Summer 2016 – Week 2 in Anime (Part 1)

Then we go with this traditional blogging week in Summer 2016.

This season is peculiar. We got shows like ReLIFE, Honobono Log and Momokuri which are aired in a different manner than the other shows. Well, that does not stop me from doing my time tested groupings but with no Eh? show in sight, this can get a bit boring.



If the premier of orange is lovely, color this episode the beginning of this series to lean more on its darker side. It is still a shoujo show as we see Naho and Kakeru getting romantically close to each other and Naho being an annoying (but a very relatable) lead who second guesses with her action. Who would not freak out when you read a letter from your future self?

The lack of sparkly characters and these shoujo bubbles make me want to love this show more, but some directional choices to portray a scenario feels too weird (You know, when Suwa asked Kakeru to join the soccer club. Yes that one.). Yet I do not get why this is called boring by some circles. The soundtrack is on point, the characters are still endearing at this point and the artwork is still good. So why the hate? Moreover, it is not bereft of poignant scenes and revelation that left me agape just because it was thrown like a normal line. orange is not feels-y yet, but it is already disturbing enough to pique my interest.

91 Days had a breather episode but pulls off a smart twist near the end and it was catapulted as my second most favorite episode this week. Just how cunning Angelo (or Avilio) can be? I thought this will only explore the intricacies between the three ruling families in their town but… I thought something was off when he let Fango escape when you get an MC as skilled as Angelo. Who would have thought that Fango is not the his exact target?  I also commend its way of immersing us in the Prohibition Era’s world by introducing these characters one by one instead of presenting them in the screen at one go. There it is, a brewing storm on a story about revenge.


Someone ban this cuteness from showing in screen because my heart cannot take it.
Someone ban this cuteness from showing in screen because my heart cannot take it.

It unfortunately lacks the emotional pizza of its first episode, but who else is watching Amaama to Inazuma because of Tsumugi’s cuteness? I am putting this here because I see hints of a sensei-student route judging by Kotori’s reaction but was not enough to undermine my overall experience this week. We got to see the reason why Kotori is not as good as her mother, the sensei’s hesitation to accept the former’s offer and how Tsumugi’s cuteness destroyed all logic and made this a happy episode after all. Aside from that, I am also liking the attention to details they are putting to the food they are cooking. It felt like I was watching the G-rated version of Shokugeki no Souma minus the erotic reaction and tedious show-offs.

Cheer Danshi still has its grounded approach in dealing with a quirky premise but Mizo strikes me as half good and someone who throws the balance off in this show. He practically screamed best girl this season to be honest. You know you can never take the dude seriously when he’s making weird noises at the very few seconds of the show or his Engrish or his drunk stance which pairs our leads (I agree with the last part). Nevermind me, I just want to watch these dorks building their cheer leading club.


Looks like season 2 won't come, so here's an Arata screencap for you.
Looks like season 2 won’t come, so here’s an Arata screencap for you.

The Morose Mononokean is good whenever it humanizes these Japanese monsters. It is ultimately boring when we focus with Ashiya and Abeno’s combination. This week’s episode packs a more potent heartwarming tale of these green yokais, however, the relationship between these leads are not engaging. I am not asking for a fujoshi-bait material here. Abeno and Ashiya felt like mere commentators in their own show.

Yep. I am also done marathoning ReLIFE. It is certainly good but my biggest gripe is it never puts much effort when dealing with heavy issues. Kariu’s arc was its emotional high for me as it showed how low humans can be when faced with hopelessness, but the supporter and Arata’s background felt like a miss because of this show’s tendency to storm through the events with a ridiculously fast pacing. The humor is a mixed bag too. Can’t this show, well, cut half of these and get on with the real thing in case there would be a second season?

I got a nice ending to place this show right in the middle of the pack. I don’t hate ReLIFe, it only presented a top tier premise and just coasted on it all the way.

Battery is also an oddball to be honest. I quite like the melancholic tone of the first half but it became a chore to watch on its second half. Look, the dialogue falls on a cringe-worthy level at times (or is it the faulty sub?) and we never got away from ‘baseball can be for everyone as long as you have the heart’ trope. I am loving the melancholic stance it held on from the moment it aired though. People hated the show because of the MC’s personality, but I call it okay since we got a lot of character to develop later on. Go, on the other hand, felt like the younger version of Sukeroku but.. well, he’s a hardworker (and rich) unlike that lovable bum.

Perhaps I am not the only one who likes Mob Psycho 100 just because of its psychedelic visuals but is totally meh with its story. I felt I was on my happy trip when I watched its fight scenes because I sensed creativity from Bones giving ONE’s manga to life. Do not ask me regarding its humor though – it’s even worse than One Punch Man’s one note jokes!


That awkward moment.
That awkward moment.

Do not get me wrong, I like Megumi and all but my personal biases towards tournament based shows are showing its ugly fangs towards the second episode of Shokugeki No Souma S2. Without a central conflict to hang on, Megumi and that freak’s fight is nothing but cooking fireworks and judges showing their overreaction towards their food. I literally fast forwarded the scenes as I did not get the references they are putting to their jokes (seriously, is it Jojo?).

It pains me to put this here but Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu‘s three minute airtime is working against its favor. I know, I wished for this show to be a short but it could have received screen time akin to Sekkou Boys and Kagewani. You are only beginning to appreciate the punchline, then the show moves on to another gag. Yet that’s not my issue with the show though. This week’s episode covered my least favorite part of the manga, so it’s unavoidable to put this in Eh at some point.


3 thoughts on “Summer 2016 – Week 2 in Anime (Part 1)

  1. Yes that was Jojo in the end and its funny could only be experienced properly if you have watched the last couple of episodes of Jojo’s Stardust Crusader Season 2. Anyway, the thing about the battles in Shokugeki no Soma now is that each fight is between two different takes on cooking. Alice vs Soma was between Alice’s scientific approach to cooking against Soma’s traditional way of cooking. Similarly, Ryo vs Megumi is about Ryo’s thinking that cooking is a battle fought alone against Megumi’s belief that cooking is the exact opposite of what Ryo believes. The following battles would probably follow a similar pattern. It’s all about who’s approach towards cooking is better and leads him/her to success.


    1. Ahh.. Perhaps that’s the reason why I didn’t appreciate it. BTW, I like Alice vs. Souma’s episode. I hope we get something like that again in the future. I am just not a fan of that week’s Shokugeki.


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