Some Thoughts on Spring 2017

Let’s have this post before we proceed with my ranking of Spring 2017 shows.


This is my assessment for Spring 2017 in general. While there is no truly bad show in what I am watching for now, there is this sameness in terms of quality that makes me really unenthusiastic. I swear Saekano 2 is the one I am looking forward the most every week and that spells bad news, granted that the show is loathed by half of the anime community.

Say, is anyone of you thinking that any of the new Spring series will end in your year-end lists? I’d say Tsuki ga Kirei is understated but lovely and Seikasuru Kado is one big ball of weirdness, but it takes more than just one trait to make them afloat for the rest of this year.

Oh, there’s Re:Creators which has the most interesting premise for an anime this year but decided to squander all the opportunity by mimicking a poor man’s Izaya and the Monogatari-style without the visual flairs. The characters are so damn stupid that it might be a good thing, since I am dozing off especially when they are simply blabbering half the time.

Speaking of the best shows, it turns out that the sequels and the ones which aired back in 2013 are killing it. However, that is just because these two stay in their respective comfort zones and I know what to expect whenever a new episode comes out. Little Witch Academia is whimsical but Akko’s persistent reversion and progression in her character development is quite frustrating. Then we got the graceful The Eccentric Family, which is merely pulling the same formula again and again (although note that this works 99% of the time).  My Hero Academia is still fine but the mid episodes are really middling and portray the series at its worst. I am having fun though.

Even a show as big as Attack on Titan is not immuned from my lethargic reception. It has to have a second cour, or we are bound to end on a very unsatisfying note. Also, the show dragged too much since Eren appeared. Why does he have to ruin everything good there? I must admit last episode was undeniably A+ Attack on Titan though. It was loud, incoherent and visually entertaining. The quiet character moments are totally meh though. Hey, it is part of the Titan package! Deal with it.

Well, Attack on Titan is not the unlucky sequel this time. Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul has some couple of nice episodes but the big picture is as lame as it can be. This is because the plot is glacially moving and the series reverts to introducing new story lines whenever something substantial happened. Do not even begin with Joanne D’Arc’s back story that was conveniently put there. Also, the visuals are on the verge of collapsing. Ouch.  I do not have much to say about Star Myu this time but I am really really sad that it lost steam just when it reaches the finish line. Sigh.

For better or for worse, Seikaisuru Kado and Saekano 2 are the shows I am looking forward the most every week. Kado has its air of mystery it consistently keeps during its run and manages to mix the wonders and creepiness of science fiction. Just do not ask me with the jarring production values and the flat character moments though.

Then there’s Saekano which is now on the trajectory to be similar with OreGairu Zoku and it’s always a good thing! All characters are now developed and color me happy with the direction it took (convincing drama is always a good thing). Well, the metahumor is still a mixed bag though. I am not going to defend the show for the comedy, just watch how the characters grew from their caricature selves.

With Summer 2017 coming, I really pray that my cold stance with anime will end. Man, someone give these Spring shows one final push for their respective endings. Onegaishimasu.



2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Spring 2017

  1. Haven’t really started watching any series for this season but as far as I can say nothing excites me other than Attack on Titan. You’re probably not the only who founf some of the shows boring.


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