Summer 2016 – Week 4 in Anime (Part 2)

The rest of these shows are pretty much okay. No high ceilings but you cannot sense duds either. Let’s start!


I am clueless if next week’s Souma wil be good.

It’s safe to say that I like this week’s Shokugeki no Souma – Season 2 episode. It presented all the things I usually love about this show. Souma being Souma, Erina being a repressed person and Nikumi being the show’s resident tsundere. Of course, Mimasaka is the big black stain in my enjoyment in this episode. Something ticked me off with the guy and it’s not just because he is supposed to be a villainous figure. Perhaps, he is too caricature-ish? Yet I cannot simply say his exposure needs to be shafted because he serves as a device to further develop Souma as a good lead. Okay, I will buy it for now.

Yeah. I am in #TeamLucia in this week’s Rewrite

Color me shocked! This episode of Rewrite is not confusing at all. AFTER FIVE FREAKIN’ EPISODES, WE GET ON TO THE MAIN PLOT! YAHOOOOO! I am not sure if it’s worth it but Lucia’s backstory left me horrified while glued to the screen during its run. Kotarou is the reason I am still watching this show so this episode did something right when I didn’t pay much attention to him. I cannot say that the whole debacle was done right, but for an anime series which is a tad confusing, I am glad with it. So I am posing a question right now – how much world building and foreshadowing we need to do for an anime series to hook its viewers? Gah.

Kill ’em.

Momokuri took the guts to present a serious episode but just couldn’t fully handle it in the most crucial moments. It is really nice to see our side leads getting their fair share of development. The outcome might be too creepy for this cute show (honestly, what surprises me anymore because Kurihara) but I don’t know how it managed to make a potentially incestuous situation pretty poignant.  Of course, we also get bits of Sakaki’s somber past. YET consider them all squashed the moment Momo and Kurihara go doki doki with each other just when we are absorbing the serious face of this series. GREAT.


Tales of Zestiria – the X is predictable, no? We all know that Sorey will go down to Earth along with Mikleo and will meet Alisha again. We are also dead sure that Sorey will be the Shepherd. Hence,  I kind of expected a twist that might shatter this pattern. The beginning parts are nicely done but I got bored with the mid parts after shoving us the ‘kill the princess’ plot and the tedious ceremony of extracting that darn sword. The fate of the Shepherd was also used as a backdrop too many times I rolled my eyes in frustration. However, I was happy that we get some quality fight scenes in this episode and the outstanding visuals courtesy of ufo. I just want something different with the show. At least, this is not filler-ish?

Lastly, Kuromukuro is tedious to watch if we focus on Yukina’s daily high school life. Yet my enjoyment exponentially increases whenever we get to explore the past of moe samurai and everyone else in the Research Institute. As for Yukihime, I wish we get some background about her. The element of surprise is now wearing thin.

PS: I am finally watching ReZero. God bless me in this mission. That’s all.


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