Spring 2016 – Week 7 in Anime (Part 1)

There are two shows this season which I can classify as great, depending on my sanity when I sat through these episodes. Man, just watch Mayoiga for the lulz and it works wonders. My apologies for the late post as I was too busy being Manbe with my Piitan earlier this day.


So my fears are wrong about Urobutcher killing ConRevo.

Concrete Revolutio

What I liked: This episode is another proof why Concrete Revolutio is the best show in Spring 2016. Urobuchi was able to seamlessly weave multiple themes that do not peek too much in the dark this time. This Vietnamese War centric-week is also the closest thing we can ever associate with the first season, thanks to the meaty US and Japan’s post World War II commentaries. Concrete Revolutio is its finest when it shows how these nations distrust each other. Going back to the awesome part where Jonathan went berserk, I cannot help but think this show also pays to some cultural and religious references that were delivered subtly. All in all, it was a darn meaty and great Concrete Revolutio offering.

What I hated: Well, everything after Jonathan’s fall from sanity was way too rushed. We got an emotional death scene but I am not sure whether I appreciate the US’ sudden interest with Jiro’s powers.


None. This is another meh week in Spring 2016. I am not even surprised anymore.


Aww… his backstory is so sa- WAIT. I remember a wrong series.

My Hero Academia

What I liked: This episode shows My Hero Academia hasn’t dulled in terms of delivering sheer fun. I do not know if there’s everyone else right now who still hates Deku because he is quite an aberrant for a shounen lead. His statement about wanting to defeat Bakugo is also spine chilling at best.

What I hated: Well, the pacing is darn slow as usual. Also, Bakugo’s background story is just weird as heck. I ended up chuckling how simple is his mind though. Lastly, their fight is not as explosive as I think, which is a minus for this very flashy episode title to be honest.

Assassination Classroom 2

What I liked: The outcome of the Civil War arc in terms on what happened to the class after is just as I liked. Nagisa’s perspectives this time are getting sharper and more wistful to be honest. His interaction with Karma feels more natural now that they are truly friends. Ahh. I am so going to miss this show once it ends.

What I hated: Karma and Nagisa’s engrish and the ridiculously Over-the-Top mission to get into space. My suspense of disbelief was once overpowered by my indifferent look in a while before I can accept the premise they presented.


Please tell me how on Earth was this crap even possible?
Please tell me how on Earth was this crap even possible?

Rainbow Days

What I liked: It remains a cute fluff. Keichi remains an oddball among the four of them.

What I hated: This is a one heck of a filler episode that features side characters who were like, nonexistent for 90% in the run time of Rainbow Days and they suddenly got their own episode. Boo.

Kagewani Season 2

What I liked: We got a background as to how this creepy Kagewani sprang. Banba’s last lines in the episode are nothing short of spooky now that the said monster is integrated with him.

What I hated: This might be another episode similar with the first season (thankfully) but we have seen this backstory beaten too many times even in the Kagewani universe. Worse? This is an inferior reiteration of this kind of story.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

What I liked: I will sound like a broken record anyway. This is the pinnacle of popcorn entertainment and you should watch it if you want shows like this.

What I hated: I still have some periods of headache whenever I had to remember that it really went God Eater in a while with its cringe-worthy character building. Moreover, I cannot help but laugh when I saw an ugly CGI horde of kabanes chasing the train. What ridiculous setup the staff will present next time? Me? I want a talking kabane. I am much more excited seeing those rather than their so called plot. The animation is not that strong this week either.

PA Works, we need to talk.
PA Works, we need to talk.


What I liked: I felt like a kid who won a raffle in a grocery store upon seeing Kennosuke smile because of an ice Popsicle. Great.

What I hated: The awful pacing rendered this episode as another “Nothing much happened until the final minutes.” and this technique is beginning to grate my nerves big time. I am expecting a grand scale plot granted that it is listed as 26 episodes as well as its grand story line. Yet it is taking its sweet time swinging between a filler episode and something that has meat. For the episode itself? We got some stupidly designed evil council type alien group that exudes Earthlings are barbaric this and that. GRR.

Joker Game

What I liked: Nothing much, if you strip away its good production values. You still have a spy of the week theme with a decent story but without a central character so it felt distant at worst.

What I hated: I literally fell asleep after watching this episode. Tell me, am I the only one who is struggling to finish a Joker Game episode?

Kuma Miko

What I liked: Uhh… I saw Yoshio this week. Yes, that’s the sole thing I liked in this Kuma Miko episode.

What I hated: Everything else. I am not a fan of Machi’s fear of using electric devices and her stubbornness is now rubbing me in the wrong way. Natsu’s didactic stance does not help either, although he is way way more tolerable than our kumamiko.


We might not know it but Toshiboy is getting a lot of screen time by just standing there.
We might not know it but Toshiboy is getting a lot of screen time by just standing there.

What I liked: I love how their conversation goes into circles and Toriyasu for his dialogue that sounds like what a normal netizen would say in online forums. There are also too many moments that scream ‘so bad it’s good’ that I ended up laughing to my heart’s contents, the moment it shifted back to its own brand of comedy. The comedic value of this episode peaked when Driver-kun appeared with the bus out of nowhere and almost grazed the characters. That’s quite sad that no one was harmed to be honest. I hoped for a minute that a character or two was ran over by that bus. I can only wish for so much, isn’t it?

PS: Uhh… how on Earth was he able to drive that bus out of the mud when Mikage’s group failed to lift it from where it stuck?

PPS: There are freakin’ two Koharuns at some point in this episode. Oh man, this is too gold.

DECAPITATE! EXORCISE! – That’s our Lovepon.

PPPS: Lovepon must be in her happy place right now as she is now spewing words other than Execute!  Also, what’s that thing Nanko fondles when she thinks? Is it a fat flab?

What I hated: This is not as hilaribad as the last episode but man, this remains a gem in terms of sheer laughs and stupidity. I do not get the comedic value of Masaki’s bad background story to be honest and that perhaps is the reason why I am not that hot with this episode. I will still place this one in my weekly APR though. As much as I love Nanko, I am giving her an indifferent look for her hit and miss deductions that border on being cool and just too obvious.

Before I end this post, let me have a Piitan photo that rendered me in stitches.



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