Spring 2016 – Week 10 in Anime (Part 1)

Spring 2016 shows prepare for their last ditch effort to give decent endings – well, Mayoiga and Kuma Miko are surely having fun strolling in their own pacing. I will keep this one short – I will post my Summer 2016 Preview later.


When your fireworks display backfired big time.

Concrete Revolutio left me in awe, despair and shock in its climax. It’s all gloomy and we saw some heroes falling one by one as the inevitable ugly clash now happened. If there’s a major flaw I see in the series is the lack of episode count. While not as dense as its predecessor, it needs more than just 11 episodes to tell the whole story. The last 4 minutes this week was literally narrated to tell the outcome of Jiro’s penultimate decision. It needed more exploration but the lack of airtime was its biggest enemy.

To be fair, it’s sad to see him break down and finally let go of his beliefs at this point. He was the victim (and the culprit) in this mess after all. Emi also got her needed stance this season and it felt like the show saved its best for last. That leaves us three conflicting ideas that were thoughtfully presented (The goverment, the superhumans and the yokais). I want more of this. Sigh.

Then Assassination Classroom Season 2 is still busy doing some world building and bits of Koro-sensei’s character development before hitting the climax. We saw Koro-sensei as a near perfect teacher in his stint at Class E but we were also presented his failures as one back then. I think his sense of regret for not seeing the Shinigami as his student will be the final piece of his development. At this point, it is safe to say that its final season is much better than that of its predecessor. There’s nothing much to say about this episode aside from me encouraging you to watch Assassination Classroom.


This section proves Bones has a knack of animating awesome action sequences. As expected from my favorite studio.

Bungou Stray Dogs‘ latest episode has some shortcomings that irk me enough to place it here. Akutagawa’s and Atsushi’s character development were too erratic for me to appreciate. Kunikida’s sudden pragmatic stance as against the show’s earlier presentation is simply jarring. It also went Mayoiga when it ended to some major cliffhangers I wouldn’t care about since this cour is about to end. If there’s one thing I liked in terms of progression is Dazai – readers would know I loathe the dude but he’s getting 10x more likable now. As to what I loved, darn this Akugatawa – Atsushi fight as I was left gushing the whole time when it happened. Thank you Bones for animating this fight.

I do not like this episode of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress either. It is just that I cannot ignore the merits (and sheer entertainment) this one had. First, who would have thought that Ayame and Mumei will be realized as good characters for a series that’s supposed to scare you? Mumei’s line of thinking fits for a child and her subsequent realization that she was just used was painful to watch. Ayame refuses to be the trope-y princess in damsel and that’s a big plus in my book. Ikoma remains a tolerable lead and Biba got some cool points. That montage of him showing a trace of his sweat when he killed his long time comrade just proved he is darn heartless. Again, do not ask me for the plot at this point because it reached a point that it became too convoluted for me to appreciate on analytical stance. Seriously, he went Charles Darwin to present the main plot. Ugh. Just bring back the kabanes darn it. For whatever it is, I enjoyed (but not liked) this week’s Kabaneri.

After 5 weeks of lulling us to dullness, My Hero Academia returned to form and delivered an episode that has a balance of action and humor. With the antagonists appearing this late for this cour, how will this series redeem itself? Uhh… I was annoyed by Deku and Atsui’s companion to be honest. How someone as useless as him got accepted in UA by the way? The show also needs to take some good rebound for a good ending. I have no idea how because it’s still on its leisurely pace.

PS: I kinda hoped Madhouse animated this. Bones might have the heart of adapting shows but Madhouse surely knows how to implement jaw-dropping animation techniques. That aside, it was a good episode.

Kagewani Season 2 might not reach the sheer creep factor of its predecessor but I think it’s aiming for a better ending at this point. The titular monster was nothing short of terrifying and thankfully, that annoying girl is becoming more and more cooperative with Banba x Kimura. Oops. My fujoshi tendencies are slipping again.



Rainbow Days‘ limited airtime is hurting its chances to be something more. You know, Anna’s not angry with the kiss and Natcchan remains to be a big idiot. Their romance has to be explored more (and with a longer airtime) at this point.

Thankfully, Kuromukuro decided to explore the plot at this point. Look, your show is not bad when it’s serious and it tackles the main story and Kennosuke’s past. Just develop Yukina as a good lead and it will be a good PA Works show.


This should be funny, isn’t it? Ha. Ha. Ha.

God darn it. I know Kuma Miko is not making me sleep but it annoys the heck out of me. I watched the episode at 120% of its normal playback speed and it did not get funnier either. Wait… they’re trying to present some conflict at this point? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? For a series that revolves around harassment and objectification of a loli and some pedobear and an annoying dude, it managed to tick my patience and label it as my personal worst this season. Celebrate Joker Game, you are now not alone in the chopping block!


God. Why this duo…. Why?!!

First things first, it was a classic Mayoiga episode where nothing makes sense and I am left to laugh with all the ridiculousness happening (?) in my screen. Sure, the show loves verbose dialogues but these didn’t bore me. In fact, I enjoyed the sheer absurdity of the lines, the lack of scares and urgency and these psychologically doomed characters.

This is the most potent comedic punch line I saw this episode and it left me guffawing for seconds before I hit the play button again.


I’d like to think Toriyasu as a horndog in an alternate universe in Mayoiga. Darn it, Nettaiya is in front of you and you’re noticing Soy Latte?! What’s wrong with you dude?

God darn it. Misogynistic remarks are always required for an Okada show. Well, it matches the comedic delivery so I will let this pass.

Lovepon, best girl!

Well, our resident best grill for this season made her reappearance and it was gold. I want more of her. Please?

Of course, some poignant moments were found in this episode. Driver-san’s acceptance of his Nanaki could be poignant if not for Mayoiga’s ever misplaced soundtrack and direction so it ended up a bit creepy but fun. The revelation of Masaki’s Nanaki was just heartbreaking even taking the comical approach of this episode. There were lots of comedy gold (as usual) that makes me believe that it is the misunderstood (lol) masterpiece (muwahaha) of Spring 2016.

PS: Yottsun is annoying but he lights up the screen when he appears. I want to see Koharun’s Nanaki.




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