Some Issues I Have With Summer 2016 Shows

TL; DR – Just end this season already, ugh. Kidding.

While the best anime shows this season (Your Name and A Silent Voice) isn’t available in legal streaming sites, let me have some pre-finale thoughts about some  of its notable offerings.

Orange is in its usual grace again as indicated by the latter half of episode 10. The production values are back on track, and I am happy to report I am mostly won again by the show. Let us hope it will be like this until the end. The plot, however, seemed to get stale past episode 7. My main issue with orange is why the heck everyone received their letters but didn’t tell each other immediately back then. That downplayed Naho’s dilemma, yet that also explains why the group seemed to be impossibly nice to each other all the time.

Maybe Kakeru is not much of an interesting lead to begin with. Well, Kayo isn’t that fascinating too and I am wondering whether the overall whole of ERASED is greater than its parts in the end. At least Naho sometimes deviates from her typical shoujo heroine act. Suwa is okay, but he’s been veering too much on a Gary Stu for the past two episodes. I need some crack in his personality but who cares? I like his characterization. I want some more Azu, Hagita and Takako as they are more interesting than the main leads. Other than that, orange is headed to become my anime of the season unless it stumbles (again) in its last two episodes.

Why does the Gangsta. ghost keep on appearing in the most unnecessary places?!

Speaking of gangster series, 91 Days gets acclaim across the anime blogs and in Ani-Twitter (except for me and this dude). The show somehow redeemed my views about Shuka after murdering the second season of Durarara!! Yet I should have realized the opening is quite the representative for the series – good but too lifeless for my taste.

I have greater issues other than its  somber presentation. The plot and this large set of characters need 2 cours to be fully explored since the pacing is quite too fast. Actually, it is way too fast for me to memorize the character names and their motives! Take the most recent episode, for starters, the last minute should have left a strong impact. Yet thanks to the speed of how events unfold, I can only say “Eh? Who is he?” despite his presence about 4 episodes prior.

I also cannot sympathize with Angelo at this point. Man, the dude is cunning but what else does he offer aside from that? His care for Corteo (I presume guilt is the better term) made his resolution waver (and it’s a welcome change) but what else do I know from him? Nero is worse as I cannot remember what he is like aside from his Hachiman voice and stunning looks.

We all know where 91 Days will end as the cover art spoils everything. It will be bloody and action-oriented. Can we use a little spice to make things exciting before we get to that? Ultimately, I need some stinging emotions for this show to leave some impressions after its airtime.

One Punch Man proved ONE can imagine sakugas akin to climactic events of shounen shows. On the other hand, Mob Psycho 100 shows that he can do the same with the former while injecting emotionally palpable premise. Mind you, this is uncomfortable to watch at times thanks to a homage to insecure teens everywhere. The main leads in the show have some self-esteem issues that honestly feel too real at times. Thankfully, Reigen serves as a balancing act despite his godawful humor.

Now to my issues. It is not impossible that Mob Psycho 100 will be my anime of the season should orange fall apart in the end. Note that my reason isn’t because this show’s gonna be better but a certain stumble of another show. Similar with One Punch Man, Mob Psycho 100 has reached a certain point for me where my reception won’t change anymore despite the amazing sakugas it present.  I also have a problem with its way of mirroring OPM’s plot elements (HA! An organization full of powerful people! Welp!) so I am ultimately warm (but not hot) with the show.

That is the main reason why I am not THAT happy with Mob Psycho 100’s most recent episode. Sure, I love some sakugas but man, I have seen better (and with wry humor) with One Punch Man.

I honestly don’t think we will get a satisfying ending with Re: Zero. Subaru being possessed by Betelgeuse does not feel as striking with as previous deaths. Maybe the Whale Arc is a bit too long for my taste or Wilhelm’s chauvinistic flashback was too much for my tolerance. I get it! Subaru has to die after finishing a save point but man, this type of storytelling is growing old for my case. There’s something wrong with Re: Zero when a viewer who usually checks the details googled “Subaru X Julius” instead in his Twitter account. For the love of unicorns, we are now at episode 24 and we still haven’t had some important information as to why Subaru ended in that pseudo-Middle Age Earth! It has to have a second season, or White Fox commits one of the greatest sins in anime. Not creating a sequel for a successful series.


Lastly, Rewrite is just the worst. I don’t know what Tanaka is thinking at this point but the series is badly paced, the characters have zero development and the plot is just a mess. Worse, the show isn’t funny unlike Mayoiga’s wobbly dialogue and crazy character interactions. I lasted 10 minutes in episode 11 before turning off my tablet because I thought sleeping is more useful than wasting my time with the show. There ya go, Rewrite is my personal worst this season. I can go as far as saying this anime adaptation is a disservice to the Visual Novel. Sigh.

Other thoughts:

  • Amaama to Inazuma downgraded to A-meh-meh to Inazuma real quick in its last episode. It is still good, but we need to see a flashback of Kouhei’s dead wife soon. Yagi is hot though.
  • Cheer Danshi is my biggest frustration this season. How did this good anime fell in the hands of wrong studio? Don’t get me wrong. The pacing is okay, the characters get their needed spotlight according to their roles and it’s emotionally poignant at some points. However, Cheer Danshi is downright ugly and I hope it will sell decently because Brains Base seemed to lose its spark after OreGairu
  • Kuromukuro is turning one of the better shows this season. Thank God for finally balancing fillers and engaging action.
  • DAYS is okay, I guess. The same can be said with Tales of Zestiria and the boilerplate The Morose Mononokean.
  • Shokugeki no Souma‘s end of Autumn Elections is underwhelming. The same can be said with the relatively entertaining Stagiare Arc. At least, the show’s back with Souma being an adorable shounen lead. I am glad with that, and also with Arato’s characterization. Who knows the girl can be also cute when given an ounce of screen time?
  • Momokuri is back to being semi-funny. Thanks to the show’s (finally!) opening a can of worms in Kurihara’s stalker tendencies. Oh no. I am beginning to be smitten with Momo-kun is cute thing. UGH.
  • Battery is muddled with teenage drama that is half-baked when you take Takumi and Go out of the equation. Can these senpais end their bickers already? Mizugaki, JUST. SHUT. UP.

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