Spring 2016 – The Best Opening Sequence

While I complain with the apparent tameness of this season, their respective OPs are much, much better than that of Winter 2016 shows. Shall we start?

1. Kiznaiver (Spring 2016’s Best OP)


Holy cow! It is sure knows how to be visually enthralling coupled with a psychedelic song. I do not need to describe it more. Just. Watch. It. Now.

2. Assassination Classroom Season 2 


I felt really sad to see this anime ends but the second season brought us delectable openings like this. Plus, I adore the foreshadowing this one has without spoiling too much.

3. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


This is your classic wanna-be opening that gives the same vibe of Guilty Crown and Attack on Titan. Maybe I got tired of hearing epic openings so I just placed it here. Nonetheless, I am sure it will be successful single because it screams a hit.

4. Sakamoto Desu Ga? 


The comedy in this anime might be one note and all but the melodic and stylish OP is one thing I always dig. If only the actual episode follows its wackiness to be fair.

5. Concrete Revolutio Season 2 


Who says Dimension W can only portray a dancing lead in the OP? Well, it’s a slow burner that explodes in full energy the moment we reached the refrain. I am also a fan on how it lacks some sort of urgency unlike the first OP, granted it is the resolution of its very intricate take on Japanese superheroes.

Honorable mentions: Boku no Hero Academia, Mayoiga


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