for me. It’s really interesting, and I can’t be bothered by the slow pace when each scene is so well realized and brings so much to the greater picture. It might be lacking in purely satisfying action, in raw pleasure, but its insight on Japanese mindset pre-war and how it evolved is really good and that largely makes up for it. Also it’s really well directed.


    1. I kinda agree that Joker Game is more of ‘stop-and-ponder’ show than a visually engrossing one. I am wishing that the show will have, let’s say a destination because these episodes so far are good but I cannot appreciate in full because of the uncertainty as to where it will go.

      PS: What I am more afraid is The Perfect Insider vibes this show gives yet it does not go that faaar currently.


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