Spring 2016 – Week 3 in Anime (Part 1)

I guess this happens once in a while – I am not a fan of any show in this week’s batch of anime. Spring, you must have to spice things up. The second part (Kiznaiver, Bungou Stray Dogs, Joker Game, Flying Witch and Sakamoto) will come by tomorrow.

You know it is a bad omen when you can say with a flat face that Mayoiga is more enjoyable than the rest of these offerings and that’s not even a compliment. It was supposed to be a mystery series but I ended up laughing with the sheer absurdity going on in the screen. Other than that, I guess it will be fun lashing out with the shows I am seeing right now because these fell in one way or another. Yes, Concrete Revolutio, you are not exempted this time. Forget the Great and Almost There Group in the meantime as these are only watchable at best and bad duds at worst. Moreover, I think of a way to give a brief but scathing way to describe them this week.


15-hit combo in 10 seconds? LOL.

Concrete Revolutio S2

Pros: It was the third straightforward episode of ConRevo which makes everything easier to understand this time. I kind of get the artificial enhancement of these people akin to use of illegal drugs (being a superhero is a taboo that time so…) only enlarged because of the government’s support this time.

Cons: That was one heck of a filler episode devoid of ConRevo’s message of grey morals about superheroes. The absence engaging conflict and the apparent harem-y feel of this show are starting to tick me off. Don’t place such tropes in your intricate storytelling ConRevo! Lastly, I cannot take the villain of the week seriously this time. What the heck is with the flower inducing lightning thing?

Assassination Classroom S2

Pros: Nagisa’s suave manner of closing Kayano’s mini-arc is comedic and touching at the same time. Karma being Karma and bullying Nagisa after his decision to kiss Kayano are also lol-worthy to be fair. Then finally, Koro Sensei’s past is revealed! The new opening sequence is visually cool too.

Cons: You know, it takes more than just a dry narration for us to be compelled by Koro Sensei’s past. I was just staring indifferently at the screen given how distant it was delivered. It was supposed to be a Eureka moment to be honest.

Rainbow Days

Pros: Mari’s development as a character is also given focus this time. Much, much more emphasized than that of Natcchan and Anna which is fair given she is supposed to be the third wheel in their relationship. Mattsun is also a smooth talker this time around. I love this couple.

Cons: The episode length. I am just beginning to warm up with how things go there then that. It ended. Bring back the warm fuzz I already have in my chest!

My Hero Academia

Pros: Thank God for the sped-up pace of the training arc because it is the most boring parts of a shounen show! Kacchan seems to also have to take liking to Deku since the incident and has implicitly acknowledged his worth as an entrance examinee of the U.A. The little details (Deku planning for the execution of his training) made up for the apparent breather episode of My Hero Academia so it is still a good watch.

Cons: Not as feelsy as last week. It was exchanged with a fairly entertaining montage of Deku taking training but its resolution lacked sparks. He just kind of succeeded and I have no idea why or how.


Pros: Kennosuke being Kennosuke and our moeblob lead not realizing the danger she was in that time. I nearly chuckled when she said she has to go home since her imouto is yet to have dinner and it has to be stated that she is taken as a hostage! Good riddance. I am warming up to the pacing – maybe staying with it is a good decision after all.

Cons: The fish out of water jokes are not funny at all. I admit I smirked with Kennosuke being shocked on how a smartphone works but it felt weird since he is operating a mecha much more modern than any of these equipment combined. Also, the weird dialogue about bossoms, was that supposed to be an insult?


Kagewani just became a shounen show for an instant.

Kagewani S2

Pros: Banba’s special Kagewani move is visually cool given the show’s awful animation. Episodes 2 and 3 reminded me of a typical but thrilling Kagewani episode.

Cons: This show succeeds in showing us the creepy nature of Kagewanis but there we go, the main plot is a trope-y science research stuff I never wished to be there. The lady whose purpose is to hunt that creepy Kagewani appears out of nowhere and I am like “What now?”.

Kuma Miko

Pros: Undoubtedly the funniest Kuma Miko episode which does not rely with the dorkiness of Natsu. I found the nature’s wrath for Machi’s aerobic version of Kagura dance absolutely hilarious. Her trance mode is lol-worthy though.

Cons: Now to the bad parts. It’s the most offensive episode this week in a sense that the studio seemed to sexualize a 14-year old girl given her shots, the way she eats that phallic food and the way they had to portray her wearing nothing but underwear. The worst part? Yoshio’s way of pinning Machi down screams uncomfortable in my eyes as it felt like a sexual assault for the love of unicorns! I sincerely want to know if Hidekaz is a part of the character design team since he looks like a Hetalia character.


Story? What story?


Cons: Wait, do you really think I see anything redeemable with my show this Spring? There’s none! To the actual episode, Mayoiga is still messy as it lacks coherence but makes up for the disturbing characters. What’s even more frustrating is the plot is beginning to show in Mayoiga and I find it really interesting. I guess that mystery monster shows off their primal fears and longing, and the village is slowly driving them mad. However, the writing is just… off.

Worse, Okada is writing off these characters like disposing things quickly to a trash bin. They just.. kind.. of.. died. You also deleted my spirit animal in case you care about the chuuni called Hyoketsu no Judgment. Where’s my hilarious grossly orchestrated deaths? I mean, Another has the umbrella scene, isn’t it? Mayoiga just showed Yotsun’s body and pushed Judgment’s body to a cliff. Boo. Worst, Masaki and Lion seemed to know something but the show is just teasing us that they do and I really don’t think they will talk until its more crucial moments.

The Lulz: The moment I screamed Another 2.0 at episode 1 is also the time I realized either this is going to be a boring mystery show or something for the lulz. I thank the kamisamas for this show to be the latter because it is going to be real treasure for rewatch. Okada is also an efficient anime character killer granted she divided the team into groups where she can conveniently present two monsters to chop them off in separate frames! Great! We are also given more Piitan-Manbe PDA this time even if they are now in the verge of being killed so what else can I ask for? By the way, what the heck does a Giant Mitsumune mean? It was supposed to be a horrific moment for them but I laughed out loud with that line.

Fellow friends and ani-lovers, stop caring about the main plot of Mayoiga as it is for the best. Join us in watching it with our analytical selves shunned and enjoy the trainwreck that is going on with our screens. Similar with alcohol, it never tastes good but it feels great when you’re already drunk. Beware of the hangover though.

Time to write some R-18 doujins because of this line.


2 thoughts on “Spring 2016 – Week 3 in Anime (Part 1)

  1. What do you mean by “eureka moment” with regards to AssClass? Did you expect everything that happened there or were you unable to make the connections with Koro-sensei’s actions etc.? I personally, thought that the execution for this long-awaited part was pretty good and everything was pretty unexpected (except for Koro-sensei being an experiment since that was already figured out thanks to the hints thrown around) and I was also able to tie in everything.


    1. A bit too rushed for my taste Yamada. It was suddenly included right after an emotionally heavy arc. Nonetheless, AssClass 2 is much much better than most of Spring 2016 shows.

      Ahh. What I meant by that is it’s a scene where we utter “Ahhh! That’s why”.


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