Samui’s 7 Days of Anime #6 – To You, My Friends in the Anime Community

Consider this as my response to my nominations on the Blogger’s Award thing.

So it will be a year since I tried this hobby as an anime blogger in WordPress. Turns out, I came a bit too late to the party since blogging is not the hot thing anymore. Twitter has become the avenue for live posts, and Youtube reviewers became the go-to for the younger generation. Prominent bloggers like Bobduh and bless have become a part of conglomerate sites, while us, freelancers, ended up mostly shouting in a relatively barren landscape.

I wrote an article citing my anxieties and fears of being left alone in the community back then. The anime community is still cold, yet I think I managed to survived this year despite the declining favor towards blogging.

All is not lost though. Whoever remained when I became a part of the community are the ones I forged connections. They also sort of became regular commentators in my articles (Thank you for the kind words). Morever, I delved in the Ani-Twitter initially for the sake of promoting this humble blog. Amazingly, I met some good friends there, hell, even fudanshi mutuals and shared our passion with BL mangas and anime shows.

Now, it’s my time to properly thank everyone for being with me this year. Forgive me in advance if I linked your blog site here in this post. It’s just me trying to ensure you will see this.


I swear to God I got the initiative to communicate with people in Twitter because of Draggle. If not for her encouragement, this former hikikomori would not have found much friends outside my Discord circle. She writes hilarious one liners in her reviews, and I swear to God her screen caps give me good laughs. I am pretty sure she does not remember that comment anyway, but that gave me a push to continue.

PS: Check her Sword Art Online Fan Fictions. I vouch my name and swear her writings are far more entertaining than the show itself. This is coming from the dude who was entertained by the show.

Then Golden Realist is probably the most articulate blogger I know in my circle. I cannot remember how we exactly met, ah! It’s probably in my Iron Blooded Orphans article. Since then, I became a regular reader of his blog. More people need to see his well-written articles! Seriously, his posts are easy to the eyes but his thoughts are well conveyed in his sea of words.

PS:  He also regularly comments in my post and told my informal tone is kind of rare in the community. Well, that’s partly because anime is an integral part of my life. Man –  I guess I don’t need to blabber another sap here, no? Thank you for your kind words.

MrConair, the owner of theanimehub is probably my very first friend as far as writing is concerned. I can imagine him as the princely dude who picked a megane fudanshi when he commented in my Akagami no Shirayuki-hime review. We met on MyAnimeList and he is actually the reason why I started this blog. Call it envy, the dude started writing then so will I. Lol.

Apparently, he is currently busy with his studies in university. He has his articles laid in his blog and damn, dude can earn money if he applied as a staff in Anime News Network or in Crunchyroll. So thank you man. Teehee.

A fellow Filipino blogger, Kindle, always calls me senpai even if the dude can write lively episodic posts. Trust me – I flunked Random Curiosity because my Charlotte post was really dull.  I will be glad if he becomes one of our kind though. Kidding. Seriously, arigatou gozaimasu!

PS: That Yotsuba DP in your Twitter account is badass.

I was inspired by Caraniel as far as my writing style is concerned. Admittedly, the things I usually wrote are heavy handed if I tried to sound serious, and I can’t capture the joy of commenting in a show if I kept a straight face in it. So when I read her blog, that’s when I realized you can be good even without the formalities. I also love Caraniel’s warm comments with her regular commentators. It makes me feel I am welcome to stop in her blog anytime.

Now – when are you going to be active again? I miss your posts already!

I guess I should also thank my Twitter nakamas for making my anime year more joyful. They filled my thirst with BL mangas, crazy talks and other things you don’t need to know (lol). Geovenile is a master retweeter of (delicious) images that I loved to scroll in my Twitter feed. I hope a Hush Middy will come in his 2D fancies then they can live happily ever after. A serious Geo also gives insightful commentaries in anime and probably watches as many shows as I do.

Mikki, on the other hand, is my online friend who also discovered my real identity thanks to my own lapses. Waaaaah. The dude knows how to pick BL mangas with good art, and is also a fellow believer that Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is the best anime of 2016. Transcending the online whatnots, thank you for being a dear friend this year. Here’s to another year of talking to a Kakeru and sharing more stories in our real lives.

I will also look back and thank the VoxArtes dudes I stay with for most of the time. Thank you daysofsummer for believing in me and for making me a part of your project. The dude has a knack for riding with my fudanshi thoughts (Gotou-san is ❤) and handling my usual complaints about my daily life. Who says you can’t have a friend who you can communicate online? To the others, I know – I’ll die from embarrassment should I mention you folks one by one. Thank you for keeping up with me. I am looking forward to another year of shitposting, arguments and other things.

To my few regular readers and my other Twitter friends, I may not know every one of you but thank you for bearing with my posts. Hell, I do not even consider myself as a reviewer nor as a professional writer for these Japanese shows. I will try to improve next year to make these posts more enjoyable and insightful at the same time. I probably stopped writing if not for the steady hits – which means people are actually reading my blog. It’s not much, but still, enough to get me going.

Until then, thank you and see you next year!


2 thoughts on “Samui’s 7 Days of Anime #6 – To You, My Friends in the Anime Community

  1. To think that all of this started with a correction I left on a review (I’m not sure about “princely”. I’m more “grumpy”). Yeah, blogging won’t get you nearly the amount of views that youtube would, but I appreciate that I can easily just put my thoughts out there without having to worry about copyright infringement, hundreds of comments and all the work that goes into a video. I hope to focus more on discussion pieces (like my Fate/Zero and Shirayuki ones) and less on reviewing next year, because both I and the reader would get more out of that. Oh, boy am I going to have a field day with Welcome to the NHK when I get to it.

    Happy End of 2016 :). May next year be more prosperous.


    1. That said, prioritize watching Welcome to the NHK. It is a very good show. I cringed at its realism though.

      For me, discussion pieces are the highlights of ani-blogging. It provokes thinking, while entertains the reader at the same time.

      Happy New Year!

      PS: I’ll send my assignment later. My apologies. Haha!


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