‘Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore (Second Part)

Note: For those who have read the first part, yeah – this is a shounen ai stuff. Here’s the first chapter in case you missed it. Nonetheless, I won’t cross in the R-18 territory because I am not into that kind of thing.  Thank you for reading!

Then I ended up visiting his house  on several occasions due to his persistence. I said no numerous times just for the sake of teasing him. His earnest pleads were nothing short of cute and I cannot help but to hold on in this teasing game until I gave up. Hey, it seemed like he is enjoying those small banters too.

“Looks like there’s nothing I can do about it. When?” I quipped while I tried to best in wearing an unimpressed expression. He knew that I was lying about being unhappy though. When I saw him flash his smile, my self control went south and I let go of a grin.

“You’re smiling!” he said in jest. “You’re just teasing me, no? Mean.”

I smirked at the moment he turned his back and acted like he’s going to throw a major tantrum. Ahh… I need to appease this monster. I know I just have to buy him food and he will be happy again sooner or later. After I bought him his favorite, he reverted to his obedient but goofy self. His childish tantrums mode is also fine by me to be honest.

Then the day arrived and I can’t be any more nervous. I realized that it was the first time I painstakingly picked what to wear as if that was a date. Then I saw him wearing his normal clothes and all my nervousness flew away. I felt happier though when he complimented what I wore that day.

His home is something you can see in typical samurai movies. It was a large traditional Japanese mansion that has a dark red tinge with a very wide garden. Well, it is similar with the ones you see in Kyoto, only that it is in a residential area. Now I see why even the university president respects him so much despite his looks. Then here I am, bullying that kid to my heart’s content.

His underlings welcomed us and they are like some goons I see in mangas. They kept on calling him young master or something but I only normally call him in his pet name. One of them handed him a coat then he rustled his hair. The other man spoke with me in a very respectful manner and asked if there’s anything I need. I smiled my thanks.

Color me amused with the way that dork looked after his change of clothes. I am struggling to hold my laughter with his transformation and I was sure I received murderous glares from his men. Then I looked at him and I noticed some faint blush in his cheeks.

“Don’t laugh at me okay?” he mumbled as he clung his arms around my shoulders.

“Sorry. I cannot.” I replied, finally releasing a small chuckle. I just did not know why though. I wonder if that was because he looked weird or I smelled his scent which reminded me of the woods.

“We’re about to meet my dad. You know, formality shit and that. You know, I am getting tired of being the young master. Also, he’s a bit rough though so try your best not to be scared.” he said in a very nonchalant manner. I, on the other hand, began trembling as I was about to meet a freakin’ influential figure in our place.

Then we met the head of his clan. I laughed a lot whenever I remember how I was nervous back then. It felt like I was a sort of his relationship partner who was introduced the first time to his parents.

I cannot help but lose my composure as his father said that idiot has been telling things about me since I chose to teach in the university. I was only able to mutter a few yes and thank yous because I think my voice would have cracked if I say more than two words at a time.

Him? He is smirking all throughout the conversation like he has presented a prized possession in front of his father. I noticed his eyes are a bit starry but I guess that was just me romanticizing what happened back then.

I snapped back to reality. It’s quite bittersweet to think that these are now nothing but memories. As I look outside, I like to think he is still standing there while waiting for me to go out. Then I chose to spend more time inside the faculty room before the delivery courier arrives. It will only be a few minutes until I leave this town for good.

I realized there could have been many times where we can cross the line when we were alone but chose not to. It was as if we both realized that physical intimacy was not the thing we wanted back then.

Our daily encounters became regular sleepovers in each other’s places. Well, he said he wanted a private tutor as he admits he is dumb but I honestly hoped that was just his smokescreen to see me. I recalled spending several days in his house whenever we only spoke with each other until we both fell asleep. I remember him trying to pay me money but I declined. When he asked why, I almost slipped my tongue to tell him his presence is enough. I was furiously blushing back then and that idiot thought I had a fever.

Due to his insistence, we decided to wear yukatas in our sleep one night because he said summer won’t be complete without these traditional clothes. He kept on laughing how terrible my fit is with their clothes and I wanted to give him a good punch for that.

“What are you? A clothes hanger? Darn, I don’t know you are that thin!” he laughed. No, he just gave a size twice as large as my built. That freakin’ son of a yakuza. I let him poke fun at me for a few more minutes until I decided to throw a pillow on his face. Who says a university lecturer can’t be that immature?

We engaged with that pillow fight for an hour until I concede. Darn that youthful energy.

“Sensei, are you still awake?” he asked.

“I still am. Why? Feeling like you need to share some of your heartbreak with girls?”

“Tell me stories about you. I want to hear some.” He said as he looked me in the eye. His smoky glance is quite different from what I used to. Was this dude trying to flirt with me back then?

We were both lying down that time and I stared at the ceiling as I began to tell how my youth went SNAFU. I swore I saw in my peripheral vision that he looked at me as if he enjoyed every word that came out from my mouth.

“It’s something I do not expect from you, sensei. That makes you more interesting. Tell me more.” he replied while sounding really sleepy.

I was just in the middle of my story when I decided to look at him. That slug was already sound asleep. I only scratched my head and smiled then proceeded to sit just to see his sleeping figure. Then it ended up me staring at his face while being lit by the moonlight.

I swallowed a bit and closed my eyes as I’ve been wanting to taste his lips. As I drew my face nearer, I can tell the perfume he wore that day as well as the nice scent of his hair. Then I kissed him. I always wondered what is this feeling called then but I took a liking with it. Whether he was awake that time, I will never know yet it pains me to suppress these feelings I also had but was too afraid to tell him so. I immediately turned my back on him and slept after that deed.

I guess that cold December night a year ago lingered in my thoughts as that was the resolution of what I felt back then. I grabbed my arms to recount those wistful memories and thought what would have happened if I just went with the flow. As usual, he had his usual drinking sessions after an awful break up with some unknown girl in the campus and I had to pick him. Again.

“You know, you really need to control your alcohol.” I said as I try to lift him because of his drunk stance. “I am not your retriever, you punk.”

He just moaned, signifying that he heard my voice. One might assume he drank too much by the way he looks but he just drank a bottle or two.

“So why did you get drunk again? Is it due to some girl who dropped you the other day?” I scoffed, trying to sound cold but I ultimately failed when I was greeted by his trademark grin.

“But you’ll always carry me on the way home, won’t you?”

“You didn’t answer my question, no?” I avoided his response like a plague. I thank God for the dark skies as I feel my ears felt hotter than normal. I suddenly felt an urge to kiss him at that moment but decided not to. That would be doing the same thing twice you know.

“Promise me you’ll be always around sensei?” he said as he showed his pinky finger.

“Like I am gonna leave you, you hopeless slime.” I replied. That was the first time I was able to hold his hands. It felt good. I just hope that idiot didn’t feel how loud my heart beat was that time.

Then he mumbled some lines I was not able to understand back then. When I tried to ask him to repeat those words, that slug did not respond. It only made sense now I am finally leaving this place.

“This town is not the same town when you are not around.” I smiled as I recalled what he said. Yet I guess it’s now too late to respond that I also felt the same. I thought he was already sleeping when he began to talk again. I felt a sense of dread as to what he will say and my hunch proved me right this time.

“Sensei.” I was not prepared to hear what he said next. “I think I like you more than what a little brother should.”

My world stopped and I was instantly transported to a limbo of happiness, guilt and self-consciousness at the same time. I know he was drunk but he normally tells things he cannot whenever he had a few shots of alcohol.

“I…. can’t.” I replied after a few moments of silence. He instantly became sober and freed himself from me.


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