Spring 2016 – Week 8 in Anime (Part 1)

I think it’s safe to say I am losing hope in finding new shows which might end in my year end list this season. Personally, this is the weakest week I have seen so far this year . Almost every show is a dud (sans the reliable Concrete Revolutio but that’s stating the obvious) and this week’s Mayoiga did not even make me laugh. At all.


Dude, find a Light Novel adaptation for this wish! You landed in the wrong show.

The most unique trait of Concrete Revolutio is its unique storytelling technique that makes you want to rewatch it for further analysis. Yet this week showed how ugly this type presentation can be if it crammed too much information in a span of 23 minutes. This episode left me blank at my first watch, confused at my rewatch and I finally got some sense at my third effort to understand what the heck is happening in my screen. Well, we got some awesome revelations in this episode (Jiro being the atomic bomb which ravaged Hiroshima in World War 2) and this poor character’s realization that his ideals about superheroes are clashing against what the reality dictates. I think that’s not worth three rewatches though.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress‘ downtime episode is surprisingly good and it manages to give some side to our characters we normally do not see because they’re too busy keeping themselves alive. It would have been my top show for this week if not for the sleepy first half. Darn it, Kurusu is no match with a kawaii Ayame and Ikoma’s featureless bestfriend’s (thanks 5camp) quirks are fun to watch. I guess the characterization of Mumei is much, much better in this episode. It felt like Wit took a note from Kyoto Animations in making a cute talk between two leads. (For the record, I don’t see Ikoma and Mumei becoming an item as the former sees the latter as a little sister after all). Now for the bad parts, there are too many still images in this episode for the love of unicorns! Lastly, I am not a fan of Kabaneri’s attempt to make another plot twist near the end of this episode. Ugh.


This is me after watching this week’s batch of shows. Grr.

Rainbow Days returned to its form and sailed Natcchan and Anna’s ship. To be honest, this is really kind of sweet now it refocused to the main couple. Their respective Christmas dates are cute (Yukirin and Tsuyopon take the cake though) but I didn’t really appreciate after all because the episode ended just where things get interesting. I want some obstacles to Natcchan and Anna’s relationship for me to root for them (more). Hopefully, it will present some good ones next week.

I know I have seen it but Bungou Stray Dogs‘ triumph last week was a fluke. However, I cannot say that this certain episode is a complete dud because of the smooth presentation this time. Something happened and it’s enough for me to be not angry to it. Thank God for bringing the focus back to Port Mafia and this show resembled to have some continuity in its stories. Yet what’s the main plot of Bungou Stray Dogs eight episodes in? This is becoming the poor copy of Kekkai Sensen.

Uhh.. The same can be said with your show. It feels like a very long set up. Ugh.

My Hero Academia‘s getting duller lately, isn’t it? Its slow pacing has finally surpassed its vibrant earnestness and made this episode really sleepy despite the gravitas in the latter half. Yeah, for a week dedicated in Kacchan’s development as a foil to Deku, this is really tame. My Hero Academia is also beginning to have the same problems which plague Mayoiga and color me unimpressed.

Assassination Classroom‘s slapdash narration this week ticked my patience and placed it here for first time this season. Don’t get me wrong, if you get any skit from this week’s episode, you will realize how good they were individually. The first and the last five minutes are actually great if you asked me. It’s just that these scenes don’t create a better whole. I guess this is done for the sake of showing the main plot in its last four episodes, isn’t it?

Poor Mayoiga. This episode is just lame to even garner a chuckle or two. I have no other things to say about it except that I wasted 22 minutes of my life with this one. It could have been campy but it chose to present some facts with dead seriousness. I am not buying it. Can we now have a dead body in this show? We are already at episode 9!

Then there’s Kagewani Shou which played science research trope in full and I am giving it an indifferent look. At this point, I pile this under “Shows whose second season sucked big time”. Kagewani was hurt the moment Honma appeared in the screen and screamed “I am so gonna use these kagewanis as war weapons. Huwahaha.” That was the turning point for me from giving this season a chance to finally dismissing it as a misfired attempt to create a bigger plot. What the heck was that?! Kagewani’s really good when it showed bite sized horror stories and this season produced some episodes just as great as the previous ones. Why did this happen?!

Lastly, Kuma Miko‘s degenerating to a show where country bumpkins are made fun of while being fantasized by pedobears and old villagers. I am sure this is a pretty entertaining read but not something I can watch. God, Machi, Yoshio and Natsu are getting too painful to watch. May I now bail out?

PS: Help me finish this week’s Joker Game episode. I yawned at the first few minutes and I almost fell asleep.


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