My Most Favorite Anime Endings

Yes, I got something that’s not related with Fall 2016 folks. Forgive me for my rather informal tone with this one.

Anime endings are apparently the deal maker or breaker for most shows. For me, a good ending should tie knots from the previous events, or give the show one final push for a emotionally compelling finish. Eitherway, it should make you remember that the series you are watching is something beyond meh or watchable.

Well, a good show does not have to have a neat ending as evidenced by Concrete Revolutio or Akagami no Shirayuki-hime. Yet bad ones (I am looking at you Gangsta.) can change your impression with the whole series. Don’t worry, this post is mostly spoiler-free – I am way too lazy to describe what happened in that certain episode. Let’s start.

This moment in Hyouka killed me from spazzing. Oreki and Chitanda’s romance is real.

15. FLCL – This crazy show ended in a poignant note, reminding us that pubescent years are the just the worst.

14. OreGairu S2 – Who would have thought ending right in the middle of an arc also gives a neat resolution for these socially troubled teens?

13. Hyouka – Perhaps the most visually expressive show in this list, you don’t need magical girls or freakin’ apocalyptic scenarios for a memorable ending.  A cute love story, or nice realization on Oreki’s side makes this show a tad more bittersweet.

12. Tengen Tonpa Gurren Lagann – Yes, throwing galaxies like frisbies count as one of my greatest anime moments. Ever. Well, the sting of melancholy towards the last frames is why I dig Gurren Lagann’s ending so much. Not every hero is meant to have a happy ending.

11. Samurai Flamenco  – Perhaps this crazy ending worked in its favor simply because of this show’s insane nature. A shounen ai confession amidst the chaos? Sure, I will eat it up. Amazingly, that ended up really emotionally palpable.

Just get a room dumb justice boyfriends!

10. Monogatari Second Season – My reception towards Monogatari Second Season might be mixed but Koimonogatari might be the best arc in the Monogatari universe. Kaiki’s role as the unreliable narrator is in full force and his mission to tame  Nadeko from killing (I wish she succeeded though) Araragi.

9. School Days – We got some nice boat here, don’t we? The anime itself is a tad too boring thanks to how women are written but this ending is just wow… Did someone just murder a harem MC lead in School Days? Wooo! Yanderes are fun to watch.

8. Shin Sekai Yori – Squealer. Never ever forget Squealer. Or the final bomb it threw towards the end which makes the appearance of queerats more uncomfortable.

7. Stein’s;Gate – The satisfying close to Okarin’s chase to save Mayuri and Kurisu’s life. Yes, this is Re: Zero if its actually great.

Current mood: Drowning in feels.
Current mood: Drowning in feels.

6. Anohana – How about the melodramatic version of hide and seek? As they uncover what went wrong in their mission to send Menma off, old wounds started to open and they clash against each other. I was one who is also bawling from this loud melodrama and I will forever remember the moment Jinta found Menma. Tissues, everyone?

5. The Eccentric Family – This is actually the most upbeat ending in the entire list. With Ebisugawa’s plan failing, it is fun to see the chaos unfolding in the tanuki community. While the story is freakin’ slow to get to this, this episode sealed The Eccentric Family’s position in my most favorites’ list.

4. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu – Then we were hit by a massive amount of feels and emptiness in the final episode of Shouwa Rakugo S1. Kikuhiko’s confrontation (or monologue) with Sukeroku’s ghost is simply phenomenal, leaving the audience with a gaping hole in their hearts. On a more positive note, who does not want more of Yotaro? Yes, the dude appeared in the last half of that episode only to haunt Kikuhiko more of Sukeroku’s memories.

3. The Count of Monte Cristo – Let’s talk about the neatest plot resolution in this entry. Everyone found their ultimate fate and Albert learned the hardest way with the death of (almost) everyone he treasures. Thank you Monte Cristo for bringing him suffering.

2. Haibane Renmei – It might not enter my most favorites list but its ending is an example on how open ones should be done. Reki is such a fascinating character and her realization of her fate was just gruesome. Yet the show handled it with much restraint that the ending still haunts me until now.

… and for my most favorite

I’d love to have more of The Tatami Galaxy if not for that perfect ending.

1. The Tatami Galaxy – I think I will need to rewatch The Tatami Galaxy just for the sake of appreciating the perfect ending I need. That episode alone is a reason why anime can still produce high art while being universal at the same time.


2 thoughts on “My Most Favorite Anime Endings

  1. Oh. That too. Your Lie in Ending’s ending is also good. Why can’t we have A-1 Pictures at that state in all time?

    School Days still feels wrong for me even after all these years. That morally shrewd show.


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