Spring 2016 – Week 3 in Anime (Part 2)

A very tepid week overall but this batch is actually stronger than the last. Somehow, it gives me hope that something grand will happen in the next episodes.


Kacchon approves.


Pros: The pieces are finally coming together in this episode as they already found the seventh person who has the kiznaiver. Now, who would have thought this is going to be a real humorous episode? Tenga-kun’s antics are pure gold and so with Nico punching Kacchon. The final moments of this offering also gave us where will Kiznaiver go, and I think we will be taken to a very interesting place if that is the case. I am totally loving this one.

Cons: The show still veers off to some eccentricities I was not a fan of. The seventh holder just has this aura that turns me off but I think it was intentional given the way his character is written. The melodrama still randomly appears and I can only sigh how it destroys the overall greatness of this show.


Is this a form of self-awareness Bungou Stray Dogs?

Joker Game

Pros: This is actually the best Joker Game episode to date because of the tight writing as well as the balanced pacing. It is also quite refreshing to see a serious show throwing real life references regarding the events of WW2. The final scene was engrossing as it humanizes our spy of the week and it dropped the bomb that Germany became allies with Japan – and the Spy Agency will be affected by that move.

Cons: Where does this show intend us to take? It felt like it’s gonna helm spy-of-the-week format then splash us the main plot in the final three episodes and I am dreading about that. Moreover, the story is prioritized than any meaningful character development here so this might not do anything if you are the type of anime watcher who pins someone or two as his/her favorite.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Pros: It is actually a good Bungou Stray Dogs episode! Nevermind the literary references this show keeps on throwing us (it’s just for coolness) because a serious episode of Bungou Stray Dogs is something that reminds me of old shounen shows.

Cons: The awful comedy keeps on distracting my experience with this otherwise nice offering and that says a lot, granted it ate up a quarter of the screen time. This is also a case of style over substance so do not expect much in Bungou Stray Dogs.

Flying Witch

Pros: The naturalistic approach of incorporating witchcraft in Flying Witch remains a refreshing sight to behold in this current crop of Spring Anime Shows. These moments normally skipped in anime shows for being mundane are tackled here and it somehow succeeds in keeping the audience awake. It’s fun seeing Chinatsu getting weirded out by Makoto’s older sister and Kei being a laid back dude delivering some witty lines.

Cons: With nothing else happening in this episode, it feels like it drags at times. I also think Flying Witch is not going to aspire more than it is showing right now. It’s a very safe show but staying too much with the comfort zone renders it boring.


My apologies, some other show has already taken my fujoshi tendencies. Too late Sakamoto Desu Ga?

Sakamoto Desu Ga?

Pros: Studio DEEN seems to have mastered the art of stylish direction to cover up the apparent lack of budget in Sakamoto Desu Ga?. There’s nary a moment where you can shout how ugly the frames are because these look good in still images. Lastly, what’s with the fujoshi pandering this time? It might not be funny but I think the staff knew where to get the fan base of this show.

Cons: Then just like that, the joke died in Sakamoto Desu ga? for me. I am just staring indifferently to it during the second half of this episode. What else Sakamoto Desu Ga? can do? Sekkou Boys was able to bounce back last season but I don’t know with this one. Probably, it’s better off adapted as a short, don’t you think?


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