My Most Favorite Opening – Fall 2016

It’s time for some good music.

I am just waiting for another week to post my Mid Season Impressions but I think this post should suffice in the meantime. Despite my initial skepticism about these shows, Fall 2016 proves to be another solid season. Let’s discuss that one later.

Again, I am here to pick my five most favorite openers this season and briefly explain my reasons. Opening sequences should put you right in the mood to watch shows, don’t you?

Yuri on Ice

It is an obvious choice for my most favorite Fall 2016 opening. The rather incomplete artwork felt really artsy and the slow building music complemented the ambitious nature of the show. Of course, Yuri on Ice is far from perfect but… can’t they just animate it like this?


Don’t say it. I have a penchant with Garo-style opening and Drifters is something similar with that. Yet man, who does not want badass? Drifters is generally badass, this opening is just cool as the anime itself.

Fune Wo Amu

You know, there’s something wrong about the show when the opening is the best part of it (cough Battery, cough). I still like Fune Wo Amu but I only wish the actual output is just as energetic as its opener.

Sangatsu no Lion

Okay. Let’s forget for a while that I loathed how Shaft shafted this show. The opening is quite good and fitting with Rei’s depression. I am a sucker for alt-rock songs and Bum of Chicken pulled another catchy one under their hats.

Ajin S2

A downer from the first season’s edgy rock one but compensated with the sense of urgency the characters need in Ajin S2. Yes, finally, Ajin is moving on to a nice pace.

Honorable Mentions: Sound Euphonium S2, Mobile Gundam Suit: Iron Blooded Orphans S2, Occultic;Nine


10 thoughts on “My Most Favorite Opening – Fall 2016

      1. Ah, I suppose I can see that. The visuals and music are both really high energy, but the song isn’t very distinguishable. My fave OP from this season is Sangatsu no Lion, given it’s the one this year where I feel both the song and visuals are most exceptional.


      1. Well, the ED of Flip Flappers is really cutesy. I was not that amazed in the OP though.

        The same is my issue with Sound Euphonium S2! I swear to God I love the ED 10x more than its OP.


  1. Not really a fan of most of the OPs this season (specifically the audio/song). Fune wo amu has that nice but short beat in the chorus. 3-gatsu’s pretty catchy but the visuals is pretty boring and forgettable. I love metal/rock, but Drifters just ain’t doing it for me. Occultic;nine has a visually entertaining OP but the song kinda fell short.

    tldr I’m skipping every OP this season


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