Fall 2016 – Three Episode Test

Yo! It’s been a while since I wrote anything in this site now that my weekly overviews were moved to VoxArtes.

This season is pretty okay to be honest. I just miss the emotional resonance of Summer 2016. Yet hey, we got diversity this time. I have some pretty funny shows, some ecchi and a whole lot of gay so I think we are up to a well-rounded set of offerings in Fall 2016.

Let us start ranking them like I always do. As usual, sequels rule my list but I think this is an improvement from last year’s Fall thanks to a better set of new shows.


You want drama? Here’s a good DRAMA.
  1. Sound! Euphonium S2

What I liked: The brilliant three-way drama it presents is nothing short of juicy and is one of the most potent this year. Also note that Sound! Euphonium S2 keeps Kyoto Animation’s keen attention to details and its brand of subdued character drama that makes the first season a winner. Kumiko’s role as the series’ narrator is also great, allowing her and the side characters to shine in balance.

What I did not: Though not as much as a complaint, some will be turned off by the conclusion of the Mizore arc. Mizore isn’t much of a character but a plot tool to keep things going. You can’t please everyone even with this caliber of drama, aren’t you?


More like, Yaoi on Ice to be honest.
More like, Yaoi on Ice to be honest.
  1. Ajin S2

What I liked: With the pacing ERASED wishes it has and the horror Mayoiga should have, Ajin has the makings of a classic horror show. With the first season done with laying the set-up, the second season presents the elaborate plan of Satou and to crack Kei’s sociopathic tendencies. Forces clash and Kei’s plan to be a dog of Tosaki worked. Man, Ajin might end up in my top 2016 shows at this point.

What I did not: Kou. That dumb white knight sexist dude might be funny to watch but is really annoying when he interferes Kei’s train of thoughts.

  1. Fune wo Amu

What I liked: I have a penchant for shows with weird premise and this elitist bait hits the items on my checklist. Color me happy with the way it mixes dictionary making with romance so this is my most favorite new show this season.

What I did not: Can this show get a little more, you know, exciting? Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu made an obscure topic really universal and I was one of those who gobbled it towards its run.

  1. Sangatsu no Lion

What I liked: An angsty Rei and whatever (subdued) drama that made Honey and Clover great. There are moments which are this season’s emotional high (and might rival orange’s) and I quite enjoyed those. The river scene with Hina was probably my most favorite in this series. Darn these potent heartstrings.

What I did not: The exaggerated humor borders on annoying and what the hell is Shinbo’s style doing in this show? That is for Monogatari series you know. To echo Enzo’s opinion, you don’t need much animation to present this as an anime. What the hell have you done Shaft?

  1. Yuri on Ice

What I liked: When it gets serious, Yuri on Ice is actually visually great. I remember having goose bumps with the showdown between two Yuris. Also, I am keener with the serious development between Yuri and Viktor’s relationship. I am not particular with the BL route in instance but the level of trust they have with each other.

What I did not: Repeated animation scenes can get a little more annoying. Moreover, I have issues with the godawful humor. When will this show take itself seriously?

  1. Girlish Numbers

What I liked: The strong dialogue keeps this show ahead from its cute girls doing nothing peers. Chitose is a one hell of a lead and so with the supporting lead. It feels like this is a commentary with the anime voice acting industry in general without the slick treatment of Shirobako. I want more of it.

What I did not: Nothing much – except for the fact that we need more spice in this show. OreGairu was also just fine until the conflicts to be honest. Same goes with this show.

  1. Drifters

What I liked: Probably the action sequences and the layered groups make me enjoy Drifters. I am that dude who is generally averse with this type of show so it’s a good thing that I like this. Toyohisa’s group is a funny oddball and I am enthralled with their blatant use of violence. You want to cut some humans in half? Sure, why not?

What I did not: The humor sucks in a level that if it makes 50% of an episode, I will have no qualms in putting Drifters as the worst this season.


Basically me and my Twitter friends whenever we ship characters.
  1. Kiss Him, Not Me

What I liked: For once, we get a comedy show that is actually funny. Who would have thought we only need a fujoshi to be a lead character in a reverse harem? The jokes clicks 90% of the time and the worst thing you can get is an amused smile. Oooh. The amazing path of being a fujoshi. We’re with you Kae. Contrary to popular belief, the show does not use much fujoshi jokes so chill before you trash this one.

What I did not: It also falls in the same flaws with its other counterparts in terms of pacing their relationship. I also realized the premise sounds wrong for feminists, but man, the show is aware in this oddity.

  1. DAYS

What I liked: Tsukamoto actually improving. There’s more of Mizuki and I just love that moe of a captain.

What I did not: Animation actually getting worse. That’s all. It’s a sports show and it needs some. Seems like Yuri on Ice got everything this season for MAPPA.

  1. Mobile Gundam Suit: Iron Blooded Orphans Season 2

What I liked: Probably the action scenes remain entertaining to watch. More side leads get more screen time and Kudelia is now actually a capable woman.

What I did not: Its manner of presenting new things in a brisk manner got me lost its magic last season. Also, can you get Hush a bit more of characterization? He’s paper thin in that department!

  1. Poco’s Udon World

What I liked: The odd relationship between Nakajima and Tawara. This BFF seemed to have shared some real good conversation about growing up and leaving one’s town.

What I did not: It fizzles whenever it deals with emotionally heavy topics. I know, subdued drama is good but not the extent of sucking any trace of melancholy. Also, I can’t get any emotional investment from a tanuki. Ugh.

  1. Shuumatsu no Izetta

What I liked: It’s a more entertaining version of Tales of Zestria – the X. So rest assured you won’t get bored by watching it. You know, it is the real yuri-bait this season. Moreover, it has the same strength as Drifters that it plays the multi-party trope well.

What I did not: Episode four. Enough said.

  1. Flip Flappers

What I liked: Holy cow. Sorry Sound! Euphonium but Flip Flappers is actually the most visually enthralling show this season. The level of sakuga is at par with One Punch Man, making this a resounding triumph in an animator’s point of view.

What I did not: Story? What story? Whatever it does, I think has been done by Kiznaiver and I am afraid it will stumble once the crap gets real.

  1. Keijo!!!!!!!!

What I liked: For an ecchi show, this is actually a decent shounen flick with lots of ridiculous (but good) butt and boobs fight. I don’t get anime feminists trashing this show because it lays legit rules for making these girls fight. I see no difference with it if the players are men, you know.

What I did not: For an ecchi show, I don’t need the trashy moans or mindless fanservice that destroy my enjoyment big time. You are not a wish fulfillment show Keijo!!!!!!!!


How the crap is this even possible?
How the crap is this even possible?
  1. Classicaloid

What I liked: The premise sounded cool…

What I did not: … but the execution falls short of being exciting. This is boring as hell, the comedy sucks big time and I think I am not the right person to watch this show. Yet then, who is?

  1. Occultic; Nine

What I liked: Uhh… Probably the technicals? It’s not boring because I am annoyed 99% of the time?

What I did not: If you are going to take Durarara!!’s style of narration, make sure you have some lovable characters and a good setting to start. Occultic;Nine got the premise right but squanders on everything else. Watching it feels like putting your favorite fruits in a blender until it becomes unrecognizable in the end. Everything is too fast, while tackling multiple storylines at once. You know, there’s a show called Concrete Revolutio and even that great show stumbled at times with that kind of storytelling.

Also, the characters are just annoying, except for Ami and Aria. All others? Can’t they just be included in that mass suicide thing presented since episode one?!

Yeah, see you in my next post (aka, my most favorite anime endings) to be posted later or tomorrow. Thank you for reading!


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