Spring 2016 – Week 5 in Anime (Part 2)

Overall, this is a very nice week in Anime. I recall loathing almost all of Winter 2016’s offering back then (at this same point) but I am smiling the most of the time when I watched this batch of shows. Let’s wrap it up, okay?


Are childhood friends also this annoying?

Kiznaiver’s return to form this week is much welcomed after the filler-ish fourth episode. The episode itself was a ball of insanity slowly building up until we reached the peak in the form of hilariously orchestrated test of courage. Well, we still have to suffer from Chidori’s melodrama but I honestly don’t think we are supposed to feel something for her given the wicked comedic timing of Kacchon breaking her speech. Now that Mayoiga is leaving me in stitches and Kiznaiver is able to make me chuckle, can it be that Okada is capable of writing comedy shows?

Man, this episode was an emotional rollercoaster (drama bombs are absent though) yet the transition between one scene to another felt smooth. Maki remains the most interesting character in the group and color me excited how the show will explore her thoughts. We were able to learn that this kiznaiver thing also unites what they are feeling (Thanks Chidori. Ugh.) On the flip side, the filler-ish parts are still cringe worthy though. Tenga-kun and Chidori should never ever be mixed together if you want a potent comedy. Lastly, Kiznaiver also dipped to some cliched jokes about pairing and chest comparisons this time. Ugh. These lapses prevent me from enjoying the show in full.


At least Sakamoto flies more often than the Flying Witch?

Flying Witch delivered a  competent offering as usual. However, this particular episode makes me think whether the author wanted to make an offering that looks like it was ripped off from Durarara!!’s storytelling technique. It was a good change of pace though. This neko-centric week also reminds me of what She and Cat would have been in its filler episodes where Daru takes a stroll in the city – and it’s cute. Nothing major happened though.

It is my mistake I didn’t watch Tanaka-kun is Always Listless soon enough. For a show about a dude who does not want to do anything, it was able to incorporate ways to deliver a one note joke whenever he shows up in the screen. The side characters are quite interesting too. Perhaps the main reason why I like this one so far is due to the gorgeous background art. I cannot believe someone from the godawful Denpa Kyoushi  adaptation is in charge on that department. Again, this has same problem with Flying Witch where it’s just cute and nothing substantial (or laugh out loud fun) will happen anytime soon.

Sakamoto Desu Ga?‘s spit fire of smaller skits as opposed to two major parts probably helped the show to make it bearable this week. Jokes end before they drag for so long so I am sure I was not bored when I watched this  episode. Directional style aside, the second half is much weaker than the listless first and Sakamoto remains as creepy as heck in that episode.


I am the dude with that green coat whenever I  watch this show.

So why am I still watching Bungou Stray Dogs? The characters are one note, the jokes are awful and the character design is the only good thing I can mention over this episode. I think Dazai is not enough to make this show more irritating so they added a super genius named Rampo who ticked me off the moment he spoke.

If this show is pulling a mystery episode, it failed big time for the lack of tension. If this wants to introduce a new character, it also failed big time since I still do not have an idea regarding who is Rampo at the end of this episode.

So what am I still watching Bungou Stray Dogs?

I say Atsushi’s reaction faces and one of my Twitter friends mentioned something about a fake Shizuo (Kunikida-san). Yeah, that’s it.


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