Spring 2016 – Week 5 in Anime (Part 1)

Seems like it took these shows long enough to find their respective stride. It’s a good week in anime after all. Let’s start!


I guess I just need to google Karma x Nagisa and boom, OTP baby!

Assassination Classroom 2 just became my personal favorite this week. The current arc was able to touch many points I would like this show to explore and color me happy with the result. I, too, always wondered why Nagisa and Karma seemed to be really close but not close enough to be called as friends – and Kayano voiced that observation. I also love how these kids divide themselves in terms of what to do with Koro-sensei but still remain as friends, despite the gravity of the crossroad they are about to choose. So it boils down to my penchant for clashing ideologies where both groups have their compelling reasons.

This is ConRevo’s reenactment of Clannad AS’ 18th episode.

Mind you, this is another excellent offering  from Concrete Revolutio Season 2 that borrows some elements from Charlotte, then executed it right over 20 minutes. The best thing I can describe this week’s episode is it feels like the Japanese version of X Men: First Class, and I love that movie to death.The amusing 4-way (five, if you count Earth-chan) conflict of belief is still thoughtfully presented here.

Hence, why put AssClass 2 over ConRevo this time? Well, AssClass 2 makes me feel something more with these characters I’ve been seeing for a while over Human-man who I just met this episode.


None. This is where original Spring shows stumble because we are now almost in the middle of the season and I cannot see any of these being in my 2016 year-end list. Imagine a bunch of KonoSubas and Grimgars being thrown over and we got pleasant titles but with major issues that distract my overall viewing experience.


So slow. Arrg.

Boku no Hero Academia has two major problems at this point. First, the underdog feels has ran off since Deku was admitted in the UA. Whatever moment this show wants to present about him conquering challenges will be having my ‘ah-okay’ reactions from now on. Second, it is awfully slow – no not even from a shounen offering but for an anime series in general. You know, if they’re gonna adapt one chapter per episode – I guess I should have just read the manga since it will only take me 10 minutes to do so. The show is well executed to be fair if we are talking about faithfulness of the adaptation. However, something needs to happen very soon or I will simply label it as a hero-flavored SoL series.

What if Kabaneri is a romcom? Kidding.

On the other hand, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is back on its tracks after that awful third episode. As I said earlier, this show is at its best whenever it zings fast enough to prevent any form of critical thinking to occur. Who cares about the Watazori (seriously, just how far can these Kabaneris do?) when you are seeing good action scenes in your screen? I guess its weakness is when it really slows down to explain things, isn’t it?

For the others:

Are you sure this is a human?
  • Joker Game continues to employ the spy of the week formula which really eats a chunk of my enjoyment from this show. The story is good, the execution is okay but I am left asking who to care for because it does not have a central character!  I guess I have to accept that fact for me to appreciate this more. Well, the cat and mouse chase in this week’s episode is cool enough for me to hang on.
  • Finally, Kuma Miko went back and delivered its best episode ever. Hibiki is an extreme form of a tsundere and Natsu remains as an endearing pedobear. The first half kind of dragged its jokes for too long though. Nonetheless, I am glad that there’s a nary a scene sexualizing a 14-year old in this episode. So – calm down and watch this good Kuma Miko offering this week.
  • I am about to write off this Kagewani Season 2‘s episode as meh but I saw an obese kagewani munching people like candies in a mall. Hence, I gave it a barely passing grade. That Honma-san needs to die soon – I hate that caricature.
  • Raibow Days is serviceable as usual. Mattsun and Mari makes a cute couple but again, the limited runtime is its greatest enemy. Ignoring that point, it is kind of cute to see Mari actually getting jealous with Mattsun when she saw him clinging on a woman. It is now hinted that she likes him too! Great.


Whatever thing this is, thanks for making me laugh.

I guess you will be shocked if I say that this is a legitimately decent Mayoiga episode. Their fears are now being manifested as hallucinations and they’re chasing them. Koharun’s creepy lullaby song now makes sense. We also got to see why Lovepon has turned to be the best girl this season. Morever, these people really looked like they went through something really horrible judging from what we have seen. It makes me think whether Urobutcher helped Okada write this series. Misaki’s past is also becoming prevalent in this case. However, they are not giving any further hints (When was that news about her written anyway?) for anyone else to decode Mayoiga’s true story. Everything is about to come in full circle in this otherwise messy show. Seriously, are they already dead or something when they came in The Lost Village?

At this point, Mayoiga is walking on a very thin line between a parody and a real mystery show. I hope it does well in making things funny or at least fixing the mess it brought for the first five episodes.

Ignoring that serious observation, let’s go back in poking fun at this show. It flipped back to its terribad status when I saw Piitan running towards Manbe-kun. I sighed in relief since I realized Okada hasn’t forgotten that brand of humor stamped in the show. Also, what’s chasing Jigoku? I know the poor dude has his back story but I laughed when I saw that thing and when he described it later on. Who the hell puts a face of the devil over a sake, Lovepon? Lastly, Dahara was Valkana-zoned big time when he was about to embrace Koharun and she went straight to Valkana.

I am feeling this will have a happy ending. Boo.



2 thoughts on “Spring 2016 – Week 5 in Anime (Part 1)

  1. Seriously, are they already dead or something when they came in The Lost Village?

    I haven’t seen this beyond Episode 2 (looks like it’s getting crazier), but it does make me wonder if the bus accident actually did happen. Eh, there’s probably going to be a bigger and stupider Plot Twist by the end.


    1. That’s the theory that fits most with all the nonsense happening in Mayoiga right now. I turned my brain off a long time when I decided not to drop it. It’s giving me some real good laughs.


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