Mayoiga and My Clouded Judgment

Yes. Mayoiga was the series I wrote for the most this season for a good reason. Most see it as bad, I see it weirdly entertaining. Worse, it somehow changed the way I will see anime series in the future. Shall we start?

Whenever I am not shipping male characters in a show or listening to Hetalian songs, I turn my brain once in a while to appraise what I see. I mostly have three questions in my mind before I label a show as good or bad. For me to adjudge what I watch as ‘GREAT’ or ‘ALMOST THERE’, a yes is needed to answer the first two questions and the third is a clincher to decide whether I place a certain episode in ‘JUST DECENT’ or in ‘EH?’. Shall we start?

Do things make sense in the show?

It’s very obvious that Mayoiga receives a big fat no as regards to this matter. People mostly stopped seeing the series’ worth when they  saw it as stupid (it’s true though) and the overly verbose dialogue for a horror show. Their search for Nanakis went to a standstill until the end so color those serious viewers unimpressed with the rushed resolution.

Simple and logical plot progression are what I need to take a series seriously. Of course, good characterization is the other requisite but is only prioritized if the show’s genre is drama or slice of life. Now, everyone who has watched Mayoiga knows that it makes zero sense in presenting the whole narrative. Yet does it mean that I should already hate it? If I am still the viewer I used to be last season, the answer would probably be yes. I refused touching shows that aren’t even trying to advance the plot or create endearing characters because I yearn for stories that either pull tricks or make me swoon for the development.

If it makes sense, does it keep me awake?

Now that’s where production values come in my way of appraising a show. Phantom World and One Punch Man are ridiculously entertaining, thanks of their KyoAni/Madhouse patented visual goodness but their respective plots are just lacking. You see, not every show is a Shin Sekai Yori  which immerses you to its atmosphere. The death extravaganza show Another just went full gore in its last episode and killed characters like poor flies. On the other hand, Joker Game is a good written show but left me cold after realizing that it lacks a hook for me to remain invested.

Judging by the ED alone, people unanimously agreed that Mayoiga is average in terms of artwork and music. The ED in particular is horrendous in a way that we got a MS Powerpoint Presentation while a calm song plays in! Ugh. The CGIs are so ugly I forgot to take them seriously. I was just weirded out. At least, it kept me glued to the screen.

If not, does it insult my intelligence?

Here’s the question which Kuma Miko and Dimension W failed to pass. Machi’s social phobia is believable but went overboard then it was repeated for too many times as if it was a good joke. I honestly see Yoshio’s continuous harassment really disturbing in a way that it seemed like it was child abuse. Kyouma’s misogynistic tendencies to Mira ticked my patience and condemn Dimension W as the worst. In addition. the latter does not even have an identity (was it a mystery, sci-fi, action or what?) to separate itself from other shows in its genre. Lastly, Dimension W got some balls to incorporate (and quantify) possibilities in Einstein’s equation. Yuck.

Of course, the above two are a bit better than Mayoiga in presenting the plot, hence, it should be my worst show in Spring 2016, isn’t it? The last question should acquit me for liking it.

If it insults my intelligence, does it entertain me?

This is the reason why I am not hating Mayoiga despite the egregious amount of stupidity floating in my screen. The Mikushima-Okada tandem left me in stitches with their stunts of compressing 30-plus character moments in a single cour. I might be dumb for saying this but I failed to fully incorporate the entertainment value a bad show provides prior to Mayoiga.

I think I get the familiar feeling of liking a bad show and was loathed by the ani-community last season with Divine Gate. The theatrical play where they are sort of manipulated by a lolita Shakespeare left me in stitches on how stupid the whole event was.  The convoluted ending aside, I began to realize there are shows seen as bad by the whole community but I was enjoying the heck of its stupidity.

When did I realize that I need to tilt my perspective towards appreciating bad shows? I guess, it’s on Mayoiga’s episode four when Lovepon incessantly suggested the need to execute Jack and Hyouketsu’s insistence that his name and the moe Jack are pretty much the same. Moreover, the soundtrack is too cheesy to be taken seriously, the character dialogues go gaga and darn those ugly CGIs. It makes me think that Okada has a serious story in mind but Mizushima screwed her plan because it is not possible to present 30 characters having certain level of development over a single cour.

The biggest NTR of the season (cue episode 8) is not something I associate with serious psychological series. Sure, detractors say Mayoiga is not funny but, even a good comedy show (the lovely Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, for example) received negative reaction in some circles. What I am trying to say is it is totally okay to laugh on a show even if others don’t see it funny. Bad shows can be seriously entertaining and you don’t need to be an elitist (or even a discerning watcher) at time to appreciate its worth. Of course, I will quit anime if every season comes full of Mayoigas but it won’t hurt if we get shows like this once in a while.  In the end, I rather have this goofy trainwreck than the likes of Dimension W, Kuma Miko, Noucome or Recently, My Imouto is Incestous (lol).


3 thoughts on “Mayoiga and My Clouded Judgment

  1. I’ve never been a fan of ‘so bad it’s good’ entertainment, but Mayoiga does feel different in this regard. Much more subtle and deliberate in putting all the components wrong. I’d be lying if I said I enjoy the experience of actually watching it, but it’s indeed pretty fun to think about and discuss~


    1. My take is Mayoiga’s staff felt like they can never give these characters or the plot justice so… they screwed the show past episode three.

      On a totally unrelated note, I read your Spring Impressions. Why did you skip ConRevo?


      1. Yeah, that’s a very reasonable assumption, I also felt it’s extremely difficult to fit all those characters and themes by playing it ‘straight’. By the by, here’s an interesting translated interview in that regard:

        Oh, at the time I wanted to re-watch S1 first to get a better feel on the show’s themes as well as read supplemental info on its real life contextual counterparts before continuing to S2. Too many things flew over my head when I watched S1 for the first time. Feels like I can start doing that this season~


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