Winter 2017 – The Big Drop

Is it only me who is going to drop 70% in my watchlist this time?

I know Winter 2017 is not a great season in any stretch but boy it bores me to death. You do not have to be an elitist to say that most of these shows just do not click, and perhaps the elitists are probably sticking right now to Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. Here’s what this season fails to accomplish – keep us interested with the new shows. I am not asking for another Rakugo but I simply want something that makes me want to see it next week. Unfortunately, I cannot muster the strength nor the will.

All is not bad though, the sequels are strong as ever all thanks to their solid foundation. Damn you Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans for killing my favorite character and for giving us popcorn action one after another. KonoSuba still offers brainless fun courtesy of the scum cast, and Ao no Exorcist Season 2 shows how a shounen flick should be done.

For now, I got to say goodbye to these shows and maybe watch some classics I still yet to encounter. You know, I stopped at Princess Tutu’s eighth episode and that show is a potential candidate in my list.

On the Verge


Sangatsu no Lion – The show still entertains me but as the Flawfinder said, I cannot take its shtick of prioritizing mood over Rei’s progress or the plot at this point. I might as well stick with my Honey and Clover rewatch if I want a moody and introspective series.

ACCA – ACCA is really decent for the most of its run. However, is there anything grand that will happen to this show? The pacing is horribly slow, most scenes rely on the dialogue (which is just okay so far) and Otus is not that much of a character. Do not get me wrong. I still like it but the expectation has been downgraded to a simple – “Ah – this show is okay.” Perhaps it’s my unfair standard setting and I know people who love this much, I just cannot muster to love ACCA like they do.

Tales of Zestiria – the X Second Season – See ACCA.

The Dropouts


Masamune-kun no Revenge – Again, I might have given this series a chance if it plays its abhorring premise in a playful manner. Instead, we get a half-serious show that falls flat when it pulls comedic punches.

Interviews with Monster Girls – This might be my most frustrating drop since I normally watch shows until the end. Does it really have to go to the harem route when it is actually good with comedy? Takasahi-sensei is kind of hot but we don’t need to be reminded again, and again every freaking minute. I don’t get this show.

Onihei – Another disappointing flair because of the episodic nature of this series while the main characters is drab. While it offers palpable people-of-the-week story, the impact is reduced by weird pacing issues and palette choices. Note that I do not hate episodic flairs if the linchpin (Ginko, Chiyuki and Decim for instance) is interesting enough.

Fuuka – Zzzz… The most mediocre, flat, uninteresting romance flick in years. There is something wrong with Fuuka when you are looking at the hot drummer instead of the main characters and their totally cheesy drama.

Chaos; Child – As I said, Occultic; Nine never gets boring despite my hatred for it. Chaos; Nine was just a mess, and a boring mess for that. Maybe I should stick with Handshakers after all.

Classicaloid – Someone please remind people that this show needs to move towards its plot soon. I do not care with the Classicaloid people anymore. Bye.

So that leaves about nine shows in my current watchlist. I may pick Yojou Senki but I am not hot with the premise. Rewrite, on the other hand, has still this sting of disappointment in me last Summer 2016. Ugh. See you in my next post!


2 thoughts on “Winter 2017 – The Big Drop

  1. I’m struggling this season. I’ve got a watch list but other than March Comes in Like a Lion and ACCA the others I could take or leave. Some are enjoyable in places and others are just kind of average all round, but are few are actively not great and I’m still watching them in the hopes that maybe something develops. That said, there’s a lot of people enjoying the various comedies and romances out this season so maybe the issue is I’m just not clicking with the shows.


    1. Yeah. Maybe what we are looking for this season just do not click with what are offered. I saw some people actually loving shows in my drop list.

      As far as Sangatsu and ACCA, I hoped something (yeah anything) will happen soon. 😦


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