Samui’s 7 Days of Anime #7 – 16 Best Anime Shows of 2016

In the meantime, let me conclude this 7 Days of Anime with a top 2016 list.

This is the first part of my general assessment in 2016. Since I think I described the shows well enough in my seasonal posts, the descriptions you will find below are concise one liners.I watched about 75 shows this year so I can say I saw enough before I decide in this ranking. This is the breakdown of my ranking based on the season the show has finished airing:

  • Winter – 4
  • Spring – 4
  • Summer – 4
  • Fall – 4

Note that ongoing series are excluded in the list, hence, you will not find Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans or Sangatsu no Lion here. Sequels also made a strong remark in this relatively strong year in anime. Enjoy!

  1. Flying Witch (Spring 2016)


The surprise sleeper hit of Spring 2016 takes a spot in the list for its naturalistic take on witchcraft. JC Staff knows how to animate slice of life series, don’t they?

  1. Lupin III (2015) (Fall 2015 and Winter 2016)


Take a typical Lupin III episode, dress it using 2016 visuals and you get a fun show. Skip the Leonardo da Vinci arc for total enjoyment.

  1. Fune wo Amu (Fall 2016)


Kudos for selling a very uncommercial premise and making the show a soft drama from beginning to end.

  1. ERASED (Winter 2016)


My most disappointing series of 2016 is also as one of my favorites all thanks to its compelling two-thirds which handled child abuse with grace.

  1. Kiznaiver (Spring 2016)


People call it shallow, I say it created a nice spin on your typical teenage romance. Moreover, it has one of 2016’s best OST and visuals you know.

  1. 91 Days (Summer 2016)


Atmospheric but flawed, this tale of revenge is nothing short of chilling and cathartic. Watch for that very beautiful ending.

  1. Yuri!!! on Ice (Fall 2016)


This is how you do a mainstream series with merits even the staunchest critic can’t ignore. The gay is strong here, but this is handled gracefully plus it acquits itself on the skating figure premise.

  1. Planetarian (Summer 2016)


Perhaps the Key show we want, but we do not deserve because we’re all over Rewrite last summer. Planetarian is what Plastic Memories should have been.

  1. Assassination Classroom – Season 2 (Winter 2016 and Spring 2016)


The satisfying conclusion to the entertaining Assassination Classroom franchise. Who thought this will end with a full bang – and loads of manly tears?

  1. Orange (Summer 2016)


Feels overload! This is ERASED if the show focused on character writing and removed Yashiro-sensei from the plot.

  1. Ajin (Winter 2016 and Fall 2016)


Probably the best written series in this list, but is marred by godawful CGI visuals. The best thriller series in years.

  1. Mob Psycho 100 (Summer 2016)


Hey, this is One Punch Man – only much better. Kindness is rarely told in anime beyond moe and this series lived through this theme right from the start. Bones is also a force to reckon in terms of animation.

  1. Akagami no Shirayuki-hime (Summer 2015 and Winter 2016)


Because romance in anime does not have to ride on tropes, sparkly couples nor heroines who can’t express themselves.

  1. Sound Euphonium Season 2 (Fall 2016)


If you want a tightly written character high school drama that places good emphasis on band music, watch the first season then this. Thank me later.

  1. Concrete Revolutio (Fall 2015 and Spring 2016)


Justice? Superheroes? Morally grey characters? More people need to see this intricate show.

  1. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (Winter 2016) 


Thank God for animating this history art piece while embellishing it with tasty character drama. That’s all I can say.

Wait for my Part 2 coming next week and for some detailed justifications of my Top 5 2016 anime series. Thank you!


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