Spring 2016 – Week 6 in Anime (Part 2)

Just like Spring, these shows warmed to my liking. Maybe it is a good season after all?


Run, Maki, Run.

Kiznaiver finally zoomed its lenses to its most interesting character and delivered an emotionally powerful episode but not without focusing on the main plot. I honestly like how this series is self aware that Chidori’s romcom antics cause imbalance to the group. Well, Tenga, Hisomu and Nico are surprisingly emotionally perceptive (even Yuta to be fair) about Maki’s isolationist tendency. Her backstory was disturbing to be honest but I supposed it’s what the writing staff wants this time. As to the reason why I cannot put it in GREAT, I appreciate the show’s effort to put things in a grand scale (Sonozaki’s plan) but just cannot find the groove to put it smoothly.

Echizen, what the heck?

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless gunned multiple jokes about Tanaka being soaked in the rain this week and it worked for me big time. Again, nothing is too substantial in this series but an abnormally funny Tanaka-kun episode this week had me in stitches. The last third kind of dragged too much to my taste but the first two thirds are more than enough for me (Shiraishi in particular is a treat with her hopeless daydreams about Tanaka) to label this show as more than just an average flair. Darn, Tanaka-kun, you cannot avoid raindrops even if you have Korosensei’s speed you know.

Kagewani S2 went back and delivered its best episode so far in the whole of this series. Even when Banba is not around to stand there and watch these monsters chewing off poor humans, it managed to present a self contained story about the kagewani last season, his want to be a human and his apparent demise while protecting a person who was supposed to betray him. All in all, it was a very nice Kagewani episode.

PS: The kagewani of the week was creepy as heck. Darn it.


The imouto power is too strong in this one.
The imouto power is too strong in this one.

Then the tranquility of Flying Witch remains prevalent despite the preponderance of Chinatsu hyperactivity this week. I think the series benefits a lot with her presence granted that we know by now that Makoto is not exactly a convincing lead. Color me excited how she sees the world through her eyes. I also like to commend the source material by making her act like a real imouto in a way that she imitates what the sees given her young age. For the witch stuff? Yeah, it remains cool all out. It’s just that the top shows this season are giving their all and this series is kind of… consistently hitting the just good side of the spectrum.


I had many Bungou Stray Dogs screencaps so why not use it?
I have many Bungou Stray Dogs screencaps so why not use it?

Let me leave this photo to describe my thoughts about Sakamoto Desu Ga? this week. Darn, you picked the wrong material to adapt Studio Deen. I get it the guy is cool. Maybe it can learn a lesson or two from Tanaka-kun on how to deliver a one note joke again and again.


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