Winter 2017 – Samui’s Doomsday Anime Prediction

I am bored, so let’s play the fortune teller with these seasonal shows.

Folks, I am doing this just for fun. My apologies in advance if I poured salt over your favorite shows. Before that, here’s my favorite line from Danganronpa in case you are wondering how skilled I am in fortune telling.



It will end in an anti-climax. For those who are wishing for some Shin Sekai Yori level of plot explosion, please stop hoping that things will go beyond mildly entertaining at this point. So Jean has a royal blood? Can we now expect some grippling cat and mouse chase courtesy of Dowa royalties? No. The show will drown itself with dialogue. That’s all.

Interviews with Monster Girls

Well, this is kind of hard to predict given its episodic nature. Let’s just say a semi-major conflict will happen (Hikari or Satou being the center) and the show will fall to some melodramatic schmaltz that made me hate the Chuunibyo sequel.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen

Boy, my pet show this season showed some cracks last episode. I am betting for a Sound! Euphonium 2 level of trajectory here where it it will stumble right near the end then delivers an ending that will make my jaw drop on the floor. Yakumo will die, obviously, but not without reconciling with his long past dark self. Tissues please?

PS: A sweet bonus: Yotaro and Konatsu finally see themselves as a married couple. Kyaaa.

Kuzu no Honkai

As much as edgy this anime wants to be, I cannot help but think the ending will land on a disappointingly safe note. Yeah, Hanabi and Mugi will end as real lovers, they say. Kanae will slap some truth to Akane and that’s it! These broken people fix themselves in the hardest way possible. It’s not that bad –  I am preparing myself to be underwhelmed.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans Season 2

I am in despair. Junko Enoshima succeeded.
I am in despair. Junko Enoshima succeeded.


Also, Iok Kujan will live in the end, Rustal and Julietta dies and so with McGillis. I also have a nagging feeling that Mikazuki will be reduced to a lump of flesh and either Kudelia or Atra will die. I am betting for the latter, but that will be too painful to watch. Ouch.

PS: I hope this prediction goes wrong 100%. I want to see Iok slaughtered Danganronpa style! Uguu.

Sangatsu no Lion

Am I the only one here who thinks Rei will not develop as much as compared with what he was on episode one? Yeah. Shimada will lose his match, and there goes a lot of powerful introspection in the expense of moving the plot and Rei’s characterization.

KonoSuba 2

Meh. The series’ jokes will be worse than before prompting me to drop the show just right before the final episode. I love Aqua a lot. Too much Darkness kills my enjoyment with it. That’s all.

Kobayashi Chi-san no Maid Dragon

Well, as per standard Kyoto Animations ending, Tohru will go back to the dragon realm (also note these emotional bombs this studio will throw). Don’t even try to resist. Then all the tears you cried before will turn to bitterness because she’ll be back as hinted in the final minutes of this show. Teehee.


4 thoughts on “Winter 2017 – Samui’s Doomsday Anime Prediction

  1. I don’t think ACCA has ever aimed to be an amazing twist anime. They are certainly big on holding off on revealing key details but Jean’s royal blood wasn’t a twist. It was a logical progression of plot points we’ve been following and that made it satisfying. I feel the ending will be similar. It will be a reveal but it will reveal something we’ve suspected or at least makes sense given prior information and that will make it satisfying. That said, some people are probably expecting something big from the ending but really its had a fairly even tone and pace all through its run. I’d be honestly disappointed if it tried changing it up now.


    1. Perhaps I am not familiar with the author’s body of work but man, I cannot help but feel disappointed given how grand the show’s setting is versus the way it handles its themes. I cannot fault much whatever it shows – granted it neither drops infobombs nor lose its identity (a slooooooooooow burning show).

      However, it felt like ACCA is a case of ‘could’ve been’ if it does not take much of its time in world building. I too, will be shocked if it changes gears now because it’ll be too late at this point. I don’t want ACCA to end like Norn 9.

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