Summer 2016 – Week 2 in Anime (Part 2)

Yep. Two Souma episodes with this week in anime.  So far, all these shows are pretty worthy of time depending on your preferences.


Is everybody else prepared to sob later on in this show?
Is everybody else prepared to sob later on in this show?

The outcome of Megumi’s battle in last week’s Shokugeki no Souma Season 2 lacked tension but at least we got some neat realization coming from Nakiri (the head judge) about her ability. My indifference with that was compensated with overlapping sub-stories this episode. Let’s get on with the most interesting aspect first. Arato and Akira are supposed to be antagonistic with Souma but I like the absence of hate as regards to these two. I am pretty much interested on how their motivations to win are for another person and how their fight was not as flamboyant as the previous one (Akira slayed her though.). The Italian dude (Isami) also faces a caricature-ish dork but I think the former will lose anyway. I believe Souma is the one to teach him a lesson. I told you, I like this show when something is in stake and I think it is on an upward trajectory judging the preview next episode.

Who would have thought that an episode without much of Souma exposure can be good? Well, I am happy with it.

If there’s one thing Key is good at, it is setting up the atmosphere of melancholia. It makes sense that planetarian‘s second episode began to flesh the characters of Yumemi and the Junker. There are some emotionally ravaging lines thrown along the way, such as the Junker’s explanation that the world (now) is not as what Yumemi thinks anymore and Yumemi’s questions if dead robots go to afterlife or what’s the purpose of tears. My major quip is if intends to go full drama later on, we need to be more invested with the two. That’s how Key works work, isn’t it?

PS: Why do I feel that despite running for a mere five episodes, this show accomplishes more than Rewrite?

Momokuri dialed down the comedy this week and introduced a sort-of rival in the name of Sakaki. I am also happy to report that we are now getting some real development with Momo and Kuri’s relationship without too much saccharine. Sakaki also plays a good rival to be fair as she is freakin’ sane compared with our lovable budding yandere.

So if the jokes are still one note (yet it works for me), why do I still hold a high regard with it? Perhaps it’s due to its self awareness that Kuri’s action is way too beyond a normal person would do. Momo’s concern about their age difference is also something I long forward to. Lastly, Sakaki brings a good contrast to Kuri and she is going to be a catalyst for the latter to engage a normal relationship with Momo.


This samurai... pfft.
This samurai… pfft.

Seriously, we could ignore the prologue of Tales of Zestiria the X and start with this one without losing so much. This is a standard tale, executed the standard way only with ufotable’s jaw-dropping visuals. Yes, I am not mad but something is missing with the show when you are busy shipping Mikleo and Sorey instead of immersing yourself with its world or caring about the plot. I kind of like Alisha’s steadfast stance though.

I wonder why the hell Kuromukuro does not always do filler-ish episodes like this. Well, I still have an issue with the unnecessary characters but everything went good we got the focus to Efildog, Sophie and our two leads. This is the first episode of this series that I didn’t bother pressing the fast forward button thanks to the right balance of school life (seriously, remove the trio and Yukina’s friend to the series! please.) and plot progression. On a more serious note, is Yukihime hypnotized/controlled or something? It feels like it. On a less serious note, color me happy with our moe samurai begging a vending machine to give him food. I got a good laugh with it.


I am a masochist. Darn it.
I am a masochist. Darn it.

Maybe Handa-kun could learn from ReLIFE’s good use of facial reactions when it delivers jokes. It’s not that it lacks one but I need variation with this Handa-kun’s reaction. It might be me but a good comedic timing also involves good choice of music, facial reactions and changes with the MC’s vocal intonation. So far, this one is not doing it for me.  I still like Handa-kun over Sakamoto desu ga? but I don’t want to experience the same breed of show again.


Is Lucia a tsundere?
Is Lucia a tsundere?

I might as well create a separate category for Rewrite because I cannot judge it properly. Sure, the pacing is horrible (How on Earth did you spend half of your episode in filler and zings in to the serious parts on the latter half?) and I still do not care about these girls. Yet I think there’s a charm in it in the form of Kotarou that makes this series bearably fun. No, it’s not the Mayoiga kind of fun but I am happy seeing the dude goof around for the half of this episode while teasing all these Key girls (and Yoshino). Lucia is begging me for the best girl title in this show but I am still curious about Kagiri so my judgment won’t come until later.

Yet when taken seriously, I think the show should slow down to properly explain things. Darn it, who are these hunters and what is Kotarou’s Rewrite if told for more than three lines? What is Kagiri’s role to the story and what the heck does this supernatural club serve for? Yep… we need two cours for Rewrite.

We got a lot of foreshadowing here folks. I hope the show delivers when it reveals the answer with these things.


4 thoughts on “Summer 2016 – Week 2 in Anime (Part 2)

  1. I knew that the “Mayoiga Territory” was here to stay. I just need to suffer one more week then I can watch seasonally again. On an unrelated side note, Suicide Squad is coming (I’m very much looking forward to it).


    1. Man, another oddball has come this season and it’s been good, bad, funny and cringe at the same time.

      Wow. Time really flies fast. You are about to finish your study in Japan! Aside from these sensei trying to kill you with requirements, how was your stay?

      And oh, my officemates are also excited about that film.

      Liked by 1 person

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