Samui’s 7 Days of Anime #2 – My Favorite 2016 Endings

Oh God. This season surely ended on a very high note. Thank you kamisamas!

I ended up eating much of what I said in my Fall 2016 Watch List and enjoyed the season more than I expected. Hell, it might lack the grace of Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, but the storytelling chops of Sound! Euphonium S2, the charisma of Yuri on Ice and the visual aesthetics of Flip Flappers compensated this want.

Well, the end-of-season post and the report on second half of 2016 will come on the next days. Also expect for a collaborative year end post from me and a friend before 2016 ends. Seriously, I am so excited with that part!

For the second day of my Seven Days of Anime Series, let me share the endings I seriously loved in 2016. Man, I know this year is a solid year for anime. What an improvement from the wobbly 2015.

91 Days

Was Nero’s gun actually a magical wand that turned Angelo to a pineapple can? Did they actually have their ‘moment’ for one last time before the emotional beach scene? This ending reminds me of Tokyo Ghoul Root A where the narratives were thrown away in exchange of artsy presentation. Whether I liked what happened is another matter, but the execution is pure bliss and catharsis.

Poco’s Udon World

The series might not land in my year-end list, but Poco’s Udon World’s ending is perfect in all levels. We know we had to say goodbye to Poco at one time, and he is just a channel for Tawara to finally move on. Yet I didn’t expect a massive truck of feels hitting me because we are actually shown how Tawara took his father for granted! For goodness sake, as if I wasn’t already crying by the thought of Poco saying goodbye with Tawara, his memories with the latter’s late father were shown in full. Welp. Samui is dead. Really dead.

Fune Wo Amu

This lovely and quiet show knows how to throw understated drama with great effect. Just when we thought we are on a smooth sail towards the publication of The Great Passage, the inevitable happened. What’s even more amazing with this is the accompanying deadly silent montage of Majime and background artworks signifying Matsumoto-sensei passed away. The worst hitting part? They had to continue working in the dictionary stuff since it’s not yet published – even if that was a big load to carry.

Moreover, the ED finally made sense with the final five minutes of Fune wo Amu. Shivers everywhere. Shivers.

Yuri on Ice

Okay. This is pretty much your version of Dragon Ball Z applied in figure skating. Gosh – the episode was beautifully animated, the characters successfully relayed their feelings through skating and there’s no deus ex machina to let Yuri win the Grand Prix. My other self tells me to write that they successfully converted JJ haters to fans. Who says a side character can’t have a compelling background? Who? I can’t stop smirking that I liked the dude even when it was cool.

That aside, the gay was handled so exquisitely especially in this episode. Folks, an anime can present this beyond the usual jokes you know. The final minutes were pure visual bliss. Yeah – Yuri on Ice deserved to be the best selling (new) series of 2016.

PS: Sorry Otabek. You came too late in the show. Too late.


The thirty-seven minute finale of Orange wasted no time in unleashing the drama we’ve all been waiting for. Will Kakeru save himself from his doom? That was a breathtaking cat and mouse chase, with the mouse wanting to die just to meet his mother. It was a worth the watch after all.

Assassination Classroom – Final Season

Say, who did not cry when Class 3E finally killed Koro-sensei? Who? That was the most painful class roll call I ever had in anime. Seriously, if Kakeru really wants to die, he should have followed Koro-sensei’s example. The aftermath does not make it less emotional too. They had their class reunion seven years later, which made the whole affair really bittersweet.

Oh. My OTP (Karasuma x Irina) was also featured. I can peacefully die now. Kidding.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is not my anime of 2016 without good reasons. As if episode 12 is not already a masterpiece on its own, the follow up is the (absolutely) depressing aftermath of Sukeroku’s death and his ideals. The rakugo industry didn’t change, and it’s on its slow death. Kikukiho closed his self from everyone else and Konatsu went on to become a really rebellious kid. If not for Yotaro’s perpetual sunshine kid mode, the finale would have been downright deliciously bleak. Oh, don’t forget the monologue of Kikukiho confronting Sukeroku’s ghost. That alone solicited tears in my part, and sheer amusement on how anime elevated itself to a timeless art.


2 thoughts on “Samui’s 7 Days of Anime #2 – My Favorite 2016 Endings

  1. The feels were real with AssClass. And you just brought back those memories with mentioning that. Damn you! It was hard to control myself right now….
    And Poco’s Udon World really outdid itself with that ending. I was expecting the feels to hit when Poco would be leaving, but the feels hit me before that.


    1. Gomenasai Yamada-san. It’s just that, THAT ENDING IS TOO MUCH for me to forget anytime soon.

      As far as Poco is concerned, the feels didn’t sink that much until the ending so the shock was really effective. Uwaah.


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