Fall 2016 – First Impressions (Overall)

No storm can stop me from posting this. Yahalo!

It is safe to say that I enjoyed more of Fall 2015’s premiere than this. I cannot pinpoint an exact feeling about these shows except for a fact that it feels Spring 2016 all over again. The sequels are what I enjoyed the most, and the new ones solicited “This is kinda good” at best and “Ugh this annoying thing” at worst. Yet it’s too early to say that we are doomed. Remember how Aragoto and Concrete Revolutio became the bests in 2015? Yes, they are Fall 2015 shows.

Without further ado, let me do my traditional grouping with Fall 2016 shows.


1. Sound Euphonium S2


If you are up to some good drama while still holding on to the main premise, simply binge watch Sound Euphonium. It’s akin to a more accessible Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu while still flexing layered storytelling chops from the eyes of my most favorite Kyoto Animations female lead.


2. Ajin S2


Again, the only thing that works against Ajin’s favor is the terrible CGI visuals. That says a lot since its plot progression is probably the best paced in 2016. The horror is still there, conflicting ideologies are well presented and we got some nice touches on how humans can be so low. The Kou-Kai dynamic feels refreshing, albeit leaning towards the comedy at time. I miss this show.

3. Fune wo Amu


Sangatsu no Lion was my favorite new show this season until this aired. Like Rakugo, it has a tall task to sell a very uncommercial premise (dictionaries, everyone?) but it managed to be artsy and dignified all throughout. The main character might be a bit too dull for your taste, but I am excited on how far the staff will develop him along with the story.

4. Sangatsu no Lion


In terms of sheer plot, this is my number 1 for Fall 2016. However, some Shaft eccentricities was carried over in Sangatsu no Lion and I was distracted as heck. Abrupt scene transitions? Check. Exaggerated humor? Check. I’ll be bailing out if I see any head tilts in this otherwise magnificent show.

5. Girlish Number


My main problem with Shirobako is its simplistic positivity over the hardships in anime industry. So color me delighted with Girlish Number when it lampooned what’s was wrong when you produce an anime. Chitose might be a total jackass, but she wears that clothe well. I will watch more of this.


6. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans 2

As I said, we need an exploration of the aftermath of events that transpired in the first season. I wasn’t expecting more plot expansion even if they have yet to iron the mess Tekkadan made when they landed on Earth. I still love this show, but color me disappointed with the direction it took.

7. Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice has some outstanding visuals, good drama and a whole lot of awful comedy. The last one eats a quarter of an episode so I cringe whenever the show tries to be funny. Other than that, I find Yuri’s dilemma pretty relatable and darn those savvy use of social media in this show. Yum.

8. Shuumatsu no Izetta

This is predictable but fun. That’s all I can say with this WW2-centric witch series. Thank you for straying from the Tales of Zestiria – the X formula.

9. Kiss Him, Not Me

A show for fujoshis from a BL author. This show knows how to poke fun on the fujoshi lifestyle without glorifying it too much. The premise might irk traditional watchers but for us who can relate, this is brilliant madness.

10. DAYS

The second cour of DAYS opened with a nice filler episode that snugs right enough before the main battle. Start making Tsukamoto good at soccer, please?

11. Keijo!!

Those misplaced feminism comments aside, Keijo!! is a by the number sports show that relies on shock most of the time. It is not that bad as people claim, but if you remove the ecchi, it’s just ordinary. However, this is a good sign that Keijo!! has its own rules and does not show skin for the sake of showing it.


12. Flip Flappers

Beyond the symbolism, Flip Flapper is an amazing show in terms of visual but is a head scratcher in terms of writing. I am sure this will get better but don’t ask me about the premiere episode. It was all style and little substance.

13. Classicaloid

It’s not bad – Classicaloid is not just for me. The show is intended for children and it does a good job with that. I just felt weird watching something that is past my tolerance level.

14. Occultic; Nine

Tell me, how can a show gets so irritating and boring at the same time? Whatever that is good in terms of visuals and sounds do not excuse the Durarara!! like storytelling that failed big time. Also, do not ask me on how the show tries to inject so much energy that it’s still lifeless but is too loud in the end. UGH.

There you go, here’s my initial ranking of the shows this season. Any comments, wild reaction or suggestions? None? Okay, let’s watch the second episodes altogether folks.


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