Spring 2016 – Week 4 in Anime (Part 2)

It seems like even these shows are currently experiencing a dry spell in terms of quality. Darn, I want to drop half of what I am watching right now but I am a completionist so let’s suffer all the way to the end. By the way, I picked Tanaka-kun is Always Listless since I want a legitimate comedy aside from the lol-worthy Mayoiga.


Okay. This is new. Kei-kun’s not fond of horror houses.

Flying Witch 

Pros: This is the most entertaining Flying Witch episode to date and I find myself amused with its grounded presentation of spells. This mostly succeeded in making us giggle with its very harmless jokes – I mean, I laughed when it was revealed Kei was afraid of ghosts. Chinatsu’s encounter with the fortuneteller is nothing short of funny too. Nevermind me, I am busy looking at Chinatsu’s reactions as she immerses herself in the world of witchery. This is how a convincing imouto acts in anime.

Cons: A bit haphazard in terms of tonal shift from one scene to another – which is a weird thing to say for its placid nature.  Nonetheless, you can always count with this show for its consistently decent episodes.


Pros:  Sonozaki looks great in her summer dress? Yeah, that’s a compliment. That aside, the episode was kind enough to tell us why Hisomu was separated from them when they had Kiznaivers. The megane chick remains highly perceptive and her icy personality makes me want to see what she will do next. Her apparent distance with the other Kiznaiver holders gives way for Okada to write some intellectual lines guised as observation.

Cons: This is a badly paced series. Half of this episode’s runtime was spent on a mixed bag of jokes and we didn’t learn the more important parts until the last five minutes. And oh, the main antagonist appears out of nowhere because they are prompted to be there. Move the plot faster as there might be something great in this series.


Pros: Kennosuke’s fish out of water jokes never cease to amuse me. Oh, the imouto is also the reason why this episode mostly succeeds in delivering comedy.

Cons: For goodness sake, that’s a curry Kennosuke. Why would you think people will eat their excretes or something? Seriously, it is another show with some serious pacing problems in terms of plot progression. I get that it was meant to be the filler episode but why reveal the important information similar with Kiznaiver’s fashion?


Creepy Desu Ga?

Kagewani Season 2

Pros: We get to see the other party who is interested with Banba. Turns out, the woman who appeared out of nowhere to kill him is a member of the clan who aimed to kill Kagewanis way back in season 1.

Cons: With no Kagewani of the week in sight, I downgraded this episode as really generic and trope-y. Do not expound the science research trope further, please? It’s the worst part of this show!

Sakamoto Desu Ga?

Pros: uhh… pass. The episode is not that bad but the previous strengths of this series (the stylistic direction and its self awareness) remain as its redeeming values.

Cons: It seems like Sakamoto Desu Ga became a psychological thriller and delivered a weird as heck episode this week. I am not even smirking this time. I honestly think Sakamoto’s antics are downright creepy. Do not even attempt to take a look at the comedy because it’s just boring as heck.


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