Spring 2016 – Week 9 in Anime (Part 2)

The string of sheer entertainment continues and I got these placid shows. Yes, I decided to put Joker Game aside (on hold) in a while because it’s making me sleep at this point. What a downer.

I am happy to say that my favorites this season (Concrete Revolutio and Kiznaiver and my pet show Mayoiga) stimulate my brain for different reasons. I am required to analyze things when I watch the first two and just let myself go dumb with the last one. I am still not sure whether Kiznaiver gets a slot for my most favorites this year, but I commend Trigger and Okada for making things grand in this show.



I adore Kiznaiver‘s ambitious approach to mundane high school romance hijinks, and this episode mostly worked for me thanks to the ideas it tried to tackle. Whether it succeeded in everything it wants to say depends on the viewer, but this cathartic (I wouldn’t say it’s melodramatic) and disturbing episode piqued my interest and satisfied my lingering questions to the show. We saw Kacchon’s past, confirmed Tenga and Nico’s feeling, and some dizzying love pentagon the show is forcing on us. If you have seen the confrontational scene in Ano Natsu de Matteiru in 2012, Kiznaiver also pulled the same trick and inserted some nice commentaries about personal bonds.

Did it appeal to me emotionally? No. I just find Kiznaiver fascinating in terms of the concept and its bold approach. The production values in this episode are also at par with Trigger’s best so I am glad that this show exists this Spring.



Flying Witch continues to present what it excels with – a very lovely slice of life series devoid of any conflict and emotional highs and lows. Sure, the comedic timing is spot-on (as usual) and the payoff towards Inukai’s fortunetelling is also funny. Well, it veered off to a place (pure SoL) I was not exactly happy though.


The WcDonald-centric episode of Tanaka-kun is Always Listless is a pure bliss from the beginning to end. Similar with Flying Witch, it also utilizes good side characters to make a joke work and it succeeds for most of the time. I cannot say that I am a fan of Rino’s brother complex but the running gag of Tanaka’s laziness is still working even after 9 episodes.



I am now convinced that Sakamoto Desu Ga? is targeted for the female demographic. We now get two good looking antagonist in this show who chase him. Isn’t that enough for fujoshis to ship him with any of them? Well, not that it makes the show better though. This episode is merely composed of Sakamoto trolling everyone but I kind of wished it was fun. Turns out, I am weirded out again by the show’s punch lines. I am also wanting to see Sakamoto to be humanized because I only see him as a gag character. Why do I also think that a non-comical Sakamoto Desu Ga? episode is actually the most coherent among all I have seen so far? Err.


4 thoughts on “Spring 2016 – Week 9 in Anime (Part 2)

  1. (Random thought on your ranking system: “Almost There” is a good category, but doesn’t quite fit shows like Tanaka-kun. They’re not “almost there” in that there’s no higher place to reach for them; they’re fun, relaxing shows, so it’s hard to rank them in a category that implies they’re a step away from fulfilling their potential. They’re hardly trying to achieve anything more than what they have already.)

    Glad to see someone else enjoying Kiznaiver. I get that it’s not for everyone, but I’m part of the target audience, so I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It seems to be going in a direction I had rather anticipated, but it still has some things to reveal, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what kind of conclusion they reach. It’s not feelsy a la AnoHana, but Okada manages to depict the characters’ emotions in a good, meaningful way; and count me in every time she does that. The premise is really excellent too; it could be more thought-provoking, but it’s still been very satisfying. Also, top-notch direction and animation from the guys at Trigger, so props to them.
    My main complaint: every character feels integral to the story… except the M guy.

    Tanaka-kun is such a nice show. I agree that the brocon complex is somewhat annoying, but still, it’s such a relaxing watch.

    “I am now convinced that Sakamoto Desu Ga? is targeted for the female demographic.”
    I would disagree. I’ve seen many male watchers commenting on their enjoyment of the show. It’s pretty easy to get into the show regardless of the gender… as long as you buy into the premise. But I guess that just as we’re both part of the audience for Kiznaiver, neither of us is part of the audience of Sakamoto, eh.
    “I am also wanting to see Sakamoto to be humanized because I only see him as a gag character.”
    Absolutely agree, this is my main grievance with the show – along with the fact that all the other characters are utterly pathetic. I can’t help but see Tanaka-kun as a “lesson” to Sakamoto – a series that shows it’s possible to succeed in creating a fun experience revolving around the protagonist’ main quirk.


    1. As regards to Tanaka-kun, I find it really fun but some aspects of this show (Rino’s brother complex) do not sit right with me so I cannot place it to great. A show must have instill some strong emotions in me before I create a separate category for it (re: Mayoiga).


      1. I don’t really mean that; rather, I think it’d be more fitting to place it in a category such as “Good”, since that doesn’t imply “I’m expecting greater things of this”. Then again, if that’s the way you feel about the show, I don’t have anything to say; it simply struck me as somewhat unfitting given the idea I have of the show (and since we did talk about the show together, I was under the impression your thoughts were quite close to mine).


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