Spring 2016 – Week 6 in Anime (Part 1)

Ahh.. Let’s get this done quickly. I don’t know where I should be angrier with this week – the crappy internet connection or the lack of lulz in this week’s Mayoiga.

In case you missed it, here’s my Spring 2016 Mid Season Report if you want to see how I rank these shows against each other.


I might be wrong but this is the first Karasuma-sensei’s reaction face I noticed in this series that was used for gags.

Assassination Classroom 2‘s conclusion to the Civil War Arc is just as good as its gets. Now that the invisible wall between Nagisa and Karma is gone, Class E is genuinely whole. I still got some few laughs from this otherwise serious episode courtesy of Moe ‘o Box and Karasuma-sensei’s subsequent reaction.On a more serious note, I am thankful that Karma and Nagisa got their needed development too as this kind of show normally does not allow more than one character to be fleshed out. The artwork remains nice albeit we see some budget saving techniques just to animate this. In the end, who cares if I truly enjoyed what I see in my screen? Nagisa and Karma’s fight was sure intense in a physical and psychological manner.


Yeah sure, she’s too scary. – Said no one.

Concrete Revolutio Season 2 remains good but the transitions this week distracted me so much to the point I lost a portion of my usual enthusiasm with this show. Add the jarring time skips and I had to replay some scenes just to get the whole context of what’s happening. It also does not help that our superhuman of the week (someone who was from the past) has so much potential to be exploited but just came off as pretty one dimensional. Summoning a sealed beast from the past because of love is not exactly I expect from this complex show. Nonetheless, I like how things ended in this episode as it revealed some pretty grim facts about the Prime Minister being a superhuman and its impending effects to the Japanese society.

PS: Urobuchi’s gonna write the next episode’s ConRevo. I am cautiously optimistic about it.


My Dorky Academia

Rainbow Days is now on aboard in presenting the blossoming romance of Matsun and Mari. I am up for this thawing the tsundere ice and this show is doing it right. Darn those stupid grins when I watched this episode. There are moments which I can call cheesy (that phone call) but these were done so earnestly that I enjoyed it in the end. By the way, I hope we can now go back to Natcchan and Anna soon as they now have to move their relationship forward.

Joker Game‘s keen attention to details and its ability to tell a coherent story are more than enough for me to watch this until the end. I found the spy’s unorthodox way of finding the killer a bit amusing this time (yeah, he exploited those kids.) and so with the explanation on how a certain code was hidden in a newspaper. It has still the same issues as the other Joker Game episodes (the distant execution is an excitement killer for sure) but I honestly hope it will speed things now if the last part of this episode is concerned. Without a plot, these uninteresting characters will not do anything for me. It also needs to tie the loose ends you know.

I wanted My Hero Academia to be in the Almost There Group but it presented another expository episode and my patience is beginning to wear thin with its awful pacing. Bones is doing a good job in adapting the manga but now I think Madhouse should have gotten the rights to present this in anime format. In that way, it might be faster than what we are seeing now. Don’t get me wrong. I still like this show but I need to see more than just one class subject a day then it ends with a cliffhanger. Aside from that, who else is Kacchan aside from being too rude to our lovable Deku? He badly needs to get some development. Ugh. At least, their costumes are cool? Yeah. That’s it.

Then just like that, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress pulled off twists like it is producing something random from a magical hat. If you are not that satisfied with a zombie samurai, it amps itself much higher with a titan-sized zombie towards the end of this episode. A horde of kabanes adds the icing to the ridiculousness and I am so liking it. Entertaining? Sure, it was. Does it make sense? No. On the other hand, I was ticked off by Mumei’s sudden change in her characterization. That was so abrasive, you know and God Eater also did that stuff almost a year ago. I wished the staff realized back then that most people enjoyed Attack on Titan not because of the character’s development.


I know I should put Bungou Stray Dogs in DECENT as I got a massive liking to Kunikida and it was his episode. However, that consideration was all gone the moment an annoying Dazai ate a chunk of screen time this week. On a more serious note, I don’t get why they didn’t let Rampo solve the case granted his deduction skills and why did they let Kunikida resolve that matter (he got a mixed result though.) What’s even stupid in this week is why the heck the police didn’t do their job, when there was a freakin’ camera where these victims were located? Lastly, I know people are calling the fight scene between Kunikida and that Mafia guy cool but that was too short. It ended right before I enjoyed it. Darn it.

Kuromukuro pulls a full swing on action this episode that feels competent enough albeit dragging in some parts. Coupled with dry presentation, I had to set the playback at 125% just to finish this. I have also an issue on why this show likes to end an episode just when things are getting interesting despite the fact that it has an awfully slow pacing.

I was weirded out on Kuma Miko this week – in a really bad way. I am rather traumatized on how they treated Machi in this episode. If forcing a teenager to go to a place she doesn’t like count as comedy, consider me a person with a bad taste in this genre. The second half tried to be heartwarming but it came across as cringe-worthy for me as Machi went berserk for God knows why. Erg.


… because rational people still think a witch hunt is still effective up to this day.

I rewatched this episode once I got a hold of a stable internet connection and man, this is as funny as the last one. Well, the first half is legitimately good because we got to see a non-comedic presentation of Mitsumune’s past. That was not I hoped for Mayoiga to be though. The second half flipped back to its ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ status where the inconsistency of these characters’ action was so gold I was smirking at worst. The best? The last four minutes of this episode was the moment I think the staff raised the white flag and let the crazies fill these glorious scenes. Just for reference, these are the moments this week that left me laughing. Not bad Mayoiga. Not bad.

Lovepon will not be deterred.
  • Lovepon puking at the back of Dozaemon because the thought of writing sutra makes her want to vomit. Also added is the moment where she thinks stabbing Masaki is the best (I want another Higurashi boo) because a ghost can’t be stabbed. As expected from this series’ mascot, she never fails to amuse me.
  • Toshiboy exclaiming Mikage was okay when he arrived from his run from that train in a way that it sounded like “Wait – you’re not dead?” kind of thing. I wished it leveled him though because that would have meant one less annoying guy in this show.
  • When Lovepon is about to stab Masaki, Pink Goddess replied about if the latter died, it will be homicide.
Ask Nettaiya, you size freak.
  • That dude who just contradicted himself about size being an irrelevant matter. Hey, are you still talking about ghosts?
  • Hayato getting yandere for Mitsumune. The moment he uttered something about the latter will not be able to live without his instruction also sailed my Hayato x Mitsumune ship. The deal maker? He blamed Masaki for seducing Mitsumune! Bwahahaha. Sorry, my fujoshi meter was too high that time.
It will, darn it. Maybe add some other seasonings too?
  • The group’s cringe-worthy attempts to repel a ghost. So a pinch of salt can now repel one? Great. I wonder why Lovepon was not the one who suggested a stake. Boo.
  • Making Koharun shut her mouth despite her being the most rational in the group. Add a Dahara advice about going on with the flow. Darn it.
  • Valkana was supposed to stop Hayato from stabbing Masaki then Mitsumune appears and he is now grabbing Mitsumune instead. Then, Hayato.. Uhhh.. I was actually laughing why that dude choose to neutralize a totally harmless person instead of someone who has a will to kill.
  • That super awesome cliffhanger towards the end of this episode. Mayoiga knows how to troll its audience.
  • Wait, Nettaiya’s preview next week is also gold. Darn it, we don’t smell like egg white! What are you smelling girl?

I am glad I found a show that I was passionate to write as last season’s Rakugo but for all the different reasons. I only hope Mayoiga will not be too serious in the next episodes. Fingers crossed!


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