Spring 2016 – Week 9 in Anime (Part 1)

Most shows this week instantly gained their respective grooves and made this fantastic all in all. I am going to keep this short (I hope) as possible but forgive me in advance for Mayoiga eating a chunk of this overview.


Basically my facial reaction after finishing this cathartic and well explored ConRevo episode.
Basically my facial reaction after finishing this cathartic and well explored ConRevo episode.

Concrete Revolutio is heading towards the finale and it is getting real harder to watch. The plot is now really dense to the point naysayers will have the right to say that it’s just a muddled mess. Nonetheless, I got used with its (more than usual) haphazard storytelling and I understood what is going on on a single run. In a nutshell, we got an episode akin to the love child of Mawaru Penguindrum and Neon Genesis Evangelion. While I am still not that happy with the route it took (making Jiro more disillusioned with his sense of justice, I think), this show never failed me to be intrigued on an intellectual level. Basically, the show revolves around the question “What is justice?”, and never let it go until the end.

I will be lying if I say that its self aware film inside Jiro’s head and the flashbacks of his past aren’t well explored. The staff even went on to connect events from the first season to Jiro’s actions and wrapped it seamlessly.

If the best shows last season presented something which capitalizes on your emotional connection over thematic presentation, Spring explored the latter at the expense of being distant. Not that I care much if we are given this gem called Concrete Revolutio.

Assassination Classroom also geared up as it presented the final arc of this series. The first half is a well-done montage of SOL reminiscent of the highlights of its earlier episodes. Things got really engrossing in the second half though once the Japanese government made their move and sealed Koro-sensei over this anti-matter shield.


Bones’ facial reaction department reached its quota for the season in Bungou Stray Dogs alone.

To be fair, Bungou Stray Dogs has a consistent upswing in quality for the past three episodes. For once, the show realized that continuity is all it needs to be good. While I am still not buying Dazai-san’s 180 degrees plot-changing circumstances, everyone around him became more compelling. Everything in this episode is on point, from the technical merits (artwork and sound) to delivery (the story and pacing) so color me happy. The episode could have used less of that date scene though…

… and for once, the comedic delivery does not suck this time. Thank God.


Uhh... Motorcycles.. MOTORCYCLES?!
Uhh… Motorcycles.. MOTORCYCLES?!

Rainbow Days delivered a delirious Natcchan and man, it works. This is how youth works (aka being stupid) and his monologue bordered from being funny to what I remember when I was in his age. Their kiss didn’t produce much warm fuzz from me as it was rushed (not in a bad way though). Who would when the other one is freezing in the cold?

I know Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress should not be able to surprise me anymore. Then a motorcycle appeared and cue some dude laughing on his own while watching this episode. Okay, that’s more than enough to place it here because I don’t know if the character interaction is doing me good. Mumei is getting tolerable for my taste (and her development is quite okay) but Biba is another trope-y antagonist reminiscent of Gai from Guilty Crown.

I am sad Kagewani Season 2 has let me down big time but a kagewani of the week is what it needs to be decent. Now that Honma is gone at the moment, I hope this show rebuilds its momentum and redeems itself with the ending.

My Hero Academia is still suffering from shounen-itis and gave us another painfully slow episode. Yeah, I also snickered when Bakugo is bullied (ha, payback time!) but the majority of its run is uneventful to be honest. We get some information about All Might’s condition and snippets from the academy but it ended right before things get interesting.


This is a show about a man from the past and some serious mecha. As if I'll eat that.
This is a show about a man from the past and some serious mecha. As if I’ll eat that.

Kuromukuro‘s past two episode could be lumped as one for a stronger impact. I am still puzzled as to involvement of that orange haired dude with the main plot, aside from he has a crush on Yukina. On the other hand, Kennosuke remains a pure bliss to watch but why progress so slowly?

… I feel it will be a cheap knock off of Bokurano given that the two have to fight evil aliens falling from the sky. This lacked moral ambiguity and compelling characters though.

Kuma Miko‘s last 30 seconds is tolerable. The first 22 minutes? I just opted to finish this no matter what. I don’t care what is going on with this show anymore.


Pfft. Youuu.
Pfft. Youuu.

I thought Mayoiga will go serious and dispose its wackiness but it saved the best this episode. Darn it, I was a loss of words to describe how messed up this episode is. All I know is I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time since Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (2014). The moment Piitan snapped from Manbe’s usual trademark line gave me a feel that this episode is not an ordinary Mayoiga episode. It was a tasty mess.

In fairness to this one, it managed to bring the Nanaki Village more menacing. The theory about them facing a psychological fear proves to be correct BUT I was left dumbfounded with the twist it presented once you get fascinated with it or get over it. Reiji’s eyes finally appeared and darn it, I have no idea as to why this dude had his eye hidden for the past two episodes. Gah. Nanko, Lion and Maimai remained the sane group (the other being Soy Latte) and they provided the balance which needs to explain the plot. Lastly, no one dies in this show and I am happy to report that it went against expectation and delivered a commendable effort to keep us surprised.

Now, to the most hilarious moments in this episode. I am serious that I got too many laughs this time, thanks to the deadly combo of Okada’s writing style and the director’s B-movie horror skills. Could it be that Mayoiga is my comedy show for 2016?

Manbe got owned.
Manbe got owned.
  • Yeah, Piitan acting like a deliquent and brushing Manbe off because reasons.
  • Dahara finally snapping and expresses his desire to get in Koharun’s pants.


  • Yes, Toriyasu and Naana provide a potent comedy by bullying Mikage. “He’s a drama queen.” Pfft.
  • I am pretty sure I cursed my screen the moment I saw Yottsun being annoying at Mitsumune. That guy should have died, isn’t it? God.
Ahh... The pun.
Ahh… The pun.
  • Kami… what? Yeah, that guy who was called Kami-sama. I love the pun Yottsun put in his name.
  • Valkana being an erratic mess and Hayato (as usual) being a yandere for Mitsumune.
Sure, hitting a child is so manly.
Sure, hitting a child is so manly.
  • …. and darn it, the last sequence of this episode was actually “WTF” in every sense. As if NTR was not enough, FTW and WTF are usable in that frame!
  • Who wants to write a slash about Hyouketsu no Judgeness and Jack?
Doujin writers, you know what to do with this.
  • Just watch this episode and turn your brains off. I promise you, it’s good! By the way, who is this girl?
The real ghost. Fuuu.

4 thoughts on “Spring 2016 – Week 9 in Anime (Part 1)

  1. (re:Mayoiga): Huh. That’s definitely a twist I don’t see coming.

    Oh, that’s actually a boy. The sickly boy, the one that’s labeled ‘WANK’ in the OP. Completely understandable to forget he exists.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Depending on my feelings about these shows next season.

      Mayoiga is so bad in everything it does that it’s actually funny so I cannot dismiss it as ‘just another bad series’. If something matches (or I hope tops that because it’s entertaining), then it will have its separate category.


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