Summer 2016 – Week 5 in Anime

Pardon me for this late post. Time is somewhat unkind with me this week.


Being Suwa is suffering.
Being Suwa is suffering.

Orange barely managed to meet its usual high standards thanks to its production falling down a bit this week. This is also its happiest episode, and I am happy to report it dodges most shoujo cliches. What it did not was done gracefully. They might be overlooked but Naho’s friends are making orange great, especially Suwa. Naho and Kakeru alone will not make this series good without the convincing side leads. Thankfully, they act like real people (I was wowed by Hagita and Azu’s brute honesty regarding Suwa’s affection with Naho.) and they deliver believable lines. Perhaps the highlights of this episode for me were the rooftop scene and Suwa tearing up after Naho thanked his gestures.

If there’s a big irk that almost made me not a fan of this episode, I guess it is the science fiction hint it tried to drop. It only lasted for a few minutes but was more than enough to open a can of worms regarding this show’s ability to weave drama and time travel. I am not keen with the latter, just do not show its ugly head again.

Planetarian may be ending but this pulled some serious heartstrings and a coherent Key story until the end.  The death scene might have lasted for too long, we might not have seen the fate of the Junker but man, I cannot complain this much if I am bulldozed by truckloads of feels. There is no Deus Ex Machina and the show fully embraced its tragic nature. For Key fans, this is the anime show you should look for this season.

You know what, Days‘ manner of messing up with my feels remains effective even after five consecutive episodes. There’s something about the ball of positivity it evokes which cracks me a smile at worst and a teary eye at best. I wish I could have seen the entirety of their first match but Tsukamoto’s way of easing the tension was well thought off. I also like his self awareness where he thinks he is indeed the worst in his team and is most baffled with his selection. I felt bad for his senpai though. I understood that angered look in a while when his name was not called. Everyone (including Tsukamoto) is expecting him to be in his last tournament and bam! he is not called. Talk about bad luck.


A Sensei x Yagi yaoi route please?

Amaama to Inazuma tweaked its formula a bit this week and threw the cook fest aside – for the better. My only reason for putting it here is the parental issues it handled did not do so much for me. I see hints of Kotori x Sensei route but I pray to anime kamis it won’t happen. This is so going to be Usagi Drop 2.0 if it is.

Mob Psycho 100 presented a set up episode for the Teru – Mob fight. I cannot say I am completely thrilled but I am more keen with the looming atmosphere of teenage insecurity. Mob’s younger brother has the looks and brains but not Mob’s psychic power. Mob, on the other hand, pretty much lacks everything else aside from his power.

… and oh, the humor is still not making me laugh.


Thank you Subaru for making this cute loli cry. Darn it.
Thank you Subaru for making this cute loli cry. Darn it.

Finally, I caught up with Re: Zero and this is the highest place I could give to the show. I love the idea of throwing an otherwise generic lead to Higurashi-land and breaking him akin to Shinji Ikari. I also say it leads to emotionally poignant moments at times (episode 8, for me, is the series’ highlight). The atmosphere of desperation and deceit in Re:Zero is just right for my liking. Every character is devolving so far (well, except for Felt but where the heck is she and Rem) and they’re getting more interesting. What I do not love is the show’s terrible pacing (how long is this mansion’s arc anyway) and Subaru’s chauvinistic tendencies. I am not also sure whether I can withstand another episode of torturing Subaru. Yeah, the dude is bad but does he deserve those deaths? The last episode was good but I am not a fan of the overly long dialogue between Subaru and Rem. That’s all.

I somehow finished this week’s 91 Days. I don’t know why I lost the spark I used to have with the show. Is it the weird fourth episode? Maybe it’s because Nero’s younger brother instantly got his prominence to the series. Perhaps my detachment with other characters whose name is not Angelo. Even Nero bores me despite me liking his design.

Shokugeki no Souma is another oddball I want to like more than it really is. Yet Mimasaka is just tearing my suspense of disbelief. No, it’s not just because we are supposed to be angry with a villain. He is too OP considering the non-supernatural nature of the show. Just how can you stalk everyone without facing legal consequences?! Thankfully, we got a lot of Souma in this episode and it means an thrilling second half. A bit of a personal wish, I kind of hope these students will see him in a new light after this Shokugeki match.

For the others…

  • Cheer Danshi bordered on being too dramatic for my taste this week. I could do less for the “I am the worst” cliche but the last five minutes was just pure bliss. I am fairly attached to Kazu and Haru so color me a happy puppy when they executed their first performance smoothly.
  • Tales of Zestiria the X is slowly becoming more interesting thanks to this all anime original episode this week. The dungeon fight scene is just stellar, thanks to ufotable, yet why do these characters aren’t doing anything for me? Nothing still screams wow but this is good, considering it is a video game adaptation.
  • Kuromukuro is on action again with hints thrown along the way. I am guessing the winged robot is Yukina’s dad. The CGI robots do not mesh well with the background though.
  • Your fondness of Battery will depend on how you like Takumi. He’s a brat, sure, but I am more curious as to how this show will develop him as a normal person. Go is surely changing him, I just do not know if Takumi is willing to follow the norms. There is a brooding bullying arc in this show. Just do not leave me cold when it happens.
  • The Morose Mononokean presented another decent flair, which should be expected but there are too many bishies in the show!
  • Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu is just okay (again). Yet this is the point where my patience ticked off in the manga and denounced it. I guess I’ll put this in Eh? starting next week.


The two shows in my chopping block.
The two shows in my chopping block.

Momokuri is cute yet this week is not exactly an entertaining episode. We were shoved how cute Momo is….

… and it makes me think this might be a generic harem flick after all. There are some poignant moments which I liked (Sakaki and Kuri bonding over the temple) but man, what’s the point of these girls pawning over Momo? I am not mad with the show. I am too baffled with the punchline it tries to evoke.

Rewrite’s irritating habit of piling fillers with foreshadowing has surpassed my liking of Kotarou. Hence, there goes me condemning the show as a poorly done VN adaptation. My patience ran out and this might be the first Key show that I drop. What happened to Kagiri before this point? Why did they drop the main plot in the last minutes of this episode in exchange for these fillers? There are too many questions Rewrite, answer these without the questionable brand of humor you are trying to pose!


2 thoughts on “Summer 2016 – Week 5 in Anime

  1. If Zestiria and Berserk swapped production staff, the former would be another Ace Attorney/Phantasm Star Whatever and the latter would be an anime of the year contender. Why does life suck so much?

    Oh, Zestiria is introducing a new character next week for their Tales of Berseria release. I think Miss Velvet Crowe will be what has the potential to push the show from good to great (or, as you view it, meh to good). At the moment, I’m finishing up Grimgar and Rakugo, and have Re:Zero lined up next. That I basically only have one full day at university a week has made my life the most swimmingly it’s been since January :).


  2. “If Zestiria and Berserk swapped production staff, the former would be another Ace Attorney/Phantasm Star Whatever and the latter would be an anime of the year contender. Why does life suck so much?”

    – I am not feeling much about this Zestiria adaptation aside from the gorgeous ufotable visuals. It’s not bad, yet I have yet to say ‘oohh’ or ‘that was awesome’ with the show. As for Berserk, I never watched the main series so color me clueless with the negative reception with the 2016 adaptation.

    On the other hand, are you back in Australia? Congratulations for surviving hell! Muwahahaha. I wished I availed some of these when I was a student but well, I do not have the money (back then).



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