Spring 2016 – Week 4 in Anime (Part 1)

It feels like Spring 2016 is a compilation of watchable shows that are good diversions for your free time. No original series is great nor a hypebuzz but nothing appalling (Dimension W last Winter 2016) is present either. This is kind of strange because we got OreGairu Zoku, Euphonium and Punchline last year and these three bloomed in their respective fourth episodes. Let’s start, shall we?


Decide what metaphor you are going to use in order to describe this week’s ConRevo. Darn, so good.

Concrete Revolutio

Pros: Then just like that, Concrete Revolutio presented a dense but ultimately great episode which pays homage to racism, judging the reaction of normal humans to Devilo and Devila. It is also quite refreshing to see a series where the media is pinning blame to superheroes. The best? I guess it is the horrors of misunderstanding fundamental differences between Jiro, the police, the Superhuman Bureau and otherworldly creatures. The conflict of ideologies is still there and it makes a fascinating watch to be fair. Another thing, I am glad this show is finally ditching off jarring time skips and let us savor the complex (and bleak) portrayal of superheroes. The episode ended with a hopeful tone though – which is quite aberrant (but a welcome change) for ConRevo. For a big bonus, I chuckled a bit when Concrete Revolutio slapped us in the face when it portrayed an alien who is much more mannered than humans.

Cons: Eh… Do I still have to fill this one? Visuals aside, I honestly think this encapsulates why Concrete Revolutio is a frontrunner this season. Uhm… Is the speech of Devilo counted? I personally don’t think so. It’s a part of his quirk that is merged well with this week’s story. Boo. Wait… It lacks Emi? Yeah.. That’s the worst thing I can say in this episode.


Badum tss… My Feels Academia is at it again!

Assassination Classroom Season 2

Pros: Koro-sensei is a darn good character. His past is nothing short of dark and it was able to make him a tragic anti-hero. This also opened a new can of worms that might be the best (I mean, Spring 2016 best) arc in these batch of shows I am watching right now. The new opening begins to make sense – I am having goosebumps all over.

Cons: Kayano’s sister is nothing more of a plot device and I am still angry with the fact that we spent two half episodes tackling Koro-sensei’s past. It really diminished the strength it could have provided if that was merged into one. There is also a dude in the corner who rolled his eyes when Koro-sensei’s love interest got killed. The stabbed by the back trope was done so sudden that my only reaction is… “Eh?”. How does that thing work when the building got destroyed anyway?

My Hero Academia

Pros: To be fair, My Hero Academia succeeds in bringing out why shounen tailored shows are well beloved in the anime community. It has emotional sincerity, it executes the underdog trope well and it has an amazing soundtrack. Plus points for not following One Punch Man’s path where the main lead became an unknown hero. Deku got the consequence for what he did and it’s a really fulfilling moment to see him FINALLY succeeded. Maybe he is a good character after all? Where can I buy a Deku merch?

Cons: I am sincerely asking myself if being feelsy also equates with good. There’s nothing much more to say about this show other than it has got the emotion of Gurren Lagann but the pace of Shinsekai Yori (aka super slow). On a more serious note, is UA Academy’s admission system kind of… dumb? I mean, Deku finished off a very big robot and it got him zero points in terms of killing the villain? What the heck? How the heck that big bad robot is a faux villain? Err..


Rainbow Days

Pros: We explored Keichi and Nozomis potential to be an item and it made me grin like an idiot for how that was portrayed. It looks like Keichi got his match because Nozomi is even more fascinated with sadistic slips in his personality. Yukirin remains as the best girl in this show though.

Cons: I am now beginning to think Natchan and Anna are the weakest links in this show. Mari remains 100% tsun and 0% dere which can be quite overbearing if you stare at the screen for so long.


Me, after seeing the ridiculously stupid plot twist of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

Joker Game

Pros: … uhh. This show remains to have high production values, thanks to Production IG. Some interesting setting (the pre-war China) and a twisted villain of the week kept me awake throughout its run.

Cons:  I am running out of things to say with Joker Game because it feels monotonous for the past four episodes. It also does not help the fact that we have to deal with episodic spy-of-the-week stories because I do not know if these will be useful in the long run. We do not even know these guys then they suddenly appeared in the screen and bam! something important happened. To be honest, I think Joker Game will work better as a live action series than in anime format. The pacing is just weird for anime and the way it presented its characters. To the episode itself, I honestly think it will be a lot better if a single character is exploring it and the show develops him over time.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Pros: This remains a very entertaining show. I think that is a big compliment granted that Attack on Trains is following its predecessor’s formula faithfully.

Cons: As I said before, this is a kind of show where everything has to be fast because it is meant to entertain to audience. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is not something you need to analyze because it does not even try to be deep. Hence, the best way to judge it is to determine if that is entertaining enough or if it did not commit much plot blunders. Too bad, it has to slow down and delivered the past of these characters (which is nothing new to be fair). Sorry, I forgot to turn off my brain and witnessed a dumb plot twist right at the end of this episode. I present to you the Owari no Seraph and Attack on Titan’s love child. Ugh. Did something important occur in this one? I think it’s filler-ish too.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Pros: A rather strange episode that toned down its awful humor and delivered an aimless story this week – but color me entertained. Kunikida-kun can be a funny dude at times. And oh, less Dazai makes Bungou Stray Dogs more tolerable.

Cons: What the hell did just happen? I think Atsushi spoke with the kinpatsu Mafia but what was the result of his action? It’s also frustrating that we got this bunch of supposedly strong villains but we never got to see their fight with the Agency. Another thing, there are too many characters in this show! No, Mayoiga might be overloaded but it is fun in its own ways. In the case of Bungou Stray Dogs, they are not seen in action but nothing more than an ornament. Ahh… Nothing makes sense in this show. Lastly, its brand of humor remains awful.

Kuma Miko

Pros: … I am on the verge of dropping this show in exchange of Tanaka-kun. Ah, there’s one. Natsu’s pedobear flashback made me smirk. Moreover, it seems like Machi’s dress selection did not go right away – it was debated even by the village elders.

Cons: Why do I feel so irritated to see a 14 year old teen being objectified, bullied and made fun of? Worse, I do not even find these jokes remotely funny. Okay. Time to bail out. I need to see Tanaka-kun since it is gaining some real buzz in Twitter and APR right now.


A Higurashi cast got mixed up in Mayoiga.

Pros: Yeah, yeah. It did not enter the terribad zone this week because it presented us some nice points to think about. Everyone seems to see or hear different things like a giant Mitsumune, a robot or the sounds in the forest. Now, I think Okada made a smart move to finally tell the audience that something is really weird with the village. Lion’s bluff is convincing too, granted that she was able to stop the ruckus these insane characters are causing. This episode also confirmed everyone’s (the viewer’s) suspicion about Masaki and their perception of the village. Finally, the last frame was just plain WTF.

The Lulz: Lovepon, just go to KonoSuba already and join Megumin with her trademark “Explosion!”. You two can have a showdown on which catchphrase will win at the end of the day. Another funny thing in this episode is when they discuss how they got lost in the forest and it turned out to be a talk about how they got lost with their respective lives. Great. Oh, Hyouketsu no Judgement also got his last 30 seconds of fame when the group spoke about him but apparently no one remembered his name. I love this show’s awareness that we will never be able to memorize every one of them.

Wait, I forgot to insert this clip. What does this girl is talking about? This is my breaking point in this episode which left me guffawing. If size does not, then what? (Insert a horny teenage joke here but you cannot blame me given the way it was delivered you know.)

Cons: The awfully slow pacing of Mayoiga is its own enemy. I honestly think some of the parts are dragged out which made it slightly more boring  than last week’s lol-fest. I honestly do not see the point of these characters chatting things out for about 10 minutes without something happening. Mikage’s meeting with the three remaining chuunis is fun but I cannot take it seriously to be fair when Lovepon just screams thoughts about execution. Nonetheless, I love it.


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