Summer 2016 – Weeks 6 and 7 in Anime (Part 2)

Thank you for reading my weekly blabbers about anime shows. See you in the end of Summer 2016 Season Impressions!

Mob Psycho 100 is one heck of a cathartic, uncomfortable and bizarrely entertaining show to watch. The fifth episode is the ugly resolution of Mob and Teru fight and what an amazing episode that was! Aside from the visual gravitas Bones gave, it paralleled inherent deficiencies of Mob and Teru as people. Teru’s argument says that both of them are nothing without their psychic powers. On the other hand, Mob knows this fact yet he’s trying to search for something else in him. Lo’ and behold, we witnessed what happened when the Mob’s psycho reaches 100%. That was a deliciously horrifying experience.

The sixth episode should have been a breather but is also intense on its own. Ritsu is finally succumbing to the ugly side effects of obsession with finding psycho powers. I felt uneasy watching him descend to desperate moves just to assert his personality. Man, you’re already great! Well, this episode also proved that mob mentality is just the worst and paranoia leaves everyone irrational thinkers. Now – who isn’t thrilled when we saw Reigen and that green blob last week? I miss them (minus Reigen’s awful humor as usual).

Kuromukuro FINALLY turned great in a way we see convincing cat and mouse chase courtesy of our moe samurai and the moe lead. I am sure I am not alone being horrified when Yukina saw Yukihime’s head in the central core of Efildog. Apart from that, we get actions – and loads of that plus enthralling plot revelations. I also like the fact that Sophie gets more deserved screentime as I think she’s the best characters in the show. Everything’s coming in full circle – yet I hope that was revealed way before in exchange of these dull slice of life episodes.

PS: These Kuromukuro offerings made me wish the series was as vibrant as these in its whole run.

Momokuri‘s slowly getting better again thanks to our focus shifting to Kurihara. The yandere-lover in me just wants to see her getting all over Momo-kun. Her bestfriend makes the show more fun – in a way she’s the literal antithesis of these kids having doki-doki moments in their universe. I want more of these!

Shokugeki no Souma – The Second Plate prepares for the Final Tournament – and these parts highlight the best part of this series. For me, it’s all about Souma trying to outwit himself and his competitors by tearing traditional walls. Episode 6 is a bummer thanks to an OP fight between Akira and Ryo. Man, I didn’t come to watch the series to see how cool these kids are! Ugh. However, the seventh episode nicely presented Souma hitting a wall in terms of creativity. The kid surely had trouble in trying to find an edge against a freak and a cool aroma specialist. I chuckled with his Pacific saury that looks like a corndog against the pristine condition of Akira and Ryo’s ingredient. Now that’s something!

Uhh…. I cannot even begin writing about Rewrite because the show felt like Mayoiga again minus the chaotic fun. We get plot in the sixth episode then there’s ANOTHER PLOT in the seventh one. Why the heck Kagiri instantly got her focus? Is it the stupid stone that caused her memory loss? Why did you throw off the interesting plot points in the sixth one?! That one presented what this series could have been should it skipped the forced drama for action. Talk about frustrating!

All I know is I am watching bad adaptation of a VN that is impossible to adapt as an anime in the first place (based on what I heard). The only thing that makes me watch it is due to the fact that it’s not boring. It instills emotions in me, even if it’s negative so this cannot be my worst of Summer 2016. However, I am sad that I am roasting a Key show. I thought Charlotte is their lowest point, then I saw this. Sigh.


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