Fall 2016 – First Impressions (Part 2)

This includes Classicaloid, Kiss Him, Not Me!, March Comes Like A Lion and Occultic; Nine.


I am not sure what I just watched to be fair, and whether this show is for me. I was expecting something crazier (remember the first episode of Concrete Revolutio?) but got something dedicated for children instead. It’s wacky in a way we got these esteemed musicians (Beethoven, Mozart and Bach) and their quirks (cooking gyoza is hard folks) in anime form. However, this level of insanity isn’t enough to keep me going. I cannot see the sustainability of this ‘we are so gonna saving this place’ in the long run. Yes, I won’t watch anymore of Classicaloid. Nonetheless, this is a pleasant start to those who want squeaky clean anime series.

Kiss Him, Not Me!

The manga I’ve been reading since early 2015 got an anime adaptation, so hurray! The wrong message about the concept of beauty aside (Igarashi is exempted to this though), this first episode is funny enough to get a laugh or two. Part of it is because this anime feels very personal – I am a rotten dude and Kae pokes fun of our lifestyle. Also color me rolling with laughter thanks to the shift from your typical fujo show to an otome-tinted fujoshi series. Man! Kae, the anime character is my spirit animal in terms of 2D wackiness. Seriously, it’s quite uncertain on how others would react to Kiss Him, Not Me! For those who can relate? This is brilliant madness.

My main beef about this show lies on the VAs since everything else is solid right away. Are their voices a bit too quiet? I don’t know, but that’s one department I am not sold. I will watch more of this, since it’s MY ANIME.

March Comes Like A Lion

Probably this is my most favorite new series this season, but I am still baffled by the directional choices Shaft made. Despite the lack of head tilts, the abrupt cut from one scene to another feels random. This isn’t Monogatari, you know. This treatment reduced the overall impact of Rei’s depression and search for himself. I also wonder why on Earth, Shaft was chosen instead of the reliable JC Staff in animating this?

The Honey and Clover treatment is what this series deserved. I can see the humor being pulled off if that’s the case but man, the way they did it was exaggerated. Anything Monogatari should have been brushed away at this point. Other than that, March Comes Like a Lion has a good opening episode. It could have been the best this year – it’s just…. underwhelming to be honest.

Occultic; Nine

There you go, Occultic; Nine is the most annoying and pretentious (semi-colon) show this Fall 2016. This makes me even more annoyed because it has solid production values and a freakin’ clean premise to begin with. However, the narration seemed to mimic Durarara!!’s randomness and it failed. BIG TIME.  The latter (at least the first season) gets some lovable characters from it. Occultic; Nine is simply irritating in a way these characters shout, show their quirks and present some hints of actual plot, all without letting the audience immerse themselves in the story. Sure, I will watch this towards the end but that would be due to me pointing out the wrongs in this show. I guess even MAL users are angry with Occultic; Nine. Wow, the curse of the semi-colon still lingers here.

That said, Fune wo Amu and Ajin are the only other shows I have yet to see this season. These shows are mostly okay, but man, where’s the fire Summer 2016 has gone to?


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