Summer 2016 – Weeks 6 and 7 in Anime (Part 1)

I think I am going to retire this weekly ani-coverage. I am currently thinking of a new format.

Real-life commitments (man, having two jobs is not easy!) and wanting to watch as many shows as I can finally took a toll to my already limited time. Hence, I am officially letting go of this weekly ani-blogging. I am also dreaded with Fall 2016 line up so my pseudo-hiatus may be a good thing after all. Rest assured I will come with some posts albeit these may not be related with current anime series.

This is the least romantic good confession scene I witnessed in anime.

Going back to seasonal shows, orange is ahead against everything else in the competition with its sheer emotional strength, isn’t it? I mean, it’s not only an aberrant shoujo series but also a show that focuses on teenage depression. Perhaps that’s what makes orange more substantial than most of its peers.

Thankfully, episodes six and seven zoomed Suwa and Kakeru’s characterization (please, make them a pair in another alternate world!). The former is just freakin’ selfless to the point of setting his own happiness aside for Naho and Kakeru. Well, that can be explained by the older Suwa instructing him what to do and (gulp!) Kakeru’s suicidal tendencies. The latter, man, his thoughts hit too close to home. This is how a depressed person acts, and Naho’s company will find hard time to save our damsel in distress. He just made these obligatory Summer Festival and Birthday Celebrations totally sad. I guess we are so right about protecting his smile after all! I also like how the present time is intertwined without dragging plot lines down unlike a noitamina show last Winter 2016 (Hello ERASED!).

Also commended is the inclusion of Naho’s friends which certainly adds some nice vignettes to an already great series. Well, I only wonder how will they (Takako, Azusa and Hagita) be involved in the greater plot to save Kakeru. Sure, they’re pushing Naho forward… I just do not know with the latter. The only thing that affects my overall enjoyment with the show is Ueda. Yet I think she is criminally underutilized. She didn’t actually fight back against Takako when the latter is about to raise her hand, signifying she’s more vulnerable that it seems. If the show is serious about her reappearing, I hope we get more of her side aside from the girl who’s head over heels for Kakeru.

PS: The show loves to showcase frogs. Darn it! What’s the reason behind this? Lastly, I got chills when Kakeru mimicked the sound of funeral bells while looking outside the window. Someone help this dude!

This is how you make a creepy song Mayoiga.

Amaama to Inazuma changed its gears for the last two weeks (more Yagi appearance is appreciated) and it went back on track again. The sixth episode felt like a bonanza where all the cast were thrown in a cookfest – and I don’t actually mind since they look so happy together. However, the real deal was this week’s episode since we saw the adventures of Tsumugi and her inner chuunibyo (she just made a shark song cute) yet her wide eye innocence is something I adore. I mean, she took the effort to go to Kotori-chan’s house because her father is sick, and that’s cute.

Just when I thought it pulled a nice episode, Inuzuka-sensei pulled something that changed my perception. Fathers are terrifying creatures when they’re angry, aren’t they? It also went near the brilliance of episode one by pushing Tsumugi’s emotions a bit, and color a dude happy watching a serene show but with conflicts showing in the screen. I am thankful the cookfest for these two episodes were not that highlighted – Amaama to Inazuma is great again!

Don Orco flavored pasta. LOL

I am still not yet convinced 91 Days will regain my adoration for it but Angelo is one heck of a manipulator. I can see several plot points in this show but I am afraid that there comes an episode where it squashes all the build -up. There’s the brand of alcohol Corteo creates, the family wars (and the internal strifes of Vanetti) and Angelo’s revenge for four persons who messed with his family. These actually sound great on paper, if not for the sort of its too-grounded approach in a series set at the 1920s. I am also afraid we reached a point that it’s getting too convoluted that I don’t know why I am watching the show anymore.

PS: The Don Orco brand of lasagna made me utter gross. Lastly, I am glad that Frate is out of 91 Days. What the hell that dude is doing?

It’s safe to say I got captivated by Takumi’s insular tendencies.

Lastly, Battery (yes, this criminally hated show in MAL), stepped up in developing Takumi and his ‘pairing’ with Gou. Darn that show’s teasing us fujoshis in the shipping territory! Well, that aside, I was glad I stayed with it since I can now see hints of Takumi’s changing personality.

Bullying him in the fifth episode is really uncomfortable to watch. Yet… we were presented the materialization of his grandpa’s claim that Takumi and Gou are like an old couple. Nobunishi’s actions didn’t go unpunished but it affected the team’s goodwill at school. He is not much of a character to begin with so the impact felt really dull. I mean, it was supposed to be a game changer but I felt nonchalance. The next episode is more interesting, in a way, that Takumi realized that his talent is way beyond his years. Even Gou couldn’t catch up with him, resorting him to dilute his real prowess much to the team’s downfall. Other than that, yes, I am still enjoying the show.

PS: Anime kamisamas, please forgive me for shipping 13-year olds.

For the others:

  • DAYS. Tsukamoto is cool. WE GET IT! Ugh. Mizuki -the moe Seiseki captain- is cooler though. Lastly, Yotaro’s VA is voicing the captain of Saku High. Darn it, I died. My enjoyment kind of waned in the seventh episode because of that caricature-ish semi-final opponent. I hate these kinds of characters the most – and not just because they exist for us to abhor them.
  • Cheer Danshi is a series that executes everything nicely except the visuals. It’s a shame – the show is nicely paced and the new characters are making the scenes livelier. The plot progression is also good.
  • Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu is just okay, yet the artwork is progressively growing worse through time. I get them not showing BL mangas in a public place. WHY PEOPLE DON’T REALIZE THEIR WORTH?! Sigh.
  • Perhaps The Morose Mononokean is the best show in this spitfire impressions. Thank you for giving bits of Abeno’s personality plus a touching sixth episode. You’re back on humanizing yokais and I sincerely liked that. The latest episode is a bit of comedic success, thanks to the girl we met weeks ago. It successfully transitioned to a darker tone once we were given emphasis (again) on Abeno’s status as The Mononokean. Develop him more. Please?
  • I will make a separate Re: Zero article. Just wait for it. The show’s kind of frustrating to watch.

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