Spring 2016 – Week 7 in Anime (Part 2)

This is the reason why Sunday is my most awaited day in Spring 2016. Most of these shows are actually good!


It may not reach its full potential but I am happy if the show keeps churning episodes like this.


What I loved: This is a high level drama courtesy of Okada reminiscent of Anohana’s best offering. I personally think this is the best single episode this Spring 2016 and it says a lot since Concrete Revolutio is tall wall to beat. Thankfully, it seems like the staff knew Maki is the most complex character in the cast (Nico, though, is adorable) and they developed her in a way we see her in a new light. There are some bits of plot progression there and I couldn’t wait to see what Sonozaki will do in the next episodes.

What I hated: Ruru’s back story could have been explored more. How was her last moments anyway? That’s a minor quip to this all-around awesome episode of Kiznaiver.


Flying Witch

What I loved: The comedy in the second half works enough for me to let go of a chuckle or two. Kei remains a fascinating (and laid back) co-lead of Makoto and Chinatsu is just a ball of sunshine. Seriously, I honestly thought the skit revolving the cafe was well thought off.

What I hated: The first half is a typical Flying Witch episode – tranquil and competent but not interesting.

Bungou Stray Dogs

What I loved: Color me surprised – this is a very good Bungou Stray Dogs episode. While I am not that hot with the mystery component this time, it makes up for a balanced pacing, awesome action sequences and some good clash of ideologies courtesy of Kunikida and Dazai. The mere fact that we got a sane Dazai-san this time makes this episode 100x much better than the previous ones. This show must better fix the mess it created though. They haven’t explored Port Mafia at all then a new antagonist comes along. Come’on.

What I hated:  Not that I am irked or something but this has the most reaction faces among the shows I am watching this season. The probability that this episode is a fluke is really high so I am going to watch this dud with cautious optimism next week.


Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

What I loved: Ohta being a sweets freak always gives me smile because that’s totally not matching with his looks.

What I hated: Not as funny as the previous offerings and the Valentine’s joke ran for too long.


I don't want to play this game, if ever this exists in real life.
I don’t want to play this game, if ever this exists in real life.

Sakamoto Desu Ga?

What I loved: Uhh… Sakamoto does not even let kids do their own and even poltergeists fall in love with him. I should laugh, isn’t it? Well, the moment he photocopied his face as a response to the ghost made me smirk though.

What I hated:  I set the playback at 120 percent just to finish this episode. The tone remains inconsistent from goofy to plain disturbing which hurt its chances to make me laugh. Worse, the jokes on both segments dragged for too long that I lost my attention with the episode. The last few skits? I am struggling to find the punch line. Darn it.


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