Summer 2016 – Week 3 in Anime (Part 2)

Let’s continue, shan’t we? Oh, no Kuromukuro impressions this week. That was a Spring 2016 carryover.

Middling Good

Bones, you did it again!
Bones, you did it again!

Mob Psycho 100

What I liked: Fortunately, the second episode of Mob Psycho 100 makes up for the apparent shallowness of its premiere. It seems like this show addressed the weakness of One Punch Man’s characterization while retaining its wacky nature. It’s a given the visuals and the soundtrack will be outstanding thanks to Bones, but I was hooked by Mob’s teenage self’s issues. He is not nondescript yet he has real insecurities that fang deep within him. Reigen is the less interesting character between the two but I forgive him for actually inserting some influence in Mob’s personality. Lastly, I find some appeal with the crude artwork which translates to very ‘anime’, if you know what I mean.

What I did not: Darn this show’s humor that does not tickle my funny bones. That’s actually a big minus for me in appraising Mob Psycho 100 because these are thrown left and right and I can only smirk at best.


Badass grandpa is a badass grandpa.
Badass grandpa is a badass grandpa.

Tales of Zestiria the X

What I liked: Pinch me, this is not a bad show after all. For a video game adaptation, Zestiria is holding on its own to tell a coherent story. Some might find this grounded approach boring but I prefer this over shows that has video game feel painted all over them. We are given Alisha’s and Sorey’s objectives and so with a lurking antagonist underneath. And oh, ufotable is still spot on in delivering fight scenes albeit these are sporadic in Zestiria.

What I did not: Set-ups after set-ups after set-ups and nothing major is happening right now. You used three episodes for world-building. I am also convinced right now that episode zero was a waste of time. Can we now move to the main plot?

Shokugeki no Souma Season 2

What I liked: Aldini finally got his episode, but there’s nothing much to like until the last minutes when Souma challenged that dude for a Shokugeki in exchange of his life as a chef and those 99 knives the latter hoarded.

What I did not: The inconsistent swing of episodic quality from legitimately good to meh really pisses me in this season’s Souma. The odd-numbered episodes are great, the even-numbered ones are… well. Can I just presume that the next episode will be good?

Will Not Pique My Interest

Why am I even watching this?
Why am I even watching this?


What I liked: The jokes are actually funny if ever I read this in a manga. I don’t know what happened and Diomedea lost the luster of this spinoff and rendered it lifeless as an anime adaptation. I spotted some jokes which should made me laugh (the normal dude being the weird guy in the group is my favorite anime joke you know) but why am I looking at it with an indifferent face?

What I did not: I don’t buy Handa’s backstory as to why he was reduced to an anti-social. Misunderstandings can only do so much, you know? So long Handa-kun, you’re dropped for good.

What the Hell?


What I liked: Kotarou. What? Are you expecting me to see something beyond his antics after this trainwreck of an episode?

What I did not: Looks like 8-bit is going to adapt all the routes over a 13 episode series. Cue me tilting my perspective from taking this seriously to merely following Kotarou’s daily life as a goof after I sensed it will happen. If Zestiria is busy building its world, Rewrite is piling foreshadowing one after another with uncertain payoff. I also irked when we spent half of this episode through comedic fillers, the other 40% for Shizuru’s sob story and the remaining 10% for foreshadowing. I am now clueless if the show moves too fast for us to appreciate these characters or too slow because nothing world-changing is happening at this moment. What the hell?

As for Shizuru’s backstory? That had the potential to be as potent as Makoto’s backstory in Kanon 2006 (or Clannad’s Fuko) but darn this show’s botched treatment. If I was supposed to be heartless for not feeling anything about that, my apologies because my username is not for show.


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