Spring 2016 – Week 10 in Anime (Part 2)

The string of building up for the climax continues and this is an upward trajectory for this otherwise tepid season. Let’s start!


Nico is my best girl this season. Protect this smile!

Or the first half and the last 5 minutes of Kiznaiver. I like the ugly emotional fallout of Kizna experiment as we got some powerful scenes scattered towards this episode. Chidori’s breakdown to Tenga, Nico’s more than her usual perceptiveness and Katsuhira’s damning realization as to what happened to his other childhood friends are more than enough to make it special. While Maki and Yuta’s involvement are much muted, Nico, Hisomu and Tenga stepped up and supported the boilerplate Katsuhira and Sonozaki pairing. Seriously, I cannot discuss the romance aspect because I don’t think it’s the point of Kiznaiver. I think these pairings happen to be the most plot convenient tool to use in exploiting feelings of these teenagers.

This smile is not bad either.

However, the exposition of experiment-gone-wrong trope in the mid-section is just a mood killer. It was as if the inconsistent tonal shifts of Kiznaiver went back to mar its more crucial moments. Did it dampen my experience with the episode? Yes, but not enough to downgrade this to Almost There. We got some good result here and there, I am not just sure about the means.


Nom.. Nom...
Nom.. Nom…

Flying Witch remains good and chuckle worthy, but I wish it presents more traditional Japanese magic! Well, the Witch’ Pinky Finger cookie might be the creepiest snack I witnessed in a SoL show. I would also like to commend the first half of this episode because of its innovative use of ‘women-cannot-cook’ in anime trope. I guess the naturalism of this series just makes this gag cute and endearing. Several highlights of this episode happened when Makoto was bitten by a bee and the witch sisters prayed for these flowers as if these are dead persons. On the other hand, this is the first Flying Witch episode where there are two different skits. U-oh, JC Staff is running out of materials to adapt.

PS: Poor Kei’s dad. He’s just talking in a thick accent. I want more Chinatsu next week to be fair. Her energy is always a good thing in Flying Witch.

Ganbare, Tanaka

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless‘ mizugi episode is probably the least fan service-y I saw this year.  While the jokes aren’t as funny as the previous episodes, I am smirking all throughout thanks to Tanaka’s quirks.

The battle for Spring's best girl is surely intense.
The battle for Spring’s best girl is surely intense.

The second half featured a poignant Summer festival that is reminiscent of Dagashi Kashi’s best episode. It was partly funny – seriously the gag around Miyano’s trouble of wearing a yukata just left me chuckling and Tanaka’s worst timing about the romance of these childhood friends made me utter “You!”. Echizen and Ohta’s budding relationship might be my personal highlight in this case. As usual, that was cute… until Tanaka ruined the scene.

PS: The artwork elevated to something elegant this week. You might hate the show but the background pictures are just great.


What kind of pairing is this?

Sakamoto Desu Ga? went BL this week and it still creeps me out. Gah. At least the soundtrack is good? It was alsp directed stylishly? Uhh… The show hit my funny bones when Sakamoto is running ala Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Other than that, it’s just Sakamoto’s all too perfect portrayal but none of his personality.


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