Spring 2016 – Week 11 in Anime

Then just like that, Spring 2016 will come to a close. This is going to be my last week of giving a brief overview of these shows this season. I need to write an end-of-season report and a Mayoiga post next week. Thank you for reading my posts up to this point. Let’s start?


Bakugo is moe.

Boku no Hero Academia’s slow pacing is now working to its favor and delivered its strongest episode since week 3. I enjoyed seeing UA students crushing these dumb villains but not without witnessing mid-bosses beat Aizawa-sensei. Yes, it has some potent comedy too (bullying Bakugo never gets old) and darn moments where I gulped thanks to the suspense. I really hoped we are now over with its dull slice of life sections and this show ramps its sincerity and (relatively) good fight scenes.

Yet my personal favorite this week is Assassination Classroom for finally completing Koro-sensei’s character. As a former professor, I find his stance on point and there’s nothing more painful than not acknowledging your student’s strength until he turns against you. I guess we got at least four people in this series which are developed to some extent, isn’t it? The final frames of this episode were just… devastating that it seemed our lovable teacher is just waiting for his own death to come. Darn it. Of course, the fight between him and the shinigami is not really that impressive thanks to the measly budget but I adored the studio’s continuous refusal to use still images to present things in screen. The deus ex machine in this episode irked me a bit though. I know they’re trying not to emotionally destroy viewers yet peeking at dark makes your show deeper sometimes.

The build-up for Kiznaivers grandest episode is nothing short of being emotionally compelling. Thank you for FINALLY giving Katsuhira semblance of actual personality and Hisomu for being the father figure in this group. As far as exploiting these dysfunctional teens are concerned, Kiznaiver is a qualified success.

However, my biggest gripe is its inability to hold its themes together, hence, it comes as disjointed. Similar with last season’s ERASED, Kiznaiver excels in exploring the implications of their actions but fails to match the grand nature of its plot. It was supposed to be glossed in high-concept science fiction but what we get is an underwhelming laboratory gone wrong experiment.



That's what I felt upon watching this episode. Ugh.
That’s what I felt upon watching this episode. Ugh.

Concrete Revolutio’s final episode was too talkative for me to fully appreciate. Hence, I don’t think I will include it in my favorites list. I hoped for something that has an oomph but what I got was a half-baked war between yokais and superhuman. We were forced fed by some interesting events but we never go to see them in action. Remember ‘show, don’t tell’ Concrete Revolutio?

Moreover, I am not happy with the main plot of this show whose resolution felt too Madoka-like. So Jiro is sort of a portal which leads to two worlds and he chose to lose his form to protect superhumans and yokais? Give me some time to freakin’ absorb that twist because it was only apparent in episode 7 of the second season. Darn it. Where’s your layered storytelling when we need it?

Enough with complaints. It is still the best show this season even with its trip in the finish line.

Tanaka-kun is Always Listless made the cliched cultural school festival its own and delivered a set of solid jokes again. Unlike this season’s duds, Tanaka-kun decided to present episodic offerings until the end. I am not that hot with Ohta being scared of ghosts but Tanaka-kun made me chuckle more than usual. Kuma Miko and Sakamoto Desu Ga, I think you two need to take some notes on how to utilize side characters for the success of your respective jokes.


The best way to transform a Port Mafia member is to make her a gothic maid lolita.
The best way to transform a Port Mafia member is to make her a gothic maid lolita.

Bungou Stray Dogs delivered an offering that has individually good skits but felt disjointed together. Moreover, color me disappointed with the sudden halt in plot progression for this episode. Mind you, the first half is actually good for giving some flesh to Port Mafia… if that was aired in episode 4, darn it. I don’t see the need to present that skit near the end of this cour. The same can be said with the hilariously directed second half. Did you just introduce a character at episode 11? Ugh.

Kagewani S2 became a shounen show again and Kimura presented himself as the big bad boss. This season went south big time but I cannot confuse this for inconsistency. The science research trope persisted for the good and the bad reasons. What have you done to Banba and his weekly creepy kagewani stories?

Amazingly, Joker Game kept me awake for full 22 minutes and delivered a plot twist that left me say ‘meh’. The lack of any meaningful characterization hurt this show despite amazing direction, visuals and storytelling. You just cannot like the story without knowing (not necessarily liking) a character or two. On a bigger issue, I know this is a spy of the week show but why the dry approach with an interesting topic? We got Nazi Germany here and its distrust with Japan, and we got some explanation on how Yuuki escaped from their clutches. What a downer.

The clichéd shoujo phase still caught Rainbow Days and I cannot wait for Anna and Natcchan to just confess with each other. Uugh, why everything has to follow the Kimi ni Todoke approach?


Featureless bestfriend dies. Should I cry?
Featureless bestfriend dies. Should I cry?

Kotetsujou no Kabaneri pushed all the wrong buttons for me at this point. I didn’t watch this show to have a glimpse of Guilty Crown again only with zombies! Also do not expect me to get touched with Takumi’s death because everything before it is not clicking with me. How do you expect me to get riled with Biba’s empty character? Mumei is also not that spared too for her confusing decisions but she gets an excuse since she’s a kid. Just bring the kabanes and have some good action flicks! People like that more to be honest.

Lastly, the production values just went to bottom of the barrel this episode. How many still images have you seen this week? Six? Seven? Man, who cares at this point? Kabaneri still looks good though.

Kuma Miko remembered that it has a plot and crammed the drama at this episode. As a result? I am looking indifferently to it. The characters have zero development since episode one. Machi’s country bumpkin persona is really irritating and I just want to deport Yoshio to some alien world. Natsu? Why the sudden breakdown without any prior indication? Are you chanelling Mayoiga at this point? Too late!

Sakamoto Desu Ga? proves that no amount of style can cover my apathy towards Sakamoto. Yeah, the mixer skit was creepy as hell and the second one was just dumb. To this show’s credit, it paints Sakamoto as someone who is a Gary Stu but is not perfect for his all-too-innocent stance. His one note jokes are annoying though.


I won't forget Mayoiga, for better or for worse.
I won’t forget Mayoiga, for better or for worse.

The ending is a bit of a letdown because Koharun and Masaki’s sudden backstories dragged for so long. In my three years as an anime watcher, this show certainly opened me to a new way to appraise series. Yet I will dedicate a separate article for it. I cannot afford that eating a chunk of this post.

Thank you Nizushima for this delicious mess.
Thank you Mizushima for this delicious mess.

Back to this week’s Mayoiga, we got some delicious BL vibes from Hayato and Mitsumune. Oh. That penguin just killed all the tension between Mitsumune and Hayato’s BL conversation. Thank you Mizushima. You’re glorious.


The show also shipped the characters in its last few moments but Mikage x Lovepon takes the cake. Soy Latte x Pink Goddess is also a cute pairing but what left me laughing is the biggest NTR this season.


Darn it, Koharun x Valkana is real folks. I know Dahara cried at some point then he went apathetic just to move on.


Piitan and Manbe are not a couple anymore. Darn it. I wanted to see them die but… yeah, that’s the worst we got from Mayoiga.

Other than that? Yeah, it tried to pull a normal ending which didn’t make me laugh that much but I am so gonna miss this show. Okada, you’re not the one at fault with this. The director killed a seemingly interesting story to a laughable mess.

Is Mayoiga the worst this season? If the sheer plot progression is we’re talking about, probably yes. Yet do I hate it? No. I was too entertained to loathe it like what I did to Dimension W last season.


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